A movie in which a fish severed in half is jumping around bitchbiki is a hot topic overseas, why does this phenomenon happen?

A fish that is sliced ​​down by a kitchen knife in half is spreading abroad, as if it were a zombie and a movie that jumps around with a bitch. In Japan, it is a relatively familiar scene with "dance eating" such as fish, squid, octopus etc, but its principle may not be so well known in fact.

Video Of A "Zombie Fish" Coming Back To Life Goes Viral. So What The Hell Is Going On? | IFLScience

The story became "Yutaka Suzuki Yutaka Suzuki (@ Q 57 OUPrpy 8 OZa Wt) 'S tweets submitted by July 2017. This tweet has been retweeted about 170,000 times, more than 240 thousands of "nice" has been attached.

Although the original tweets were immediately spread even overseas, it seems that they are attracting attention again in December 2017. The following tweets have been retweeted more than 13,000 times, mainly overseas, and half of the fish, which is presumed to be "fresh" from the yellow tail fin, is bouncing around in the tray.

The fish fell his head, after having been brought down with two bones, it is impossible to think that "I am alive" no matter where I look. Nevertheless, it looks like it's alive, it looks like moving around as if it has been revived as a zombie again.

This tweet has been retweeted, many comments by Ajinzo are received, and many tweets expressing its shock have been posted.

Apart from the comment of "I do not eat sushi", it is a state of pros and cons, etc, such as comment "I am eating sushi just like this" against the comment "So I do not eat sushi."

Then, as to why it is actually in such a state, it seems that this is happening because what seems to be salt against the half of the fish was put on. In the body of the freshly-fresh fish, the cells are still in a living state, and substances that generate energy still in the musclesAdenosine triphosphate(ATP) has been left behind. Also, between cellsMembrane potentialBecause the state is left, the energy that contracts the muscles is still stored.

And when a substance such as salt is added to this "living muscle", stimulation to the muscles occurs, and by violently repeating contraction and relaxation, it is creating a movement which made it like a cry of a distant devil. This mechanism is the same as "eating a dance" when it is applied to soy sauce such as a fresh squid, even if it seems that the fish is suffering, even though it is actually a mere phenomenon of science, eat at ease It is OK even if it is OK.

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