How to expand the Wi-Fi area in the house right now at low cost

Order to use the Internet access at home, but I think that just people who are thinking of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) router to radio waves reach anywhere in the well house and installed one in the center per floor plan is a large, floor plan for convenience, can not be installed in the router is a good position, also there should be that the radio does not reach well of. Although it can cover if you use a cordless handset and repeater, how to spread the reach of the wireless LAN at a lower cost than it, sharing the platform of ideas and news "JiffchatIt is open to the public.

How I amplified my home's Wi-Fi with aluminum foil.

Radio waves will travel straight without obstacles, but if you hit an obstacle, it will reflect, pass through, and turn around. In the case of the frequency band used in wireless LAN, in general, "wood, concrete, glass can penetrate, water can not penetrate, it will bounce back when hitting a metal".

Since the radio waves are transmitted around the router, if you place it at the position of the red circle in the image below, the room where radio waves do not reach will come out. There are cases in which routers can only be placed in this position due to the convenience of cables drawn into the room, so it is somewhere to help if we managed to manage the amount that flew outdoors unnecessarily.

Aluminum foil was used there. Place the aluminum foil behind the router's antenna and reflect the signal to the bedroom where you often use Wi-Fi.

Then the signal arrived at 80% of the bedroom where Wi - Fi was hard to use before.

In addition, if the same mechanism as the satellite dish is used, can the effect be increased by increasing the size of the aluminum foil? I experimented and found that the effect was the same. However, as for the following pictures, a comment stating that "Adjusting the left and right reflectors will improve the effect" was also posted.

The contributor of the article explains that even if the antenna is embedded in the hardware, it is effective using aluminum foil. Some people have a skeptical view of "unbelievable" in the comment, but when people in the same room actually experimented with aluminum foil, they could use Wi-Fi even in the bedroom As I thought "I can use it although it is not too fast".

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