I've eaten sweet and sour "Shiro noir cute" using strawberry "Aimou" from Fukuoka Prefecture at the Komeda coffee shop

"Talking about Komeda," Siloire "At the Komeda coffee shop, from January 22, 2018 a new limited time menu "Siloir cute"Has appeared. Sonoa made from Fukuoka prefecture strawberry "Amaou" was sandwiched with warm Danish pans and cooked raspberry sauce cold soft cream topped with Silanoaar, which is sweet and sour berry fruit and cold siroonoar finished in any combination I was worried, so I actually ate at Komeda coffee shop.

20180122 Siro Noir cute | January 22, 2018 Komeda Co., Ltd.
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Arrived at Komeda coffee shop.

The clerk asked me to take a seat.

While relaxing on a soft sofa, ordered a blend coffee and a normal size (730 yen including tax) of siloir cute. This time I ordered the normal size, but a mini size "Mini Siloir Cute" (500 yen including tax) is also available.

On the back of the menu, in the catch phrase "something happens with the magic of the mirror!" In the comeda coffee shop during the 3 days from February 12, 2018 (Monday) to February 14, 2018 (Wednesday, 2018) There was a campaign announcement that schedule to carry out "very cute magic" for "Syloval cute" and "mini siloir cute".

After about 10 minutes it arrived together with the usual size of siloir cute and blended coffee.

I am going to eat cheoninoir cute.

Size is like this when comparing the long side and the height of the iPhone 8.

Comparing the diameters it looks like this.

For other danish breads, soft cream is topped. From the top raspberry sauce and cherry-coloredPuyantineIt is sprinkling ... ...

Cherry-blossom petal-type chocolate is included.

Danish bread under soft ice cream is still warm ......

Strawberry produced in Fukuoka Prefecture "AhOOou" was used, Kojima is sandwiched. When I try to eat it, the combination of sweet and sour raspberry sauce and rich bowl of soft cream is good, "for another piece", the fork grows in fluffy crunchy Danish pans sandwiching strawberries with the lower strawberry flavor.

It is recommended to eat with the blended coffee the silenoir cute of Danish fabric which is sweet and responds to eating.

Regular size silo noir cute has volume, but the food advanced with raspberry sauce acidity, sweet red bean paste and sweetness of soft cream, even one person was flattened.

The price of Siroonoire cute ordered this time is 730 yen including tax, the price of mini siro noir cute of mini size is 500 yen including tax. It is on sale at the Komeda coffee shop nationwide except some stores. Both menus will be released for a limited time until February 28, 2018 (Wednesday), so it seems better to taste people who are interested early.

In addition, regarding the cherubir cute and the mini chernoire cute, over 3 days from February 12, 2018 (Monday) to February 14, 2018 (Wed) of 2018 with a catch phrase "something will happen with the magic of the mirror!" , The campaign called "very cute magic" will be implemented at the Komeda coffee shop. Detailed presentation of the campaign was held on February 5, 2018 (Monday)Official webpage of Kommeda coffee shopWhenOfficial Twitter accountCheck the details and you will know.

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