Bluetooth earphone with "Complete wireless & ambient sound capture function & charging mobile case" Anker Liberty + Review

In Anker's audio brand "Zolo" complete wireless Blutooth earphone "Liberty" series "Liberty +"From January 9, 2018 (Tue). "Liberty +" allows you to maintain a stable connection even in situations where sounds are essentially skipped, you can capture surrounding sounds without listening to earphones, listen to announcements on the train, etc. Blutooth earphone It fully covers the user's unique needs. I actually tried using real things that I got to the editorial department to see what the usability is like.

Liberty - Zolo Audio Japan

◆ Appearance check
"Liberty +" package is based on white and yellow design.

On the back side are four features of "Liberty +": "High sound quality and hard to break", "Music playback of up to 48 hours", "Ambient sound capture function", "Audio assist function".

Instant opening.

The contents are "Liberty +" main body, battery case, ear tip, GripFit jacket, charging micro-USB cable, quick start guide, instruction booklet and inquiries are written.

"Liberty +" looks something like this. There is no cable between the earphones, the right ear and the left ear and the earphone are independent. The part written as "ZOLO" is a button, and you can operate such as playing the next song by pressing it continuously or long press.

The attached ear tip has S size and M size, L size attached from early on the earphone, there are 3 types in total. Also, there are three types of things attached to the GripFit jacket for attaching earphones to the ear, and four kinds are included, including those attached to the earphone from the beginning. Consideration has been given to fit various types of ears.

The battery case is a luxurious black and silver design, the size is about 4.5 cm × 8 cm and the palm size about 3 cm thick. It is easy to carry.

To charge the earphone, just plug the earphone into the battery case and close the case. It is a mechanism to charge the earphone with the battery in the battery case. It can charge up to full tank in about 1.5 hours, and continuous playback of maximum 3.5 hours is possible.

The battery case can be charged by inserting the Micro-USB cable in the case.

While charging the battery case, the charging status is displayed at the bottom of the case. Charging is completed when 3 lamps are lit all the time. It took 2.5 to 3 hours to charge up to full, so it is possible to charge up to 48 hours of use with the battery case battery. If you do not forget to charge properly, it seems to be active also for a small trip etc.

◆ Actually use it
First, pairing work. Take out from the charging case ...

Open the Bluetooth setting screen of the device you want to connect and tap "Zolo Liberty +"

Bluetooth setting is completed when the display becomes "connected". The remaining battery level of "Liberty +" can be confirmed with the icon at the top.

When "Liberty +" is worn, the appearance is almost the same as inserting an ordinary earphone. There was a feeling that it seems to be attached to the ear, and it did not come off even if exercising lightly. In addition, the sound insulation is high, and in the state with the earphone attached, it is also a good impression that surrounding sounds are almost shut out.

Actually listening to music, as far as comparing with 3000 yen wired earphone, there is no clear difference between the treble and bass so far, but as the sound in "Liberty +" has spread I feel it. Also, it was impossible to distinguish clear difference in sound quality compared with wired earphone of 5000 yen class. However, the difference depending on the presence or absence of the cable is large, and you will not feel uncomfortable because you will not feel the sound of cable breakage during music playback.

Also, if you press and hold the earphone button for about 3 seconds, the "peripheral sound capture function" will work, and the surrounding sound will be heard with the sound picked up by the sound collecting microphone. It is convenient to listen to conversations and announcements in a crowded train so you can talk and so on smoothly while attaching earphones. Thanks to this function, it seems to be possible to avoid dropping the earphone in a crowded train, dropping it unfortunately, and losing it.

You can activate voice assistance such as Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android by pressing the earphone button twice in succession. It is possible to examine the map while exercising or while talking with earphones attached.

Also, "Liberty +" is also compatible with IPX 5 waterproof standard, it is safe to apply water such as rain and sweat. However, it does not correspond to powerful jet water or submergence such as a shower, so be careful.

"Liberty +" was 10,998 yen including tax with Amazon.

Amazon | Zolo Liberty + (Bluetooth 5.0 complete wireless earphone) 【Up to 48 hours music playback / Siri compatible / IPX5 waterproof standard / with ambient sound capture function】 | Anker | Earphone / headphone

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