Even a shark gets cold cold that will freeze and die

From the end of 2017 the whole of America is attacked by record cold waves, and the cold is enough to kill sharks swimming underwater.

Sharks are freezing to death in the US, due to a record cold winter - Quartz

It's So Cold Outside That Sharks Are Actually Freezing to Death - VICE

Wednesday 27th December 2017, the Atlantic shadow shark conservation group reported on Facebook that there was a giant shark that stranded by cold shock and died.

And on December 30 as well, we found a shark that stranded with cold shock. Although three trials were attempted, it seems that the body was frozen and it was not in a state that it could be instantly autopsied. Therefore, it waited until the body was thawed properly, and morphometric data and samples of organs / cells were collected.

Living organisms may cause muscle cramp and cardiac arrest when extreme temperature falls, and it is seen that sharks are suffocated by falling into such a state in the water and pushed to the coast. Oceanographer Greg Skomal told the New York Times that sharks would have died in a short time as the shark's gills were exposed to the cold air because of their delicate nature It was.

Also, Niagara Falls freeze ...

Temperatures in Canada are below Mars. The temperature of Mars as of December 27, 2017 is minus 29 degrees, but Saskatoon, Canada's largest city of Saskatchewan, recorded a minus 43 degrees during the day, and in terms of cold it is a tougher environment than Mars It seems to be.


The temperature in Chicago on January 1, 2018 is minus 17 degrees. This is the lowest ever as the highest temperature during the day from the record from 1872.

Some people started experimenting using this cold weather. The following is a mixture of soap and salt, corn syrup, when making soap bubbles outdoors, soap bubbles are transformed into beautiful crystals in no time.

In the image below it is recorded that the crumbled soap bubbles are frozen instantly and become like glass pieces.

Busting bubbles. # Frozen # puremichigan # bubbles

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The cause of the big cold wave is a large air current swirl that can be made above the Arctic and Antarctic "Polar vortexIt is said that the cold jet air current generated in the sky above the North Pole usually runs south and exerts a big influence on North America.

On the other hand, 2017 is said to have been the second heat in observation history.

In 2017 it is almost certain that it will be the second heat in observation history and the extreme trend of weather is also revealed - GIGAZINE

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