We have been eating restricted Marugame noodle sinking menu "clam chowder udon"

From Wednesday, January 24, 2018, with Marugame noodles "Clam chowder udon"Appears for one week only. "Clam chowder udon" is one of a number of menus that have been made into a trash in the prototype / development stage, and a variety variety program "Hiroyuki Ariyoshi Daretoku! What?"When I actually tried it, the evaluation was high, and it was decided to temporarily revive. I have eaten it to see what kind of taste I can really enjoy.

"Death menu restaurant" The selected items are here! Period · Quantity Limited Clam Chowder Udon | Sanuki Frying Udon Marukame noodle

I came to Marugame noodle.

Bacon, broccoli, carrots, fried potatoes etc. clamed in the clam, many ingredients of 'clam chowder udon' are 690 yen including tax.

First, melt the margarine ......

I'll eat it from udon. Udon noodles have good compatibility with clam chowder style soup using "white sauce" "fresh cream" "clams", it tastes like to eat any number of times.

It is not mere "clam chowder style", but also clams of clams are included, and when the taste of clam spreads in the mouth, appetite is further stimulated while eating.

Bacon has a good texture and flavor with the soup, and when it is combined with black pepper, the food will advance.

Bite the French fries and mix the soup with the oil of the clothes.

Although the carrot is soft but chewy, you can feel the sweetness of the carrot as much as you can chew it.

Broccoli is a shabby texture.

The pumpkin was soft as fluffy, even though rolling in the mouth, it seemed that it seemed that it was going to be scraped off with teeth in a while.

Lotus root is one of the ingredients I have the best. "Clam chowder udon" can enjoy various textures only with ingredients, excellent with both udon and soup. I felt doubt why it became a death menu.

"Clam chowder udon" is 690 yen including tax and 790 yen for large. From Wednesday, January 24, 2018 until January 30 (Tuesday), 2018, and sales limited quantities, some stores may not be on sale.

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