It turns out that children who are "motivated" better than children with high IQs are more likely to succeed in their lives

A long-term follow-up survey of about 130 children until they become adults, the factor that leads to success in life is motivation to make various efforts such as study more than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) It is revealed that the effect that it can do better is more effective.

Highly motivated kids have a greater advantage in life than kids with a high IQ - Quartz

A research team by Dr. Allen Godfreed of California State University, Fullerton School of Science and Technology, has launched a long-term research project in the 1970s. The project aims to identify the most influential thing in walking and succeeding life by tracking the subsequent walks of life for 130 newborn babies. 90% of the babies selected for research are Caucasian white people, homes belonging to the middle class are selected from the workers.

Upon investigation, at the same time as parents and teachers, information such as the report card of the school are collected with respect to the subject, the individual intelligence level to implement the IQ test has been measured. Mr. Godfreade talks that "We will bring the information to the graveyard" because the information collected in that way is 18,000 as well as information that is too highly privacy It is.

What has become clear from this research is the importance of being able to "motivate" well at childhood. At the age of lower age, a test to measure the strength of motivation on children's academic motives "Children's Academic Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (CAIMI)"That is," children who can enjoy studying by themselves "who got high scores at school, they got good grades at school, were able to choose higher classes, and also had high grades among classmates . Such children often have confidence in themselves, so they often play the leadership role in the class, and they seem to have tended to demonstrate their leadership skills by challenging difficult subjects even in adolescence.

Measured IQ of these children, it was said that 19% of the children who marked "IQ 130" which is generally regarded as "blessed with intelligence" was the whole. However, with the exception of some, the result that most "motivated children can do well" and "IQ high kids" did not agree with each other. In other words, it means that a significant relationship was not confirmed between a child who gained high grades at school and was able to demonstrate leadership and IQ. Dr. Adel Godfried, who is participating in the study, said about this result, "The proportion that the high motivational ability of the child is involved in giving out excellent results is greater than that of IQ It is getting used. "

It also highlights the fact that this "motivation" ability has influenced the efforts of children in their families to a considerable extent. In families where parents frequently "read stories" to children, there were more children who acquired the habit of reading books. In addition, it is said that "There are several books in the house" did not affect this trend. And it seems that children who came to have curiosity in this way showed interest in science and tended to select more difficult classes when growing up to high school students.

In other words, by teaching and carrying out curiosity, self-reliance, and effort to children, the child was able to motivate himself and led to the results. Moreover, the influence was not only at childhood but also that it remained even after getting older. Mr. Godfreed says about this, "What you were doing at the age of 9 is not only the result of that at the time but also the life after that."

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