I tried a subway "Salmon & Mascarpone" which is perfect for the compatibility of creamy Mascarpone cheese and smoked salmon

Menu that uses Mascarpone cheese from the subway on January 1, 2018Salmon & Mascarpone"Has appeared. According to the official announcement from the "FRESH START FRESH CHOICE Campaign", according to the official announcement, "Mother Cult Porne" Salmon & Mascarpone "Trout Salmon Smoked with Maple Tree Chip, Mascarpone Cheese of Hokkaido Produced 100% about. I have eaten it to see what kind of flavor it is actually finished.

"FRESH START FRESH CHOICE" Campaign │ Subway Campaign Information │ Subway Official Site

Arrived at the subway. A poster of "FRESH START FRESH CHOICE Campaign" was listed at the shop front. In this campaign there are two new lineups, "Salmon & Mascarpone" which is newly appearing and regular "Ham Ham & Mascarpone". This time I ordered "Salmon & Mascarpone" (520 yen including tax).

"Salmon & Mascarpone" arrived. This time bread was roasted white, dressing ordered with official announcement recommended basil sauce.

Compared to iPhone 6 with long side 138.1 mm It is like this.

Vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce are scattered with tapir under salmon and mascarpone on top.

When I tried it ......

Matcalpone cheese with mellow texture and simple taste and compatibility with smoked salmon with a little salty taste. The smell of the maple tree used for smoked salmon increases appetite, fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce make it shakiyaki, making the inside of the mouth refreshing so you can flatten a large sandwich of the subway with perori .

Salmon & Mascarpone is a limited-time menu until January 23rd (Tuesday), 2018, so it seems better to taste people who are interested early.

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