When you replace the character of Nintendo 64's masterpiece "Golden Eye 007" with Mario, this is the case

It was released in the era when FPS for home game machines was not yet many, and it is known for giving a big shock to Japanese usersNINTENDO 64FPS for "Golden Eye 007". As the title suggests, since the movie "007 Golden Eye" is the original, the main character is 007 (James Bond) who plays Pierce Brosnan, "It is time to replace the character with Mario and play Golden Eye from the time of childhood A person who said "It was a dream" has fulfilled that dream, and the image is released on YouTube.

GoldenEye With Mario Characters Release [Model Imports] (+ Download) - YouTube

The video was released on the YouTube channel "StupidMarioBros 1 FanMr. I got a lot of collaborators and created a video "Mario character play" Golden Eye 007 "that it was a dream from a childhood.

Mario that appeared over the muzzle.

The shooting of early work as if I glanced at this place. The entire screen will become dyed red representing the damage expression. 007 Reproduce the directive as it is.


Peach Princess is again praying.

Mario defeats the enemy from behind the ceiling and moves through the facility.

As the hero is in Mario, all enemies have been replaced with monsters of the Kuppa army corps.

As usual Mario you are going to stepping on your enemies or shooting fireball, but this time I will beat down with a gun.

During the game, scenes getting into tanks are left intact.

Luigi appeared in support.

In addition, the match elements which were popular in this work are also reproduced. A shootout like a brotherly fight.

The "Golden Eye playing with Mario characters" by StupidMarioBros1Fan,Introduced custom MOD fileIt is said that anyone can play by doing it.

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