The actual situation that the decline of memories due to aging is gentle as the person taking much leafy vegetables turns out turned out

Many people already understand that it is necessary to send a balanced and healthy diet in order to keep a healthy body. In the same way, there is a certain correlation between keeping healthy memory power and eating habits, such as spinach and kaleLeafy vegetables, The actual situation that the rate of memory deterioration by age is lower is clarified by the result of the research.

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This work was done by professor of Rush Medical University in Chicago, Illinois and a doctorate of scienceMartha Clare MorrisResearch team by Mr. et al. Mr. Morris is a project to investigate the actual condition of aging and memoryMemory and Aging Project"We chose 960 people out of those who participate in the survey, and examined the relationship between food and memory by using data on memory and lifestyle habits. The average age of the selected subjects is 81 years, and once a year there is a detailed examination of memory and records of dietary habits and lifestyle habits. Also, none of them have dementia.

In order to investigate the relationship between leafy vegetables and changes in memory power, the research team classified 960 people 's data into 5 groups according to "amount of vegetables eating". People in the top group who are taking the most vegetables have taken vegetables equivalent to 1.3 people per day on average, while those in the lowest group take vegetables very little , Or people who have not taken at all.

As a result of validating the data for 5 years, the research team has found that there is a clear relationship between leafy vegetable intake and memory change. Mr. Morris said about the result, "The speed of memory decline indicated by the people in the top group was about half that of those in the lowest group."

Candace Bishop, one of the women participating in the study, said, "I regularly eat a large salad everyday, everyday I bought a mix salad bag containing dark colored leafy vegetables It is said. Bishop said that she responded happily about his memory, "I think my head is still solid."

However, he seems to think that the leaf vegetables gave to his mental brain clarity "I do not know well", "Many of the causes may be in my genes, I wonder if luck was good I guess it might be, is not it? Bishop says that in addition to a vegetable-rich diet, she participates in exercise classes targeting elderly people and participates in regional committee activities.

What we found out from this result is only that "there is a certain relationship between the change in memory power and the intake of leafy vegetables", and by no means "by eating more leafy vegetables, It can not slow down the decline ". Changes due to age appear not only as dietary life but also as visible changes due to the complex interworking of various factors. With that in mind, Morris said that even if factors such as lifestyle habits, education, general health condition, etc. were taken into consideration, "the relationship between leafy vegetables and cognitive decline is stronger than all elements There is. "

Here, Vitamin E and vitamin K are playing a major role,Lutein, Beta carotene, folic acid and so on. Mr. Morris said that "each element plays a role of protecting the brain with their respective roles and biological mechanisms" and needs to further study what kind of mechanism each works on the brain It shows sex.

On the other hand, some of the adverse effects caused by "too little" ingestion of these nutrients are known. For example, a person with insufficient folic acid intake lowers the homocysteine ​​level in the blood, causing arteriosclerosisIncreased the risk of losing your life with a heart attackIt is known to be. On the contrary, it is known that people who ingest vitamin E sufficiently from the diet can prevent cell damage and tend to produce good results in the cognitive test. Mr. Morris says, "By eating a lot of leafy vegetables you can take many kinds of nutrients and they are integrated and have a healthy impact."

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