What is the "memory of water" that the Nobel laureate candidate claimed to be the scientific basis of homeopathy?

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"It is essential to treat disease by drinking substances that are infinitely diluted substances that are poisonous to the body as tablets"Homeopathy"Has been viewed as a problem in recent years, mainly in the United States as being showing spreading despite the lack of a medical basis. However, there is a "scientific basis" in positive affirmations of homeopathy. "Science basis of homeopathy"Memory of waterA prominent researcher was involved significantly.

What Is 'Water Memory'? Why This Homeopathy Claim Does not Hold Water

"Homeopathy" that treats diseases by administering extremely diluted substances and medicines that can cause the disease and symptoms with water in the idea of ​​"poisoning with poison" Many people in America In the pharmacy, drugs labeled "Homeopathy" are sold, and homeopathic doctors also exist. This kind of homeopathic medicine is not the content of "level of herbal tea for sore throat", but there are things such as "Can treat cancer" had been a problem for some time.

American Food and Drug AdministrationAs the regulation on homeopathy of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was moderate, drugs such as those mentioned above came to inflict, but on Friday, December 18, 2017, the FDA issued dangerous or unfair advertisements We announced to strictly crack down homeopathy products that we are doing.

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Scientific basis for homeopathy to be effective, even if you dilute the substance to an extent that it can not be detectedHydrogen bondingIt is said that "memory of water" changes. This was a prominent article on the relationship between the structure of platelet activating factor (PAF) and histamine in 1979 by an immunologistJack · BenvenistIn 1988, "After diluting the antibody extremely, the aqueous solutionAntigen-antibody reaction"In other words, words that were born from the publication of a paper with contents such as" Water remembers what had melted in the water before. " The paper was published in Nature, causing a big controversy, and eventually it was denied by the scientific rebuttal. And Professor Benvenist's thesis was the first in 1991Ignorb PrizeWe have won the award.

Although the Ignorle Prize is given to "research that makes people laugh and makes us think," Professor Benvenist did not publish research as a joke. Professor Benvenist graduated from the University of Paris University School of Medicine and became a researcher. He was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize candidate in his lifetime, and he was also serious about "memories of water".

Professor Benvenist publishes books on a series of events called "memory events of the water", and Japanese version can also be purchased from Amazon.

The Confession of Truth Water Memory Incident - Scientific Basis of Homeopathy All of the Truth About "Memory of the Water" - (Homeopathy Science Election) | Jack Benbenist, Francois Court, Torao Yui, Kazumi Hori, Kobaniko Koi | | Mail order | Amazon

In 1988, Dr. Benbenist received an unreasonable attack from the scientific community, according to a paper published in the world's most influential English science magazine "Nature". A copy of the book that revealed the whole picture of the "memory incident of water" and invoked ripples in France.

Amazon reviews look like the following.
Quite a question remains in the content

A believer of homeopathy purchased it and said, "If you read this book there is no room for scientific doubt".
Half of the content is a grudge that denied my results. Therefore it is very difficult to read only facts.
Simply put, it is claimed that if the drug is diluted 1 billion times, it will be effective.
As for how much this is thin, you can imagine 1 cc water, but 1 billion cc of water is 1000 cubic meters. Since the pool which is commonly liked is 660 cubic meters as about 25 meters by 17.5 meters by 1.5 meters, 1 cc of water is put in about 1.5 cups of pool.
I think that it is no wonder whatever happens if it is about this.
Also, if the water before the experiment does not have any influence, I am very anxious how to prove it.
Although it is influenced by the electromagnetic waves in the middle of the contents, there is also whether water is memorizing the influence of the electromagnetic waves, etc, but I did not do any demonstration, it was a very unclear book.
As I understood the experimental conditions, the number of doubts increased instead.

It is a book on which the spirit of scientists seeking truth is conveyed

The author carefully states the results of the experiment, and has no connection with homeopathic medicine, rather it is in a position to verify with doubt.
The result obtained in such a way is denied by the rigid idea of ​​head such as "It is impossible because there is no effective molecular weight", and it expresses antipathy to the academic society which hinders progress. In the first place, the effective molecular weight is different from that of colloquially and it is known that the hormone affects the living body at concentrations of several thousandths of the effective molecular weight previously thought.
It is only recently that water has played an important role as a medium for all biological reactions. Scientific development will continue to accelerate for a long time and it is an amateur idea to make old knowledge absolute.
The technique of irradiating electromagnetic waves to water and manipulating the crystal structure is moderately interesting and may have an effect to smooth signal transduction responsible for intercellular communication. If we can confirm the normalization of metabolism, I think whether homeopathic effect can be proved.

Many modern scientists are negative to Professor Benvenist's thesis. Professor Mayy Nieman, a chemist at Oregon State University, has truncated that it is "not reasonable" about the memory of water. "Water molecules are constantly rotating while interacting with each other While hydrogen bonding and breaking bonds are in. In other words, some aqueous solutions have a semi-permanent structure There is no existence, "commented Prof. Nieman.

In addition, researchers explain that even if an object remains in an extremely diluted aqueous solution, it disappears at the moment it is taken into the body. The inside of the human mouth is overflowing with bacteria, body fluids and the rest of the lunch, and since they spread at the moment of touching water, the structure of a few ions contained in the aqueous solution will be overwhelmed. Also, because there is a strong stomach acid in the stomach and it has a big impact on hydrogen bonding, even if there is a memory of water, it is thought that it will be swept away on the structure of the body.

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British Homeopathy Association(BHA) cites "clumping (clumping)" besides the memory of water as the scientific root of homeopathy. This means that a mass of material remaining at a level invisible to the human eye generates gas inside the body and produces a positive effect in the body of the recipient.

Molecules of molecules are easy to stick to each other in aqueous solution, and liquids that do not degasify will surely bubble as the pressure changes. However, a phenomenon such as clusters and foaming can occur in any aqueous solution, Professor Nieman said that it is not the only effect of homeopathic remedies.

And the fact that chemists think that it is the biggest defect in the homeopathic way of thinking is based on the premise that "purified water to the utmost limit" is used.

In order for a few substances to produce an effect, it is necessary for the substance to be dominant in the aqueous solution, so that purified water is required to the utmost limit. And it is almost impossible to purify water to such an extent that extremely diluted substances become dominant. The more you remove the impurities in the water, the more water will draw ions from the surrounding environment, even water containers contaminate the water.


However, the idea of ​​homeopathy itself, "If it is a small amount, it becomes medicine, but if you ingest a lot, it becomes poison," the idea itself of homeopathy itself is not a mistake in light of modern medicine. You can kill peopleClostridium botulinumActing to cure migraine and cosmetic surgery by administering a small amount is done even in 2017 as well. Researchers have a view that homeopathy sees such a way of thinking extremely and there is no scientific basis.

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