Official setting material collection of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" "MASTER WORKS" is an overwhelming amount of information and I want to depart again for adventure again

To the large volume called A4 size 416 pages "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"The setting data of the official setting material collection crowded up as much as it is still"MASTER WORKSIt was released on Friday, 15th December 2017. This is the 3rd collection of books commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda and unlike the 1st and 2nd collections, it has been featured only for "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" . The next week when the release date is just the second DLC "poetry of the British people" began to be delivered, I read in the full sense of clearing the game and I want to return to the land of Hyrule again with haste It was a touching performance.

This is the third collection of commemorative books of the 30th anniversary of the legend of Zelda "MASTER WORKS".

Take a belt and this is like this. There is a symbol mark of the seeker in the middle.

Compared with Nintendo Switch size it looks like this. Because it is A4 size it is bigger in size.

The thickness is also considerable, it seems to be a book or something no longer than an art book.

The posted setting materials are fairly diverse and include not only the main character such as Link, Princess Zelda, British Jie but also information on NPCs such as Hilarians and Goronists, creatures that appear in games such as demons and animals , Even to the land on the game such as Central Hyrule or the Haitaru region, everything is still posted as if it is still. It is sometimes a rough picture drawn by designers, sometimes from words such as producers and illustrators, sometimes it can be learned from the text written about the background sometimes, not just characters but how each element was designed . Furthermore, since CHAPTER.3 HISTORY, it is content that will hike the history of Hailar, so much spoiler ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended to read carefully after all chestnuts. The table of contents of MASTER WORKS is as follows.

· Illustrations
· Character Art

·Princess Zelda
· Gunnon
· British Art
· Hilarians
· Seekers
· Zola family
· Goron family
· Lito family
· Geld family
· Fairies in various places
· Demons
· Creatures
· Weapons · Shields
· Clothing · Accessories
· Material
· Ancient Seeker artifacts
· Central Hailar
· Haitaru Region
· Ranier region
· Akkare region
· Ordin region
· Humba region
· Geld region
· Firone region
· Scattered facilities
· The poetry of the British people

· History of Hyrule's geography and map
· History of Hyrule ~ Chronology and Events ~
· 10,000 years ago ~ tradition ~
· About 100 years ago ~ Troubleshooting measures ~
· Major disaster - destruction ~
· Contemporary ~ Brave Resurrection ~
· Unknown remains ruins ~ Mystery of Hyrule ~

◆ KEY PERSON INTERVIEW After finishing development

There is also a symbol mark of the seeker in the inside when removing the cover.

In CHAPTER.1, illustrations used on game title screen, package illustrations, illustrations to be first made with MASTER WORKS, illustration for official Twitter notice, etc., have been published for a number of illustrations that have been published so far.

However, if not only illustrations are posted but, for example, if the link used also in the title screen of the game is an illustration climbing a cliff, things of various compositions are being examined in the course of completion, It is revealed that the same thing as the composition of the first "Legend of Zelda" (lower right) was being considered. This is the first time I played "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild", Illustrator Taku Wada tells me, "I felt something in common with the first generation". It makes me feel very good that you can see various patterns of illustrations you are familiar with like this.

Illustration depicting a link to receive Master Sword from the original link was the first to appear in Weekly Famitsu. Because it is an illustration published in a magazine, when staying in the eyes of those who are not familiar with the game, this link on blue clothes means "Do not you understand as the legend of Zelda?" It expresses the thought that has been drawn on from past to present.

Depending on the illustration, some rough ideas and production processes are posted together, and if something is different, these compositions may have been adopted.

Illustration for a North American bundle set that I do not see much in Japan. While there are many illustrations that links link to the vast world, the drawing drawn for North America has a composition in which the link and the wind curse gonnon fight a battle, and it can be said that the action and powerful illustration is more expensive .

In CHAPTER.2, the setting materials that understand how to make all elements appearing in the game, such as characters, living things, weapons, clothes, fields, etc. have become a heap.

The first person to appear is the hero 's link. The person's description of the link and the finally determined design are first published. However, unlike touch illustrations such as package illustrations, illustration is drawing out a distinctive atmosphere.

In the "Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" design was advanced aiming at characters of neutral sense in various meanings rather than completed heroes, among which the series' trademarks "green clothes" and "green hats It seems that it turned out to be blue clothes by trying to renovate. Ao Numana Eiji producer says, "Someone of the staff did not say" Let's do so! "It means" It is with nature. "

Among the consideration drafts are drafts of contemporary style clothing and links to never-before links such as guitar playing across bikes. The master bike that appeared in "poetry of the British people" may be an idea that did not appear without this illustration.

Also, sometimes there is a place where the end of the page is blue as shown below, and here is the background which is not drawn in detail in the game such as characters and living things. For example, in the case of a link, before having lost memory due to a serious mishap, there were also things chosen as a sword of devils and family stature, it was not able to put emotions on the table and became innocent and expressionless, but during the game The link of the wake up from the sleep of regeneration and the memory was lost, it was written that the expression of emotion was richer and the behavior became brighter than before the serious disaster, and it felt in playing the game It will become a hint to solve a slight discomfort and doubt.

In the part of the heroine, Princess Zelda, the settings are described more carefully about the clothes, accessories, hairstyle, expression, etc. than the link. As long as the princess Zelda's hairstyle is drawn, it is also possible to try it if it is a long-lady woman.

Princess Zelda who has also appeared as a heroine in the past series. In the past work is rather "a sacred princess full of elegance" and the image which was not easy to draw was strong, but in the "Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" it is heavier on the aspect of a life-size girl who can sympathize more than a princess It is said that he put up the character and built up the character. Such a review paper by Zelda was also mixed with illustrations dressed in contemporary rough clothes such as the following.

In addition, there are also setting materials of the British people who lend power to the link in the adventure. In the early study drafts, characters such as the Kokkiri who appeared in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" (green in the lower right) etc are drawn.

While the production is progressing, it is decided that one of the Zola, Goron, Lito and Geld appears one by one, for example, even in the Zola British Miffer, various ideas are being devised I understand. Although it seems that there was also a plan that made the design motif such as Ryugounokkai and Casago at the time of consideration, in the end it is settled in the idea that made dolphin motif motif.

The Goron tribe's British Darukel seems to be designed with the image of Darunia who appeared in "The Ocarina of The Legend of Zelda", and because Daruna called the link "Kyodai", "The Legend of Zelda Breath It is said that Dirkel of The Wild decided to call the link "Aibo".

Of course, you can see the setting materials of various characters appearing in the game as well as the British gem. For example, a wandering peddler Terry, a wandering beetle wiggle, wonders what is attached to where a huge beetle-type backpack is, what kind of accounting dish for accounting is placed, where to protect Terry from the sun It is possible to check fairly detailed places such as where from where to fold the foldable simple terrace that will lead you.

Detailed setting materials are also posted to other Mobukara of the Hilarians. However, what is posted is not only visual materials, but also "Hirians have many action and curiosity, many visiting sightseeing to settlements of many tribes, or as a peddler in various lands There are also detailed settings for each tribe in the wind like "doing business and those who live strongly even in the place where demons live" in various places.

Although the taste of "seeking" of this seeker tribe was strengthened, in the examination manuscript, there was a lot more wrapped in a kimono style costume.

A relatively rare link in the game and about the same age of characters · para. As for Peara, as well as Princess Zelda is drawn what the hairstyle is like, and although young female characters are pretty in appearance, it will be informed that they are drawn with reality of small parts.

The expression of no and sorrow in the Goron tribe

While working, the Lito is drawn as a race excelled at the bow and arrow, but at the time of consideration it seems that what Rito flow archer which treats bow and arrow was invented.

Rito tribe in this work whose image has changed from the Lito who appeared in "The Legend of the Zelda Wind Tact". This seems to be the best reason why I wanted to emphasize silhouettes like birds in order to make the characteristics between races more prominent.

The fairies of the Korog tribes that appear everywhere in the game are being examined for things that look different depending on individuals, and this is quite cute with this.

Setting materials of monsters appearing in various places. In the part of Octaklock, "Eyes shine at night", "It will be berserker than usual if it rains", "If you preempt first strike through a mimicry, you will surprise surprisedly," even if you discover a player because it is not so smart The setting is carefully written, such as forgetting as soon as you lose sight, you can see that there is an Octaklock Mania in Nintendo.

Furthermore, various actions are being considered with Hinokkusu of boss monster appearing on the field with a cute rough picture. Especially cute Hinoko sitting on the middle bridge and hindering traffic, like a fat grandpa sitting on the edge.

In addition to monsters, setting materials of various living things appearing in the game are also released. Three spirits that are sprit of the fountain are recognized as dragons while they are designed to explore something that does not have a sense of deceit. The face and body are mammals such as dogs and goats, and arms are birds and people It is said that it incorporates elements. Also, depending on the way people encounter it seems to aim neutral design that will make you get as impressive as possible so that you can see it horribly lovely.

Weapons and shields that appear in the game are also covered. Weapons and shields are each designed to be able to judge the strength while looking while having a distinctive shape. Certainly, rusted equipment → equipment of a traveler → equipment of a soldier → equipment of a knight → equipment of a royal family → Equipment of Konoei, etc. As the grade of equipment increases, the appearance becomes more beautiful, the memory in the game It is remembered that it was easy to judge the strength of equipment even if it traced.

The clothing of the link at the start of the game is "It is a setting called pants dressed in seekers when cold sleeping".

In the seeker stone which makes a great contribution in the link adventure as an ancient technology, various functions such as BAKANAN, VITALOCK, MAGAQUATCH etc. can be used, but various ideas such as dragonfly type drone etc. were also brought in addition to these I understand this.

Also, at the time of game play, I suddenly said, "How do you use bakudan?", Etc., explained in the text firmly. If you are looking at the setting materials, there are many things that you can imagine "The idea at the time of consideration eventually came true" even if not explained in detail, and just watching "The Legend of Zelda Breath of The wild "is felt in how it was made.

Also in the setting materials of the stage and the land, the figure before the ruined Hailar castle town became ruined.

And in CHAPTER.3, the material which can keep pace with the map of the history of Hyrule as a chronological table is becoming an enormous amount. Because it is combined with a map, it can be touched at a glance of the history of Hailar that you can visually understand the progress route of the British people at the time of a serious disaster and the withdrawal route from Hyrule Castle, and not knowing just by actually playing the game It has become like.

Hailar's chronology is ready ... ...

Furthermore, it tells what kinds of documents are left for each tribe. According to this, the Hyrule, the Seeker, and the Zora seem to have written the history of the world and the tribe from ancient times, but the Goron tribe, the Lito tribe, and the Geld tribe seems to have little old information as the literature .

In addition, how did the Eaga team be born from the seeker tribe ... ....

It is possible to check pretty maniac information such as the apparent difference of the guards of the ancient seekers who have over 100 people.

And what kind of functions the ancient technologies, such as the seeker stone, the guardian, the shrine of the trials, etc. have, and what kind of usage is different from the ancient times · 100 years ago · now, It is written down. For example, the four ancient pillars that exist around Hyrule Castle emanate pink light due to the grueling of Ganon and are producing disturbing air, but its original function is the guardian's hangar.

Besides, the demon called "white silver" is written in the resurrected brave link to be a monster who felt a sense of crisis himself or that it was a violent figure due to the influence of a misfortune Ganon. The purple pattern seen in the body surface of the silver monster is said to have been affected by Ganon.

◆ KEY PERSON INTERVIEW After finishing development
In addition, at the end of the book is an interview of Fujibayashi Hideyama director of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild", Satoshi Takizawa of Art Director, Taku Wada of illustrator, Eidi Aonuma Producer. Each person talks about "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" with a different line of sight, so it is worth seeing from the detailed attention in the development scene to the secret feelings.

The first shipment of MASTER WORKS is limited, and "Limited edition Utsushie card" of quantity limitation benefit comes along. The content is "content that you can enjoy more when you open it after clearing the" poetry of the British people "," If you are clear it will come with a pony inside.

In addition, "MASTER WORKS" is on sale at Amazon with 4968 yen including tax.

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