Pogue who first appeared in "Star Wars / The Last Jedi" scientifically explained why many people say "I want to eat"

"Star Wars / The Last Jedi"Pogue" which became a new appearance is an adorable animal with big eyes which cried. About this Pogue, The Verge of foreign media publishes an article saying "You are not the only one who wants to try to eat".

Science can explain why you want to eat a porg - The Verge

Since Pogue appeared in the trailer of the "last Jedi", some of the Star Wars fans caught up the topic of "cooking Pogue and eating".

Questionnaires asking if it is ethically ok to eat Pogue

Even among Hollywood stars, there was a discussion on "whether to eat Pogue or not" and played Hold's lieutenant in the last JediLaura DernI comment on the official movie that it is opponents to eat Pogue.

However, the role of Pau DammeronOscar · Isaac"I'm curious to eat Pogue," I'm fried onions with fried eggs and glazed porges something. "interviewI reveal it in.

It seems that the Oscar · Isaac is interested in eating Pogue among the performers seems to be talked about,John BoyegaI'm tweeting "Oscar seems to believe it makes it better to make soup Pogue ... ...."

And even in overseas mediaWhat kind of taste does Paul taste like?To contemplate that, or to eat Pogue deliciouslyrecipeWe have developed a situation where media that devised or devised new media has appeared.

After that, at last the "last Jedi" was released on December 15, but appetite of some users seems to be even higher with the release. Journalist Drew Magary said, "I saw the last Jedi .... And I decided to eat absolutely Pogue," Tweet said.

Other users also said, "At first I knew that Pogue was anxious, now I am eager to eat Pogue and want to be a pet because they seem to look delicious," Pogue said Tweets saying I want to eat is spurting.

Many of these reactions are obviously just a joke, but there are also possibilities for users to say "I want to eat" based on actual psychological phenomena.

Oriana R. Aragón et al.the studyAccording to people, humans are often overwhelmingly responsive to very cute ones and they will react with "playful aggression". This seems to be the same reaction as seeing a baby baby and saying "I want to eat cute", so there is a possibility that the same psychological phenomenon may be exerted on Pogue.

In addition, there are expressions of "eat pretty things" in multiple languages ​​such as Indonesian, Dutch, French, Greek, Vietnamese, etc. The psychological phenomenon "I want to eat cute things" It is also suggested that it is common in the world.

In addition, it is a method for canceling extreme positive affection (cute feeling) and maintaining emotional equilibrium that a kind of negative expression "eat" is given to cute things Possibility is suggested. It is thought that it is a phenomenon opposite to the phenomenon that people laugh when it falls into a bad situation and Professor Aragón says that many people want to eat Pogue from this psychological phenomenon I think that.

Prof. Aragón also says, "I do not think people expecting to eat Pogue expects (Pogue) as a new protein source."

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