"Magic Leap" which enables spatial computing to be released to the past in the past began shipping in 2018

We gathered investment from Google and Alibaba, and it was said that even "the possibility that the display will be lost from the future world"Magic Leap"Creator Edition will be finally shipped in 2018. The future that the invisible display and the stereoscopic image are displayed in the air and the computing is carried out seems to become a reality at last.

Welcome | Magic Leap

Magic Leap displays display and hologram in the air, enabling computing in a space like appearing in science fiction movies. Although it is the core called "photonics chip", even engineers who develop it say "It is difficult to explain what it is", and many are mysterious new technologies. One of the engineers also told me that "it will realize a state like" I am dreaming while opening my eyes "."

Magic Leap, a company that gathered investment from Google and Alibaba, releases a movie on the product under development, possibility of losing display from the future world - GIGAZINE

It was announced that this Magic Leap will finally appear in the beginning of 2018.

Welcome | Magic Leap

Shipped in 2018 is "Magic Leap One Creator EditionWhat is called.

With a headset called "Lightwear" ...

Computer "Lightpack" to be worn on the waist

And it is a set of controllers.

LightwearEnvironment mapping· High accuracy tracking · Equipped with proprietary technology called "Digital Lightfield" combined with spatial sound, it is designed to be comfortable even when wearing for hours. In a movie that has been published so far, only manipulating the hologram by hand,HapticsIt seems that it is possible to operate while getting 'feel' by using the controller equipped with 'Factory'.

"Digital Lightfield" "Visual Perception" "Persistent Objects" "Soundfield Audio" "High-powered Chipset" "Next Generation Interface" are listed as functions of the platform.

The explanation of each function is as follows.

· Digital Lightfield
"Lightfield (lightfield)" means that the object is reflecting the sun or artificial light. About the light field of Magic LeapOptical engineeringIn technology, we create digital objects that incorporate natural light that matches depth. Because it is made according to the structure of the human brain, the brain treats the digital object like the source of reality in the same way, as if you could experience as if the object really existed in front of you . If you use a VR headset you may get drunk on the picture, but with the above mechanism Magic Leap can be installed comfortably for many hours.

· Visual Perception
Because Magic Leap has a very powerful sensor, it accurately perceives the object and reconstructs the environment around the user. Thanks to that, the user not only views the light field object as existing, but can interact with the object. Machine learning also maximizes the power of spatial computing, whether it is a monitor or a panda that was created in front of you.

· Persistent Objects
Since it has visual and room mapping technology, it is possible to accurately reproduce the physical environment the user is in.

· Soundfield Audio
The existence of "sound" is essential to feel the reality. Magic Leap imitates the real world, reproduces the sense of distance and intensity of sound with amazing quality.

· High-powered Chipset
The processor achieves high fidelity performance comparable to a laptop PC, and outputs fine graphics graphics without problems. From the production of 3D models to the play of FPS, the Magic Leap with Digital Lightfield can incorporate even small details.

· Next Generation Interface
Magic Leap allows multiple interfaces such as voice, gesture, head movement and eye tracking. In the past world, operations like "click" and "tap" were overwhelming, but Magic Leap makes it possible to interact with technology in a more natural and intuitive way.

With Magic Leap for creators, the web where operation in 2 dimensions was mainstream has changed, online shopping using 3D objects is also possible.

Adjust size and number freely and display screen ......

The game also makes it more realistic.

Beyond the actual distance, you will be able to say "exist in the same space" no matter where you are.

In 2016, "Potential development may be delayed from target in several yearsMagic Leap has been informed that it is preparing for shipment at the time of article creation. Designers, developers, and creators are able to get shipping information as soon as they choose "developers" "reporters" "interested" about themselves, along with their e-mail address and name from the website.

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