Twitter, Japan's "Akeumomeko and Yoro" can not bear against tweets sunk

Twitter began to become heavier immediately after 0:00, an error occurred until 0:03, and it disappeared.

Like this

Although it is resurrected at the time of article writing, there have been a few times sunk by "Akeumomeko and Yoro" as follows.

'Akeumomeko to Yoro' Tweets rush to Twitter sinking, server falls - GIGAZINE

It is also clear that it was over "Bals" in 2013.

Happy New Year in 2013, finally breaking "Bals" and updating records - GIGAZINE

A comparison of "Akeime" and "Balsu" is here.

A graph comparing the strength of Twitter's "Akeime" vs "Bals" - GIGAZINE

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