A movie of a factory where "Silver Camping Trailer" like a spaceship is completed

ByBrett Neilson

There are many people who have seen silver trailers shining like spaceships in American movies and dramas. This "camping trailer" is a long-established manufacturer in the USAAir StreamThe car body that shines silver is made of aluminum. At the air stream manufacturing factory, the camping trailer is produced with the machine and manual work, and the movie containing the way it is completedA Timelapse Glimpse into the Airstream FactoryOf the air streamYoutebe Official ChannelIt is open to the public.

A Timelapse Glimpse into the Airstream Factory - YouTube

The address of the camping trailer factory of the air stream is active at 45334-0629 West Pike Street 419 Ohio. Tour tour from website formTo applyIt is possible.

Arrived at the air stream factory with panoramic movies. The materials of the camping trailer line up, and the workers concentrate on the work.

Camping trailer creation started. First of all, materials are carried by a forklift.

A forklift was driven by a man who stored a white beard.

Huge aluminum plate is a huge processing machine,NC routerIt was put on the table of.

The aluminum plate is hollowed out and it is cut out as a metal plate to become a body.

The cut aluminum plate is stood on ... ...

It will be bent manually so that it becomes a round form of the trailer.

In another compartment of the factory, another NC router mass-produces trailer parts.

Manufacturing work is carried out in parallel in all sections of the factory and in other places the interior such as water which is indispensable for the function of the camping trailer is manually pumped up.

In this compartment, a window is attached to the door.

It was riveted securely by hand. It seems that there are many manual work methods in the factory.

In this section, the aluminum plate is bent, and parts of the roof like a kamaboko are completed.

In this section, the rear part of the car body ......

A front unit has been created. I saw a part of the car body form.

In this section, when a rod made of metal is sandwiched in the center of the machine ......

Machine and two men 's hands bent to a "Dog's letter" to complete the body frame.

Outside the factory, one is lifted by a forklift from the mountain of the chassis ... ...

It will be carried into the factory.

The workers are on standby to process the chassis.

A metal plate to be the floor in the car was stuck to the chassis.

The camera moves to another compartment, the ceiling is screwed ... ...

The form of the camping trailer appeared.

The assembled body is hung with a crane from the ceiling and to the workbench for the next work process.

An engineer enters the car in the trailer and the interior of the camping trailer is finished.

The interior of the frame which was the frame bare ... ...

It is covered with inner wall ......

The wiring is stretched.

Lastly we will install essential equipment such as sofa and water surroundings for comfortable living in the car.

A spacious interior which can not be thought of as being inside the trailer is completed ......

Camping trailer is completed.

At the factory, camping trailers are made every day.

And the completed camping trailer will be shipped throughout the US and around the world.

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