"ONE PIECE" Mr. Hiroaki Hirata serving as Sanji, & "Animegahon" voice of Mr. Kotori Koiwai's role of "Konnobori"

Megaphone whose voice of the user is converted in real time by state-of-the-art sound conversion technology "ANIMEGAPHONE (Animation Gagaphon)"Was born,Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]I was doing a demonstration at the venue, so I saw the situation.

Animegaphone | ANIMEGAPHONE (Animegahon) is a completely new megaphone equipped with state-of-the-art sound conversion technology.

First of all, it is best to ask that voice. In the following movies, the male staff uses animated cartoon phonographs and is known for the role of Miyauchi renewal of "Nononobiyo" and the role of "Aikatsu!" EarthKodomo KoiwaiMs. Voice gives guidance on cosplay registration.

Male staff using 'AnimeGhon' to guide with voice of Mr. Kotori Koiwai - YouTube

Female staff is known for "ONE PIECE" Sanji, "TIGER & BUNNY" Saki, T, Torah Toru, Johnny Depp dubbedHiroaki HirataTo the voice of. Other voices are echoing in the venue, which may be a bit hard to hear in the picture, but on site it sounds clear from the front of megaphone.

Female staff using 'AnimeGhon' to guide with Hiroaki Hirata's voice - YouTube

Real time voice conversion application "Riachen voiceKnown asCrimson Technology Co., Ltd.Technology, the utterance through the megaphone has been converted to the voice of the voice actor almost without delay. In the case of male staff, there was also a change that was seen too much, and the way the person who went through watched twice.

"Someone speaks strange things by Mr. Hirata and Mr. Koiwai's voice without permission" There is also a voice to worry about, but unlike a simple voice changer, "the voice to output" In addition to recording, I also learned "input voice", and it took about one week to make adjustments so that the voice conversion is realized as if the voice actor was talking as it is.

At the Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] venue, I will demonstrate in the cosplay space till evening. In addition, it seems that further testing will be carried out at various events in future, further adjustment will be made and the accuracy will be raised.

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