"Incubus phenomenon" attacked by Succubus and Incubus turns out to be related to anxiety level and it turns out from meta-analysis

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Something is on my body when I wake up from sleep in the middle of the night ... The "Incubus Phenomenon" that has been passed down from all over the world for thousands of years, but in modern times it is a question of whether the Incubus phenomenon happens Scientific explanations are also being made. In addition, a new study that meta-analyzed thirteen past articles with a total of 1,800 subjects as subjects showed that this incubation phenomenon is not uncommon in modern times and that it is related to anxiety levels such as mental illness It was.

Frontiers | Prevalence Rates of the Incubus Phenomenon: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis | Psychiatry

The Demon Attacks at Night: Explaining the Incubus Phenomenon

19th century painterJohan · Heinrich · FüsselIn "Muma" drawn by, the devil is on the body of the sleeping woman. Incubuses of muma among muma are called incubus, female type things called succubus, old in the year 2400 BCMesopotamiaThere is also mention in the record of. To experience such an attack while sleeping from this dreamer or devil is called "Incubus phenomenon".

In many cases, the Incubus phenomenon occurs as an extension of sleep paralysis (bondage). According to the meta-analysis, there are many people who are experiencing wage tied than the Incubus phenomenon, and it is said that this cause is a divergence of sleeping phases. REM When sleeping, a person dreams, the body is relaxed and it is in a state called "paralysis", but when you regain only consciousness at this time, the body remains paralyzed so you can not move. The brain who felt the crisis in the state of "the body is paralyzed" enters the alert mode and creates a hallucination that "something is on the chest", the author and professor of clinical psychopathology at the Leiden University One Jan Dirk Blom said. In other words, it is a combination of 'actual situation' and 'nightmares projected on reality' that people who are in a bondage experience are experiencing.


In a new study Blom et al. Conducted a meta-analysis of thirteen papers that studied the incubation phenomenon. The total number of subjects participating in the study was 1,800 and the subjects' locations were various, including Canada, America, Japan, Italy and Mexico.

As a result, the percentage of experiencing Incubus phenomena in their lifetime as a whole was 11%, roughly 1 in 10 people, it turned out that more people were experiencing than they had thought so far. People with mental illness, refugees, and students increased their proportion in the category of students, up to 41%. In addition, sleeping on the back, consumption of sake, and irregular sleep patterns have also been shown to increase the probability of encountering the Incubus phenomenon.

From this, it is thought that the bondage and the incubation phenomenon which may be cleared up as "a mere nightmare" may be related to mental diseases including anxiety, delusional disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Psychiatrist And psychologists are said to be taken seriously. Also, many people who experienced the incubation phenomenon reported "unsettled" anxiety and many say that "I felt it actually died during the Incubus phenomenon". Researchers have a view that there may be relevance between the sudden death syndrome that suddenly dies while a healthy person is sleeping and the incubation phenomenon, and future research will be awaited It is place.

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