Boeing developed a drone capable of loading 225 kg of baggage and succeeded in test flight

Aerospace giant major known for airlinersBoeingHas published a prototype of a freight drone that can carry with cargo of up to 500 pounds (about 226 kg) and has succeeded in the test flight as well.

Boeing: Unlocking the Future of Flying

Boeing unveils unmanned air cargo prototype designed to carry up to 500 pounds - GeekWire

The prototype of the drone developed by Boeing is "Octakopter" equipped with 8 rotors in 4 arms, "eVTOLIt is being developed as an unmanned freight forwarding machine with electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (electric vertical take-off and landing) performance. He said that it has the ability to carry from 250 lbs to 500 lbs (about 113 kg to 226 kg) of baggage and be able to fly in the range of 10 miles to 20 miles (about 16 km to 32 km). It is said that Boeing's engineering team took charge of all of the design and production.

It is possible to check from the following movie how the prototype is being assembled and how the real machine seems to be flying. You can not see the actual loading of cargo, but you can see the things like YouTube movies hanging like things like wire under the aircraft.

Future of autonomous air travel: Boeing unveils new cargo air vehicle prototype - YouTube

"In just three months, we have built a real drone from the design drawing stage," said Pradeep Fernandes of Boeing HorizonX. Boeing HorizonX is the name of a venture fund that will pioneer new technologies in Boeing.

You can see that the prototype is built using metal parts. Due to the assumed cargo weight reaching over 200 kg, it seems that strong metal is being used.

Although detailed specifications are not announced, the aircraft size is 4.5 m × 5.5 m, the weight seems to be Boeing's strange "747Pound (about 339 kg) "thing. Plus the cargo weight on the weight of the aircraftMaximum take-off weightIn fact it reaches as much as 565 kg, it seems to be a giant drones unlike elsewhere.

A state of the first flight or a state of a prototype emerging floating in the facility. In addition to the aircraft, the batteries were also used by Boeing's own proprietary products.

David Neely of the Boeing R & D team talks about the goal ahead of this aircraft, "changing the way the world connects and changing the technology to transport packages".

Since the aircraft is still in the prototype stage, it is unclear when the operation is actually started. As for shipping drone, Amazon and others are developing the delivery drone, but Boeing's drone whose transporting power is in a completely different dimension seems to set aim at different places as well.

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