The fact that autoimmune diseases are common in women can be explained by "male hormone"

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Multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis "Autoimmune diseaseThe disease "Originally" protects the body from foreign enemies "The immune system" attacks my body "is a disease. The incidence of this disease is different between women and men, and females are characterized by a higher incidence rate of up to nine times than men. Researchers at Northwestern University have identified the mechanism of the difference in incidence. Moreover, with this result, two kinds of chemicals effective for "autoimmune disease" "multiple sclerosis" have been developed, and if they are moving towards certification,Ars TechnicaReported.

Male-specific IL-33 expression regulates sex-dimorphic EAE susceptibility | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Testosterone may protect men from autoimmune diseases | Ars Technica

"Autoimmune diseases" such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis are different in female and male incidence rates, 3 to 9 times higher in females than in men, and high in percentage of occurrence at younger age than men, Experiments will have nearly the same result.

This phenomenon is largely secreted from the prostate and testis, it is a hormone that gives male beards, muscles, chest hair or "masculinity", "testosteroneAlthough I knew that it was related, "How testosterone works" remained a mystery.

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And this mystery of testosterone was elucidated by researchers at the Department of Microbiological Immunology at Northwestern University Fineberg School of Medicine. Experiment with mice with "multiple sclerosis" that cause inflammation in one type of autoimmune disease, and male mice haveMast cellsApproaches testosterone, the transferred proteinCytokineThe researchers found that secreting inflammation by suppressing inflammation.

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The secretion of "cytokines" by mast cells is the key to the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and conversely mice with few mast cells do not secrete cytokines, so inflammation did not fit. And, two kinds of chemicals made focusing on this mechanism are going to certify that this drug can not only attack the body of the immune system T cells but also "to reduce inflammation" Thing.

The key cytokine of this disease is one kind of signaling proteinIL-33, And testosterone is expected to prompt mast cell cells to make IL-33.

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