Fabulous "application that lets you raise motivation for life improvement free of charge and acquire ideal lifestyle

Each time we change the moon or become a new year, we decide "I will review this life habit on occasion and walk the correctly tight life." However, without much motivation, it is difficult to improve living habits girls alone by themselves, and there are many people who have experienced having finally ended up as a three-day boss. "Android & iOS application"FabulousIsDuke UniversityIt is made on the basis of the study of behavioral economics classroom, and the user can improve lifestyle without becoming a three-day boss. It was perfect for those who thought "I want to improve my lifestyle, but it is difficult without support," so I actually tried using the application.

The Fabulous

◆ Installation
"Fabulous" has Android version and iOS version.

Fabulous: Keep your motivation relaxing, meditating, sleeping! - Android application on Google Play

Fabulous - Motivate Me on the App Store

This time iOS versionApp StoreInstall and use from. Tap "Get".

Tap "Install".

If you tap "Open", installation is completed.

◆ Initial setting
On the home screen of "Fabulous", "Feel more energized", "Lose weight", "Sleep better", "Focus and concentrate better" Four menus are displayed which are displayed as "Please increase". Tap this because there is only "Feel more energized" at the top that you can select for the first time. The user will acquire the lifestyle habits to live more energetically every day for two weeks with "Fabulous" with two people.

At first, the registration form of the user name is displayed. Enter the name of your choice and tap "Next".

Next is selection of wake-up time. You can also select from "07:30", "08:00", "09:30" that is set by default, but if you want to match your wake-up time perfectly, tap "Pick my own time" at the bottom .

Then, you can choose your favorite time. Select the wake-up time and tap "Done" at the bottom.

Next time you are asked, "Do you really think you have the ability to change yourself and turn your life habits into good one?", So people who want to change their lifestyle with "Fabulous" Tap "Yes".

Tap "Let's do it".

Tap "Turn on my notifications".

Since you are asked to allow notification from "Fabulous", tap "Permit".

Tap 'Show my first challenge!'.

"Being more energetic" first imposes a task of "drinking water" every morning to the user. In order to let the user's drinking "water drink" into the user's body, when the user wakes up for the next three days, take action "drink water" and put a check in "Fabulous". Tap "I accept the challenge". This completes the first setting.

◆ Tutorial
When the initial setting is completed, a tutorial on lifestyle improvement course by "Fabulous" begins. Tap the play icon.

From the home screen of "Fabulous", you can check the custom every morning registered in "Fabulous" by tapping the bar labeled "Morning Ritual".

At the start, only Drink Water (drinking water) is registered as a habit every morning. Take the check form at the right end of "Drink Water" after drinking water after getting up.

Then, it is recorded in "Fabulous" that you did the custom of "drinking water". "Fabulous" is an application that changes nature and everyday routines to better ones by repeating the simple operation "tap the check form when you register the custom". Tap "Continue".

When I returned to the home screen I received a letter from "Fabulous". Since "Fabulous" often receives notification in the form of a letter, tap the letter to read.

When I opened a letter, the time limit was set for the action "how to read a letter". This is to avoid confusing uselessly by checking SNS as well as reading a magazine while reading a letter. In such casual parts, there is also a purpose to teach the body of the user "to concentrate on one thing and work on it".

The content of the letter was that "Fabulous" will change the user's lifestyle better in two weeks so that you can continuously live a "Fabulous" life. "ChurchillYaHemingway,Steve JobsIt is stated that the great men such as great cherished the routine every morning, motivation to improve lifestyle haste rises even if not being a response.

The action of "get up in the morning and drink water" includes the purpose of giving moisture to the body which became dehydrated during 6 to 8 hours of sleeping time and cutting the start dash of the day which can purify the inside of the body There was also stated that.

Tap the "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" Button in the letter ... ...

As the message "Great things are awaiting for you!" (A wonderful thing is waiting for you!) Is displayed, tap "Continue". "Fabulous" will inspire you even with these simple actions, praising users thoroughly or by motivating words.

From the next morning you will be asked if you start the custom of "drinking water", so if you want to acquire good habits from tomorrow immediately, tap "Yes, I Will Drink Water Tomorrow".

When asking if you would like to be notified before bedtime that "put a cup containing water in the side of the bed before going to bed", tap "Yes, Please Remind Me".

Tap "Embark On Your Journey" and the "Fabulous" tutorial is over.

◆ Notification of customs
"Fabulous" will notify you with an alarm tone so that you send a notification at the set time and do the custom registered by the user. Tap the notification and unlock the smartphone ......

At the same time an illustration that is right for the action "drink water" is displayed, the BGM of the sound that bubbles rise to the surface of the water called "Kopocopo" flows and the timer of 1 minute starts. If you do routines in the time of the timer, you will not waste your routine wastefully. After the routine is finished, tap the check icon OK.

A check mark will enter the right end of the habit you checked, you will see that you have completed this habit.

If it is difficult to execute the habit registered at the timing when the notification came, you can run it later to check it. Tap 'Morning Ritual' (Routine every morning) on ​​the home screen.

If you tap the bar, the timer will be started from this screen as well as the notification, so when you are done with the habit, tap the check icon and check it.

◆ Add customs
In "Fabulous", if you continue the first 'drink water' week for 3 days, the next habit will be introduced and you will be able to acquire good lifestyle in stages by passive use. However, those who feel "I want to incorporate many more good habits" can customize the custom within "Fabulous" on their own. From the home screen, select the time zone you want to add a new habit from among the three bars "Morning Ritual", "Afternoon Ritual" and "Evening Ritual" and tap.

Tap "Add Recommended Habits".

Then you can select and add the habit you want to add from the rich custom list.

Some customs such as "Meditate (meditation)" "Power Nap (nap)" ...

There was also a custom such as "Break the Habit! The No Sugar Challenge" (to break habits! Challenge without a sugar).

When you decide the habit you want to add, tap. For this time, I chose the "Breath (relaxation)" habit of relaxing and stress relief.

Tap "ADD".

Tap "Done" in the upper right.

Then a new habit has been added to "Fabulous". In this way, you can also combine effective habits to get closer to your target.

◆ Release function by continuous use · Paid version function
"Fabulous" can not use all functions from the beginning, and items that can be used will increase while continuing to use. Users who use "Fabulous" for the first time will be able to complete the 2 weeks life improvement program first and then use other functions sequentially. In the first two weeks life improvement program, customs such as "eat breakfast" and "do light exercise" are scheduled to be added even after "drinking water", and by the end of two weeks, A life like life should be habit.

Among the functions that can be used additionally as it continues to be used are the coaching function that will select the custom recommended from the user's usage ... ...

Other than "Feel more energized" first selected, "Lose weight" "Sleep better" "Focus and concentrate better" (increase attention and concentration) There is a function that you can use lifestyle improvement set such as "Set of life style improvement".

In addition, if you register as a paid version, you can use the 12-week lifestyle improvement set that supports improvement of lifestyle with quality above free version. In this paid version, it is possible to improve lifestyle habits with a long term span of free version or more, add lifestyle that can not be used in free version, and can set goals for life improvement Thing.

"Fabulous" does not correspond to Japanese at the time of article creation and all sentences are displayed in English, so there are parts that are difficult to use for those who are not very good at English. However, the English used is not so difficult, since the illustrations attached to individual customs are excellent and visually understandable in many cases, it can be used without problems if it is divisible as English study. Also, frequently send a message to motivate users, if you do not forget the habit, do not forget to praise firmly, various ideas to prevent getting bored in the middle is also good impression . For those who can improve their lifestyle alone by themselves, they may be perceived as an intermediary, but it was a perfect app for those who can not continue their customs without something support.

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