It shows the possibility of preventing bulimia by giving electrical stimulation to the brain

Researchers at Stanford University succeeded in suppressing the impulsive desire to cause hyperphagia by stimulating the brain of the mouse with electrical pulses. This method may be a powerful technique for treating bulimia nervosa in humans.

Closing the loop on impulsivity via nucleus accumbens delta-band activity in mice and man

An Electrical Brain Switch Shuts Off Food Cravings - Scientific American

Dr. Cathay Halpan's research team at Stanford University has identified parts of the brain's reward-related circuits in the binge-eating state's muscles that are activated when an impulsive desire for food develops. Dr. Halpoon observed overeating symptoms of mice by causing mice to eat high fat feeds for 1 hour every day for 10 days, and observed the brain waves of the mice. Then, before and after the process of causing binge eating symptoms,Nucleus accumbensAs the low-frequency signal (delta wave) increases, it is possible to identify the area to be activated in the bulimia symptom.

Next, the researchers are used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease in the brain area that has been found to be activated by the bulimia miceDeep brain stimulation therapy (DBS)I gave electrical stimulation that followed. In addition, while general DBS continuously gives electrical stimulation, Dr. Halpoon gives electrical stimulation continuously to the brain of the mouse, gives it intermittently, and furthermore manually controls stimulation I am exploring the difference in effect with variation and variation.

As a result, it was found that the intermittent electrical stimulation and continuous electrical stimulation reduced the appetite of the mouse by up to 50%, unless stimulated manually. In addition, it has been found that when a continuous electrical stimulation is given, there is a side effect that the time of contact with other mice decreases.

Mouse experiments confirmed that it is effective to intermittently give electrical stimulation to the brain to alleviate bulimia but the research team plans to study whether the same mechanism can be utilized for humans It is said that. In a preliminary study study on patients who have already granted DBS therapy for other treatments, delta waves are detected actively, just as they were observed with the mouse in the scenes where rewards are available It seems to be confirmed.

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