People lived in the clock tower of the station in London and we could stay with us because we were able to borrow the room

It was also the location of the film "Harry Potter" Location of LondonSt. Pancras StationIt is a magnificent building with a clock tower, but actually people are actually living in the clock tower. Fantasy stories such as movies and novels could not believe it, but the landlord Peter lent one room for travelers and can book online. So, when I actually went to London when I went to London, I had an unusual experience.

St Pancras Clock Tower

By saying that,St. Pancras StationArrival in. I have heard the way to the inn in advance, but I am excited not to know what "the clock tower" is like to stay until actually arriving.

First, I will go outside the station.

This is St. Pancras Station. VictorianNeo-Gothic architectureIt is a majestic appearance like a church in architecture. It is a huge train station that can also enter the Eurostar and as a railway terminal it has opened in 1868 and enters quite old categories. movies"Harry Potter and the Secret Room"Has appeared as" King's Cross station "with 9 and quarter 3 tracks.

As I left the station and walked along the building, I was in the same building as the stationSt. Pancras Renaissance Hotel LondonArrived at the entrance of the 5-star hotel. Two adults, a luxury hotel whose price is over 70,000 yen when you stay overnight on January 30 - 31, 2018.

Pass through the entrance of this hotel ... ...

To the stairs next to it.

This is the entrance to the apartment.

By saying "ST PANCRAS CHAMBERS APARTMENTS", it seems that there is no mistake in the apartment.

When telling the concierge in the lobby the name of Peter, he taught me how to get to the room. When going upstairs with an elevator, natural light pours softly, it comes out in a calm aisle based on white. It is a feeling that the pillar is protruding is a historical building.

Actually I used an elevator, but the stairs also have an atmosphere.

And Peter 's room where the street will stay at this time.

When opening the door of the entrance, it looks like this. Since we had informed you of the arrival time in advance, you will be met by the landlord Peter.

And I will go down the stairs with the guide of Mr. Peter.

Guest room where white doors in the back room will stay.

I will open it with the key of the retro atmosphere.

As soon as it entered, it became a feeling like a passage, and if we spun around this ... ....

It was a room like this.

There is one double bed in bed. There is an entrance door behind the wall behind the headboard.

Outlet at bed site. Wi-Fi is free in the room, but there was wired LAN.

Looking from another angle it is like this. It is directly in front of the bed and the left side is the window ... ....

The right side was a bookshelf that continued to the ceiling.

Television in front of the bed. The size of the room slightly smaller TV may be a message saying "Please enjoy the room, the scenery, and the book."

The room can accommodate up to 4 people and there are 4 colorful sofas.

A sink in the corner of the window on the left.

On the washbasin, in front of the outlet there is an electric kettle and tea, coffee and sweets. Since cookies and cereals were placed, it seems to be a substitute for breakfast.

Mugs and glasses were lining under the sink.

One red and white wine in the refrigerator.

There is a loft on the bed and it is a bathroom partitioned with glass. It is like this when panoramic shooting.

So, as you go up the stairs next to the bookshelf ... ...

Like this. Although there is a glass partition, it is open so there is no wall between the main room.

With bathtub ......

Toilet in the back.

Looking down from the second floor floor is like this.

You can look down the streets of London from the window.

There is also a shower room in front of the bathtub.

Can I see Peter as well as other rooms? I heard that it was OK and I tried exploring the inside of the clock tower. Go back to the floor at the entrance of the apartment again ... ...

Men are cooking in the kitchen next door. Peter's night of this day is the fact that a party inviting friends, was among bright the cook's was getting ready.

Suddenly, the clock was sticking out from the skylight. There is a room where I can stay under that.

The position of the kitchen is around the area surrounded by a red frame. The clock is visible from the roof here.

In the mood that I felt like I got into the story on an unusual sight that is "a chef in the kitchen in the clock tower at St Pancras station" ....

Looking out from the window, I could see the Kings Cross station next door.

Furthermore, as you go up the stairs ... ...

The party preparation was done here. This is the room right under the clock, and there is a guest room on the lower floor of this room.

When I looked up at the ceiling, the unique design light was suspended. Here too, there is a bookshelf in the second floor part ... ...

Accessible by spiral staircase.

Anyway, a huge bookshelf is set everywhere. I can not resist Peter's reading amount.

Looking downstairs looks like this.

The ceiling of the room is like this. It is the shape of a unique beam (beam).

In addition, there are stairs that will continue to the square hole opened in the ceiling. It seems that this stairway continues to the back side of the clock, but unfortunately it could not enter.

It is also elegant that the grand piano is placed, and everywhere is a smell of the upper class ... ....

In addition, the St Pancras station in the evening has another atmosphere, and it makes me feel that I have come to another world not only by walking around in the room but also in the room.

Under the clock, the place with electricity is today's inn.

Peter's guest room is "station" past "station chika", although convenience of the surrounding facilities as well as the degree of fulfillment in the inn as well as the degree of fulfillment in the inn is selected when choosing the accommodation destination while traveling, Access maximum · The degree of fulfillment of surrounding facilities is outstanding. A pharmacy in the station premises ... ....

A bakery cafe that you can eat freshly baked in the morning.

Of course super also. In addition to this,Fortnum and MasonYaCath KidstonThere are shopping areas where you can buy souvenirs as well as everyday items, so do not be afraid of forgetting to buy.

And it's fun to go out and do it, but it's beauty & comfort that guest room thinks "I want to live here ...", so even if you spend your time in the room, of course. Since the books were lined up on the bookshelf carefully, I saw what it is.

A book on subjects related to the body such as exercise, health, sexual activity ... ...

About human and biological evolution, book about birds etc.

Richard P. FeynmanThere were also books on mathematics, such as physics.

There is also a travel guide.

Ancient Indian sex mystery "Kama Sutra"WhenIan Stuartof"Mathematics hidden in nature", And choosing a photographic collection of architecture. While overlooking the city skyline of London, you can spend extraordinary tea time.

A man in the photo is Peter of the landlord. It seems that he bought an apartment in 2009 in order to make his dream of wanting to live in a clock tower long wished for a long time. I found it fun to meet travelers and started renting out an apartment and later registered with Airbnb at a friend's suggestion.

In addition, because the clock tower where we can stay is quite a popular accommodation destination, it is hard to make a reservation. As of the end of January 2018I confirmed it, There was a certain reservation frame from around July. In addition, although the price goes up and down depending on the reservation time and the number of people staying, if it is a large number of people, it gets cheaper and we examine it from April 20th to 21st the night and when it is 2 people, the total is about 30,000 yen 15,000 yen per person), totaling about 40,000 yen (about 10,000 yen per person) if staying with 4 peopleCan stay overnight..

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