Scientists inspired by the movie developed powered suit type robot "FX-2" that people can ride

A powered suit type robot that researchers and engineers inspired by a movie that focused on "expanding the power of human beings with robots" rather than "replacing humans with robot force" developed "FX-2"The movie has been released.

Giant robot is ridden by human pilot - BBC News

Giant robot is ridden by human pilot - BBC News

This is "FX - 2". A person is on the part corresponding to the head of the robot.

In the hands of a man is a maneuver.

When a man moves his arm up and down while grasping the control cancer, the arm of the FX - 2 also moves in the same way. The robot can be controlled very easily.

Spread my arms ......

Raise one hand. FX - 2 can carry baggage up to 70 kg including pilot.

I was able to walk, and I was able to go backward as well as advance.

You can also move not only the arms but also small movements such as opening and holding the palm of the hand, changing the orientation of the palm.

Because the pilot is exposed to the outside, it is also a point that you can take contact directly with people.

I developed FX-2 in Korea to develop robot technology and artificial intelligenceRainbw RoboticsA company called. Professor Jun-Ho Oh, a researcher at Rainbow Robotics, said, "This robot can move humans from point A to point B without physical effort, so it is useful for physically handicapped people It should also be used to carry the baggage because the power of the arm is very strong.I think that we have future possibilities. "

The developers are now focusing on improving the stability of the FX-2 so that the pilot will not fall down. In addition to being used industrially, the use for entertainment purposes is also taken into consideration, and the price will be less than 1 million dollars (about 131 million yen) when it is put on the market.

From the following movie you can see the FX - 2 walking with a person on the 2018 Pingchang Olympic torch relay.

FX - 2 The Giant Human Riding Robot (Torch Relay) - YouTube

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