Samsung is equipped with "Intelligent Scan" combining face authentication and iris authentication with Galaxy S9

To be held in Barcelona from February 25, 2018 "Mobile World Congress 2018"soAnnounce when Samsung announcesThe latest smart phone model "Galaxy S 9"Galaxy S 9 +"Intelligent Scan" which is a combination of face authentication and iris authentication is expected to be installed as a new function.

SamCentral - Home | New S9 feature revealed! Intelligent Scan biometrics!

This is revealed by Max Weinbach of SamCentral dealing with news on Samsung's terminal.

According to Mr. Weinbach, I was fiddling with the setting of Android Oreo Beta APK for Galaxy Note 8, to be free, but as the presence of "Intelligent Scan" combining face authentication and iris authentication came up Thing.

By combining the two, authentication can be performed smoothly even under dark circumstances such as under the moonlight or under extremely bright conditions like under sunlight.

intelligentscan - YouTube

Intelligent Scan can not be used simultaneously with face authentication alone and iris authentication alone, and it seems to be used properly as "Intelligent Scan" "Face authentication only" "Iris authentication only".

In addition to this, Mr. Weinbach also features a "depth sensing sticker" function that can add stickers and images with "depth" to photos taken with dual cameras, and GPS information, weather information, etc. during photography It is confirmed that there is a "tag shooting" function to embed as a tag.

SamCentral - Home | S9 + Feature Reveal! Depth Sensing Stickers !!!

However, it is unknown whether any function will be installed in Galaxy S9 / S9 + as it is actually in this specification just as the existence within APK becomes clear.

In addition, VentureBeat has obtained a rendering image that the terminal looks like this, VentureBeat has released it.

These are the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and S 9 + | Venture Beat

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