Overseas media tells how to play fun while suppressing the desire for gacha with smartphone

byFabian Blank

What is the size of the market for games for smartphones in Japan in 2015?¥ 9250 billionHas become. A big revenue source for such smartphone game is "GachaIn the system called 2017, not only in Japan but also overseas this systemProblem viewit was done. A game for smartphones boasting tremendous popularity in Japan "Fate / Grand Order"Is also one of the games that implemented Gacha system, but the overseas game media that is playing thisKotakuWriterHeather AlexandraThinks of secret strategy for playing happily with suppressing frustration to Gacha.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Mobile Game Grinding

Fate / Grand Order is a game for smartphones fighting collecting great historical figures such as King Arthur and Thomas Edison. The great men of history are summoned as a magician called "servant", and players need to gather this servant and advance the game while strengthening. In order to strengthen servants, it is necessary to use specific items that can be obtained in the game, but it takes a certain amount of time to obtain them. Alexandra seems to be tired of these "material gathering" -like elements at the beginning, but wrote that "Approaching with the right way of thinking has a fascinating charm."

In Fate / Grand Order, you first need to strengthen the servant to the upper limit of the level and upgrade the upper limit of the level by the Second Coming of Reimu (Servant Evolution). Because "reinforcement of servants" and "reunion return" require different items to be used, players are required to defeat the enemies many times and collect the necessary items. "Enhancement of servants" and "Second Coming of the Lady" can be done more than once, especially valuable items will be required each time you repeat the Reikan base. To strengthen your favorite servants to the maximum level, players will fight dozens and hundreds, but Alexandra says, "This work may sound like a serious thing, but this way Focusing on the work I did is useful for 'dialogue with the game', which I had many problems before. "

Such Alexandra also seems to have multiple dissatisfaction with Fate / Grand Order, and it seems that you do not like "gacha" which you do especially to obtain new servants. Also, the probability that a servant with a high degree of rareness is summoned from Gacha is very low, and these kind ofThe system is basically designed so that users drop moneyI write it. Alexandra seems to have felt "It is very difficult for people suffering from reliance on this gacha system which is very similar to gambling, it is very difficult to play these kind of games", but friends It seems that his idea has changed greatly, receiving advice from "to concentrate on raising the level of a single servant". It is important to set goals as to which servants to strengthen, play games at a steady pace at the latest, and ignore all other factors.

At first, Alexandra says that he was concerned about turning Gacha, but by deciding a clear goal "to strengthen this servant", the concern that Gasha 's temptation is deceived also disappears at once. In other words, it was possible to play Fate / Grand Order while firmly managing the temptation of Gacha. At the same time, there was room for enjoying "repetitive tasks" that frequently occurred in the game, and he seems to be able to set detailed targets to strengthen servants.

Alexandra says he still holds a deep anger against systems such as gacha and root box. Although saying "If the system is gone, the game will be better", but he said that I was able to learn the way to get along well with them well. In Japan as well, since it is often written in SNS or bulletin board that "I used ○ ○ 10,000 in Gacha", people who "want to suppress expenses to Gacha a bit more" wrote love only to their favorite character It is an ant to try Alexandra's way.

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