"If Tarantino is making a movie of the" Star Trek "series parody trailer is on sale

Popular SF drama series "Star Trek"If the movie version of"pulp fiction"Kill · Building"Inglourious BasterdsFilm director known for such asQuentin TarantinoWhen you shoot, the trailer movie made with the concept ofNerdistIt is open to the public.

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek (Nerdist Presents) - YouTube

It is reflected in the narration that "their duties are to go to the unexplored place ... ..."Enterpriseis.

Theme song of the movie "Pulp Fiction"MichellouBGM with a musical tone similar to "flower Quentin Tarantino 9th film" will be displayed.

"They are going to bring peace to the galaxy."

"Green blood!"

Mr. SpockEt alBalkansThe blood indeed was green.

"A green woman!"

The Orion people who appeared in the Star Trek series had green skin.

"And Nazi!"

The movie "Inglourious Basterds", which became the biggest hit by Director Tarantino, was a work inspired by Nazi Germany.

Star Trek series In the first TV drama "Space Daughter"Nazi · Germany's episodethere is.

Continuous action scenes that hold sweat in the hands of "Universe Daihatsu".

An introduction of characters appearing on the back of red will be made. "Captain Kirk! Only the easy things are not listed in the captain diary! "

"Mr. Spock is a Bulkman and a half of a human being, a murder machine!"

Actual Mr. Spock is a calm deposit character. A gesture that opens the middle finger, ring finger, and thumb and shows the palm of the hand to the other person is a greeting by Balkan expression "longevity and prosperity".

"Bones! This doctor's real name is McCoy! "

"UhuraHe always makes me excruciating! "

"Pilot'sSulu! Swing control pilot to sword! "

The following scene shows Sulu being exposed to a fever and demonstrating the fencing arm with her upper body naked.

"Czechow! It's Russian of war! "

He claims that Russia is the origin of many things he often goes to the tricked role, it is a non-objectionable character.

"Scott! He will do whatever like God! "

Scott, who is an enterprise engineer, is a genius engineer who can respond to Kirk 's unlucky performance in the play.

"I do not say towing trash to the Enterprise issue, I say that you should throw away the Enterprise issue somewhere with garbage," Klingon's guard ... ...

While the screen turns red, zoom to the face of Scott that got hit. At the same time "Kill Bill" used in "Kishibe IronsideBGM with a tune similar to the theme of "flows.

"Thorp thrilling thrills!"

"What is the directive of the killing that enterprise crews receive at the last frontier!"

"Star Trek - Voyage of Retaliation" by Coordinator Tarantino, coming soon! It ends with the narration ... ...., but since it is a trailer-style movie of the fan making to the last, there is no plan to release the movie.

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