Multi-legged robot "Prosthesis" can drive 30 km / h with a body of 3.6 ton in weight

A racing robot that has four legs and can travel at a height of 15 feet (about 4.6 meters), a weight of 8000 pounds (about 3.6 tons) or more and a speed of 20 miles per hour (about 32 km per hour)Prosthesis"Furrion, a robot development companyCES 2018We announced at. It is not a fully automated robot but a robot that moves according to human fine maneuvering, so the pilot is manipulating Prosthesis is like a pilot on a giant robot such as Gundam who dreamed of as a child It seems.

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You can see what Prosthesis is like by watching the following movie.

Furrion Exo-Bionics - YouTube

This is a multi-legged robot · Prosthesis. Because of the weight reduction of the main body or Prosthesis there is no armor and so on, you can see the cockpit where the pilot sits in the framework.

Looking from above it looks like this. There are two like arm in front and back, but the use is unknown.

Four feet.

Looking from behind, this way.

When human beings stand next to me it feels like this. It is 15 feet tall and weighs 8000 lbs.

When you actually board the Prosthesis you need to break through the frame as follows.

It seems hard to say that comfort is also comfortable inside the cockpit.

With accelerator ......

Instruments are present, and the atmosphere that the robot is riding increases.

That's why I started off.

Prosthesis to skillfully use the four legs.

In the cockpit you can see something like a control stick integrated with your arm.

Prosthesis can travel at 20 mph per hour (about 32 km / h). However, when moving, the cockpit is shaking violently up and down, left and right, and you can also see that seats and frames are securely fixed with harness when you look closely. In addition, it is possible to run for up to 1 hour by charging the battery.

Another pilot came up to Prosthesis who finished the trial operation ......

Suddenly the race between Prosthesis started.

The developer Furrion is conceiving a robot-based race "X1 Mech Racing League" and seems to have developed Prosthesis for that. Robot race · X1 Mech Racing League is "COMING SOON (soon)" and the timing is unknown, but Kuratas VS Eagle Prime'sJapan-US gigantic robot battleIt is expected that a hot race battle between robots will be like.

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