Raspberry & salt caramel appeared on "Hot Saturday Dolce" which is a combination of rich fat fondant chocolate and cold ice so I tried it

In this season such as coldness production, "When I eat ice, my body seems to get cold ..." There may be many people who refrain from ice cream, but in such a winterThirtians Ice Cream"Warm fondant chocolate and cold ice cream can be enjoyed simultaneously"Fondant Raspberry"Fondant Salt Caramel"Fondant Chocolat"Appeared on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Speaking of fondant chocolate, melting and chocolate will flow out of the cake, but it is said that Hot Saturday Dolce is using not only chocolate but also salt caramel style and raspberry flavored ganache cream, so what kind of taste is it I tried it at once to confirm whether it was.

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Arrived at Thirtians Ice Cream.

At the top of the counter there were three signs "Hot Satywan Dolce" decorated.

First I ordered "Fondant Raspberry". Chocolate used for ordinary fondant chocolatGanacheInstead of using raspberry flavored ganache. Ice cream put on fondant chocolat can choose favorite flavor (small size), so this time "Love potion Thirtians"choose.

"Hot Siriwan Dolce" are all provided in a cup, looking at the size of the cup compared to the iPhone 6s.

Ice cream and whipped cream are on top of fondant chocolate, and a little red raspberry ganache is visible under the ice cream.

Raspberry ganache, buried under ice cream, feels refreshing raspberry flavor and discreet sweetness.

I tried eating ice cream, ganache, and fondant chocolat together, the impression that raspberries are gathered up rich bread sweetness of fondant chocolat. Because fondant chocolat is warm, the ice cream melted slightly and it felt like raspberry cream was put on it.

Then it is "fondant salt caramel". Salam caramel is used in the ganache part of fondant chocolate, and ice cream contains "Chocolate chip"choose.

Salt of salt caramel enhances the sweetness of chocolate chips and fondant chocolat as you move the chocolate chip on top and slightly dissolved salt caramel ganache and fondant chocolat.

It was hard to imagine what combination of fondant chocolate and salt caramel was, before eating, but I was surprised that the compatibility was better than expected. While ice cream melts with the warmth of fondant chocolate, fondant chocolat gradually cools down due to the coldness of ice cream, so it is recommended to eat as soon as it is provided.

Finally I ordered "Fondant chocolat". As its name suggests, Ganache is chocolate, ice is "caramel ribbonCaramel ribbon"choose.

The combination of standard fondant chocolat with chocolate ganache and ice cream from caramel ribbon flavor is tremendous sweetness. For those who say "I want to eat sweet things anyway!" There is no more sweets, but those who like sweetness modestly feel even hard to eat unless they eat with drinks such as bitter coffee I was allowed to.

In addition, "Fondant Raspberry" "Fondant Salt Caramel" and "Fondant Chocolat" are all 570 yen including tax, which means that packaging for takeout can not be done.

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