Battleman who made his own "TIE Silencer" with Cairo Len on "Star Wars / Last Jedi" appeared

It will be open to the public on December 15, 2017 (Fri)Star Wars / The Last JediFirst appearing inTIE SilencerIs a fighter aircraft carrying Cairo Ren that appears in the following trilogy.Latest trailerBut there is a person who made TIE silencer showing its appearance with TIRARI with a huge size that actually can ride a person.

Building a Huge Tie Fighter - YouTube

I made a huge TIE silencer,Hover bike that can really fly around in the airYaA rope launcher that allows you to move to a high place by firing a hook and hooking it,Flame radiation guitar appearing on Mad Max,Jet bikeI made my own gadget that I flew awaycolinfurzeMr. is.

colinfurze self-made huge AT-ACT in the pastmovieI had publicly released ... ...

This time the last Jedi and "Star Wars Battle Front IIWe will challenge to create Cairo Ren's TIE Silencer,

So, immediately using eBay as a sampleTIE silencer figuresPurchased.

I will create a TIE silencer of a size that allows people to actually take this as a sample.

That's why I came to the warehouse.

Three stormtroopers appear from the back of the shutter. We will support colinfurze.

That's why I started work.

First of all, cut the steel frame which becomes the framework of TIE silencer ... ...

We will build up the base.

Welding and sometime I will build a framework ......

It gradually becomes a simple rectangular parallelepiped.

Cutting gratings that are often used for lids such as drains ... ...

Fill in the gap of the frame.

Furthermore, cut the metal plate.

Lift this ... ....

Connect the gap of the frame, and make armor of TIE silencer.

It seems that all items used for work such as welding were purchased on eBay.

Create a frame of the cockpit part of the TIE silencer.

It tried to attach this to the frame part of the fuselage with four people, but it seems that it was too heavy and it did not work.

There was a forklift that appeared there. The installation of the cockpit is completed with the force of the heavy machine.

Feeling quite like TIE silencer with such feeling.

Next, insert the metal plate into the red fixture ......

I will bend it with guya cat.

It looks like this from an easy-to-understand angle.

The metal plate folded in a U shape ......

It is used to fill the gap of TIE silencer armor. At the beginning, I think whether to recreate the TIE silencer pretty roughly, since we reproduce even such small grooves, expectation increases for finish.

Next, using the steel frame carried by the forklift ... ...

Create a frame again.

While strengthening strength with grating, we will assemble something gorilli.

Suddenly Cairo Ren appeared in the movie.

We perform welding using force ...

He helped us with carrying things.

Then I bought it on eBayTow ropeLift the assembled frame with ...

I will connect. Apparently this seems to be the wing part of the TIE silencer.

Again use the tow rope ...

Attach the wing to the main unit using a heavy machine.

Since the wing is long vertically, it seems to split in front and back and attach it to the main body.

That's why one side of the wing was completed.

Subsequently, using a machine with three rollers, straight straight metal sheet is processed into a clean curve ......

I will make a hatch on the top of the TIE silencer.

Cut the extra metal plate ......

Part of the hatch is completed.

Simultaneously proceeded to install the opposite wing.

It is made durable enough that people are hanging at the tip of the wing.

A man who processes a metal plate

Cairo-Len style welding mask

The armored part of the TIE silencer was fairly realistically reproduced, and it turned into a look that looked like a real fighter plane unnoticed.

Furthermore, a metal plate with round holes ......

Completely welded ......

Create parts like this.

Then install it on the TIE silencer.

Hatch also attached a pair of eyes ......

Evolution to openable and closable.

It is completion of a real cockpit hatch if you go through the inside.

Furthermore, using LED tape ......

Directed SF style.

this is……

It was a battery mounted on the tip of the wing.

TIE Silencer is gradually making details.

I wear chewbacca's face and continue working cheerfully.

Directed redness using dark side red LED.

Fill black TIE silencer with black paint to finish.

And finished.

"KR67 TIE" which seems to be a character indicating that it is a flying boat of Cairo · Len on the aircraft.

Aircraft shining suspiciously

Looking from the front this way.

It is like this around the cockpit hatch.

The production period of the TIE silencer is 6 weeks, and the size seems to be 23 feet wide (about 7 meters) wide, 46 feet deep (14 meters) deep, 14 feet tall (about 4.3 meters high).

A movie which can see the TIE silencer created in more detail by colinfurze has also been released, and in the movieJames BrutonMr.My own BB-9EWill also appear.

I Built a FULL SIZE Tie Fighter / Silencer - YouTube

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