A movie of shock jumping into the sea just before colliding with a large-sized motor boat coming at high speed

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, there was an accident that a large motor boat thrust into a small fishing boat that was doing salmon fishing near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon, USA. At the moment of the accident, I jumped into the sea with the timing of the last minute, and the figure of a fisherman who got a lifetime nine years was loaded on a fishing boatGoProThere was a whole story.

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Two men who realize that one large boat approaching the fishing boat as the fishermen are doing salmon fishing.

One man appeals to change to a motor boat.

Since there is no sign of change, standing on the stern, a fierce appeal.

Still there is no sign of change and all the crew prepare to jump into the opposite side of the direction of the motor boat.

Whether it was impatient, although the position was not in order ......


Immediately after that, the motor boat collided with a fishing boat.

The momentum of a speedy motor boat will not fit and will ride on a fishing boat.

In the image of another angle, the timing of the men's jumping in the forefront is slightly delayed, you can see that the motor boat is jumping at the timing of the barely passed point.

Although the fishing boat wrecked, it seems that there was no separate clause in the life of all crew members.

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