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Speaking of SpaceX launched by Mr. Eilon Mask, on February 6, 2018, a reusable rocket "Falcon HeavyI just succeeded in launching, but that ambition will not stop. SpaceX, which plans to launch the rocket on February 17, plans to launch a test satellite to be used for "Internet communication system using satellite" at the time of the launch, if it succeeds It will take a big step to start 'Internet communication service using satellites in the USA'.

SpaceX hits two milestones in plan for low-latency satellite broadband | Ars Technica

Internet communication service using satelliteGoogleYaOneWeb,ViaSatAlthough planning was planned, SpaceX is planning Internet communication service using satellite in the same way. The advantage of the Internet communication service using satellite is said to cover anything and can be offered even in places where facilities such as base stations and cables indispensable for constructing Internet communication service operated on the ground can not be received It is also expected to be used in developing countries and elsewhere.

Plan to launch 4000 satellites to build a gigabit-class Internet network that SpaceX can use anywhere on Earth - GIGAZINE

Indeed,Federal Communications Commission(FCC) Chairperson Ajit Pai proposes SpaceX "to grant the right to use satellite technology that meets American and global standards to provide Internet services". If SpaceX gains approval for the provision of Internet communication services using satellites, it will become the fourth company that gained approval from FCC following OneWeb, Space Norway, Telesat.

Regarding this, FCC said, "These licensed services are the first generation of fixed satellite service systems using the new generation of large non-geostationary satellites, the committee handles similar applications from other companies It is a place where many companies are trying to enter the satellite Internet communication service. Also, Pai chairperson said, "If SpaceX gets approval, this will be the first as an" Internet communication service using the new-generation low-earth orbit satellite technology "provided by American companies It was.

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further,CNET coverageAccording to February 17 SpaceX is scheduled to launch "Falcon 9", there are demonstration satellites for satellite Internet communication are loaded. Regarding the launch of the demonstration satellite, SpaceX has submitted documents to the FCC and has already been approved. About this launchDocument, It is written as "secondary experiments" "Two experimental non-geosynchronous orbiting satellites" Microsat-2a and 2b ", it is clear that this is a demonstration satellite.

These satellites are used by SpaceX in the testing of satellite Internet communication services and among the documents submitted to the FCC, "These satellites are for experimental engineering verification and we are using satellite bus and related subsystems, As well as to enable the evaluation of space based and terrestrial based phased array technology. "

It seems that SpaceX reportedly "to launch these test satellites by the end of 2017" to the FCC, so we can see that the plan is slightly late. SpaceX plans to launch a satellite for this service in 2019 and plan to launch 4425 satellites by 2024.

SpaceX announces that for satellite Internet communication services, the communication speed is 1 gigabit per second and the renewal is about 25 ms to 35 ms. This latency is of a communication service level using optical fiber, and there is a difference between existing satellite communication service and muddy. In the case of the existing satellite communication service, the delay will be 600 ms or more because satellites at higher altitude are used.

Although the demonstration satellite circles at an altitude of 511 km, the satellite to be operated at the time of this service is scheduled to circle altitude 1110 km to 1325 km. In contrast, it is an existing satellite communication serviceHughesNetThe satellite that is used is at an altitude of approximately 35,400 km and a much bigger delay than the internet communication service built on the ground.

Pai chairperson praised that SpaceX and other companies used "innovative technology" to improve the Internet communication service using satellites and said, "Satellite technology is a farm village that does not reach optical fiber cables and communication base stations It will be of great help to reach out to the Americans living in the areas and living-resistant lands. " Moreover, even in areas where base stations installed on the ground and cabling-based internet services are provided, the competitiveness will increase by increasing the number of options available and will serve as the cornerstone for providing better service It is.

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