Collapsible smartphone "Samsung Galaxy X" Summary of rumors, possibility of becoming a special model to launch a new axis of large screen

A collapsible smartphone that Samsung is believed to developGalaxy X(Tentative name) is expected to be released in late 2018 as well. Because there is no official announcement from Samsung, about the design of Galaxy X which does not go out of the rumor area to the last, I change the design of the Samsung smartphone series of the past and think that there is a possibility of becoming a smartphone which decides future directions Technology · Business Information SiteValueWalkIt is issuing.

Samsung Galaxy X: Everything We Know So Far

The folding smartphone "Galaxy X" under development by Samsung is basically the "dual display" with two liquid crystals or organic EL display is the biggest feature. Until now, Samsung has differentiated from the iPhone with a large screen shift and has made great success in the smartphone market, and the dual display greatly accelerates the flow of large screen by the dual display.

Galaxy X is expected to become a "book style" that folds with the display facing inward from the patents that Samsung has acquired and applied so far. By adopting two displays, it will change to a large screen exceeding 7 inches while maintaining the footprint of the smartphone in the folded state, and when the screen is expanded, the large screen of the tablet terminal is realized with the smartphone It is a concept.

Samsung is pending a patent on a smartphone that can be freely changed in shape by bending a large screen - GIGAZINE

Already for "folding smartphone", NEC Casio's "MEDIAS W"Or ZTE's"Axon MAlthough they are appearing, the prediction that Galaxy X will be similar to MEDIAS W or Axon M is predominant. This means the separation from the "Edge" design of curved glass design that has fulfilled the design differentiation function in the conventional Samsung premium series. For book style smartphones, which are weighty and even bulky, weight reduction and compactness are tasks to be solved, and they return to a flat display. ValueWalk predicts that the design of smartphone is not rounded like the conventional one, but it is likely to return to a square rectangular design.

Apple has released a special model "iPhone X", which stands out from the standard model, in 2017. A special model exceeding $ 1,000 (about 110,000 yen) has succeeded in boosting profit considerably though it is sales lower than Apple's expectations.

Apple Announces Earnest Quarterly Earnings Earnings Even though Sales Volume Decreases High Price Setting of iPhone X Contributes to Sales - GIGAZINE

Samsung, who has been competing against the high-priced iPhone series by differentiating it as large screen & edge design, is very likely to introduce a special model against the expensive iPhone X, which is exceptionally high for Galaxy X ValueWalk thinks it is a given role. However, it is pointed out that even though the two screen specification becomes a big cost increase factor, even though it is a special model aiming around 1,000 dollars, SoC, memory, storage can not help being lowered somewhat from high end. Especially the world's mobile terminal market is getting saturated and the situation that the 10% market has shrunk in the last 12 months can not be ignored and it seems that it is inevitable to carefully set the specifications directly linked to cost.

If the book style dual display smartphone "Galaxy X" succeeds, there is a possibility that the design of Samsung's premium smartphone which adopted the edge screen may be changed. And, following the foldable dual display, it is expected that "front and back / double-sided display smartphone" will be released. It is no wonder that Samsung, already released with a feature phone and double sided display model on the back side, will release a smartphone with dual display.

Samsung announces ultra-class folding cell phone with the strongest specifications including double-sided organic EL display · 4K shooting · Snapdragon 820 · 4GB memory - GIGAZINE

"Galaxy X", which is thought to have a major influence on Samsung and smartphone manufacturers around the world, is expected to be officially announced in the second half of 2018.

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