A new version Versions "3.0" has appeared on the free ultra-versatile media player "VLC", and it supports reproduction of 360 ° movies etc.

Open source free of charge, advertising etc. are also not displayed Multimedia player's "VLC"1 billion download as of 2012To achieveAnd boasts the world's most popular. Version "3.0" was released as a code name "Vetinari" to such VLC, so I tried immediately what kind of new function was added to the previous version "2.0" series.

VLC 3.0 Vetinari - Video LAN

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You can find out about the functions available in VLC version 2.0 from the following article.

Every file can be played free of charge & codec unnecessary player "VLC"

◆ Download and Installation
First of allOfficial pageClick the arrow button on the right side of "Download VLC" and select the OS you want to install VLC from. This time, click "Windows".

Then you can download the latest version of VLC installer, so click "Save file".

Launch the downloaded installer.

Since you can select the language, click "Japanese".

Click "Next".

Confirm the contract and click "Next".

After selecting your favorite custom, click "Next". Even if you do not change the setting, there is no problem.

Select the installation destination folder and click "Install".

Now that installation is complete, click "Finish" to close the installer.

The VLC starts up as it is. As we explain about privacy and network policy for the first time, you can click "Continue" after confirming the contents.

◆ 4K movie playback
VLC 3.0 also supports playback of 4K movies. First, click "Media" from the menu bar.

Click "Open file".

Select the movie you want to open and click "Open".

Then, the 4K movie was played with high image quality.

By setting the full screen display, you can maximize the high quality 4K movie.

◆ 360 degree movie playback
VLC 3.0 also supports playback of 360 ° movies. Select a 360-degree movie from the media selection screen and click "Open".

The 360 ​​degree movie starts playing. Not all 360 degrees are displayed at once, only the part that fits in the frame of the player is displayed to the last.

When you drag the screen with the VLC while playing the 360 ​​° movie, the range displayed in response to it will move.

Look at the state in the downward direction ......

It is possible to see the ceiling.

◆ HDR Movie Playback
HDRIs a method of compressing the contrast in the movie and storing the contrast in the movie, which normally crushes with black or white. By expressing information that can not be expressed in ordinary movies, you can create a movie similar to the view of a human who automatically adjusts the exposure. Select the HDR movie and click "Open".

The HDR movie will be played. The contrast between the part hit by light and the part shadowed is displayed without collapsing either.

Vividly colored movies can also be played firmly on VLC.

◆ Optimized for iPhone X
It is said that VLC 3.0 is optimized for iPhone X, and I will try using VLC even on iPhone X immediately.App StoreAccess to "Get" and tap.

Tap "Install".

After entering the password ......

The download will start automatically.

Tap "Open".

In order to play media with VLC, you need to download and play media from servers on the local network, clouds, etc. Firstly, since it is necessary to select the media to be synchronized, tap the cone icon in the upper left.

Tap "Share via WiFi" from the opened menu to display the shared address with the iPhone.

Open this address in the browser of the PC sharing WiFi.

Then, a page that can share media with PC and iPhone opens, so click on the + button on the top right.

Select the file you want to share with iPhone from PC folder and click "Open".

The selected file will be uploaded to the VLC's shared folder.

Once the file uploading is completed, you can check it from iPhone's VLC application. Tap the uploaded file ......

Very high quality movie playback is possible on iPhone X.

If you lay it sideways you can play it on a larger screen.

Tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen ......

You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, hue etc.

In the iPhone application, 360 degree movies can also be played.

By swiping the playback screen with your finger, you can look around 360 degrees as if playing on a PC.

◆ Other functions
Besides this, there are some new functions from VLC 3.0. For exampleChromecastVideo output at ... ...

UWPYaXBox OneWe also support media playback on.

Since VLC is a very convenient media player, it may be good to consider people who have not used so far by using the version up.

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