Succeeded in removing the beard's shaved "Justice · League" movie with about 50,000 yen second-hand PC and free software

In the movieVFXIt is popular to put in visual effects by, but in order to add these processing, it is necessary to pay a great deal of cost. A movie totaling about 300 million dollars (about 33 billion yen)Justice League"In the VFX processing" played the role of SupermanHenry KavillRemoving beard of 'is done, but a hero who realized processing of quality equivalent to this work with only used PC of only 500 dollars (about 54,000 yen) and free software appeared It was.

A $ 500 PC and an AI Did a Way Better Job Erasing Henry Cavill's Justice League Mustache Than Expensive VFX

The reason why we succeeded in removing this shave-"Fake porn" synthesizing famous actress and game character on the face part of AV actressAlso known as having posted "deepfakes"It is said that it was realized by using free software" FakeApp "using AI which is published by himself as a user named himself.

You can check the removal of Mr. Kavill's 'Mustache' who actually played the role of Superman in the "Justice League" with the US $ 500 second-hand PC and free software in the following movie.

I taught an AI to shave Henry Cavill's mustache - YouTube

Mr. Kavill receiving an interview.

Let's remove Mr. Kavill's "mustache" on the right side.

Just because there is no mustache, there is not much sense of incongruity.

Even in another interview scene ......

Even if you remove Kawil 's beard on the right side, this also has no discomfort.

Face is up, finish that does not feel uncomfortable when applied in interview scene.

Next, compared with the VFX processing of "Justice League", the impression that VFX on the left side, the used PC and the free software on the right side are impressive is not easy to apply.

However, as you open your mouth, Mr. Kavir's right side looks a bit blurry. Still, we can not hide surprises in cost performance that we can realize the finish so far only with inexpensive PC and free software.

As in this case, it is necessary to gather images of thousands of the same persons to learn AI, in the case of celebrities like Mr. Kavill, if you look for it on the internet you can see a large amount of images It seems that it was realized because it can be gathered. However, although it is said that it takes several days to actually apply the process, cost performance is considered high considering that it takes several weeks to process with VFX. In the future, if further accurate processing becomes possible, the future where VFX processing replaces the processing of AI may be close.

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