"Kemono Friends" It is confirmed that Yatsuyorozu of production with Tatsuki who played a part of popularity from the second term will come off

Winter 2017 broadcast animationIn the beginning, although it was not a work never attracted, until the end of the broadcast it was a great breakthrough to the animation that represented the time "Beast friends"As reported in September 2017, it was said that it was one of the reasons for the popularity of Phase 1 since the second stage when production was decidedTatsukiDirector and production company'sYao YorozuIt was decided to leave, and it was decided not to cover it.

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In the first place, "Kemono Friends" is a plan started as a media mix project around 2014, but the game for smartphones released in 2015 was ended at the beginning of animation. However, Mr. Yoshizaki Ms. Yoshizaki who was in charge of the character / world view / concept design of the project is using the concept of "the original is" animal ", animation as animation, utilizing the settings of Park Guide · Mirai who appeared in the game While deploying independently.

There was also a big success of Tatsuki's director who was told that "All but the voice actor is responsible", it was not a work that has been attracted never before before the broadcast, but increasing the number of fans from the broadcasting and finally Immediately after the announcement of the unusual new movie production decision was made. From Fukuhara producer 's tweet, it seems that during this period Yao Yoroz had a second - stage production consultation.

"Kemono Friends" new movie was decided to be created, and the last studio screenshots held by Tatsuki and others including Staff & Cast also held - GIGAZINE

The popularity of the work also spreads to the hit of the opening theme song "Welcome to Japa repark" and the appearance of the music program of "Animal Cross Biscuits x PPP" singing. President Yuichi Takahashi of TV Tokyo called for an echo that revealed that he called to reorganize the formation at the regular interview held in April 2017. Actually, TV TOKYO performed reruns at affiliated stations from August 2017 after this.

Meanwhile, Tatsuki posted 12.1 episode "Betto ni" as an independent production image on April 5, 2017 of the following week of the last episode broadcast. Even after that, distribution of collaboration video "Keiba Jyou" with Tokyo Racecourse was done, and the popularity of "Kemono Friends" was exciting.

"Kamono Friends" Sailors visit Tokyo Racecourse as a special image "Keikyu Jyou" released - GIGAZINE

However, on September 25, 2017, Tatsuki reported on Twitter "It is now supposed to be out of anime for Funniko friends". I do not understand the situation at all, and the situation will be that the fans are going out and running.

On September 27, 2017, on the official website, "We are planning to search the production system from scratch by receiving a story from Yao Yorozu Corporation, an animation production company, that we want to withdraw at the stage of entering in August The current status "is announced. In this announcement, "Yao Yorozu declined", but Fukuhara producer of Yao Yoroz tweeted "I recognize that I've declared the descent," and I see a slight discrepancy.

In October 2017, Kadokawa's managing director Shinichiro Inoue, who grasped that the situation is in a state of confusion, reported with Yao Yoroz that he was "in consultation about what to do about the future".

Although the fans were watching over the second phase, the fans were watching over burning, but Fukuhara producer reported that they were not covering the decision that Takesatsuki director and Yao Yoroz will leave from the second stage on December 27 it was done.

By the way, "Kemono Friends" has won the "Twitter Trend Grand Prize 2017 ANIME of the year" which awards the animation which became the most talked about on Twitter in 2017.

It is likely that considerable pressure will be applied to the company and the manager who will be in charge of the production of the 2nd phase when Tatsuki and Yao Yorozu passed out, but forgetting the core "Fun" Animals "which is the core of the Funnomes Friends Project Nevertheless, I hope to have a different work from the first period.

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