Do people really have to stick to being "white teeth"?

ByRupert Taylor-Price

The bright white teeth that can be seen from the mouth are received as a symbol of health and refreshment, entertainers, movie actors, orbaseball playerI often see people who can show pure white teeth. Conversely, it is thought that images of people who are not so good are attached to teeth that tend to yellow or brown, but in reality the quality of the teeth is not good as the color is deposited on the teeth It does not seem to be a thing.

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Not only in Japan, "tooth whitening" has become one of the popular dental measures even in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. There are various ways of taking measures such as "cleaning" which removes dyes and dirt adhering to the teeth, "whitening" whitening the teeth themselves with medicines and so on.

However, it is a natural phenomenon that color deposition on teeth is a natural phenomenon, and it does not necessarily mean that "the condition of teeth is bad". Factors that determine the color of teeth are various, there are effects from genetic to aging, foods such as wine, coffee, tobacco that are easy to color tooth and luxury goods, rather than " It can be said that it is hard to imagine that it is not usually used.

With age, the enamel of the surface of a person's teeth is gradually lost, and the internal dentin appears on the surface of the tooth. Because this dentin has a yellowish color, the tooth color will become yellowish with aging. Then, on the tooth with increased yellowness, molecules of the chromogen, which cause coloration, are contained in tomato base sauce and coffee, etc., so that further dull color and slightly greenish teeth It will change to the color of.

When studying the coloring of teeth, human teeth are sometimes used, but experiments using animal teeth such as cattle are often done. This means that large cattle teeth are chosen to make the change more observable. In an experiment conducted by Dr. Mark Wolff of New York University, a change in the color of the tooth is observed by immersing the cow's teeth for 1 hour in a liquid such as black tea, red wine, white wine or the like.

As a result, the most noticeable coloration was red wine. Also, although the coloration of black tea was not so much unexpectedly seen, when we took the order of first immersing teeth in white wine and submerging it in black tea, the degree of coloration was higher than when just soaked in black tea It uploaded. This is because the acid contained in the white wine acts on the components of the tooth, becoming "porous" with many small holes on the surface, and it becomes strongly colored by the ingredients of black tea entering there It is said that. If such a thing causes coloring of teeth, there is of course little relation to the state of health of the teeth, and there is no need to worry too much, even if there are some color deposits on the teeth.

ByTJ Gehling

Rather, among experts there is also a view that there is also good pigmentation for teeth. One of them is the black coloration seen in the gap between teeth and gingiva. Various studies have been done on this phenomenon over the past 100 years, but in fact the exact mechanism has not been elucidated. In the latest research, it is thought that this coloring is caused by combining calcium, fluorine, bacteria, etc. with iron, copper, etc. to form a composite material, but some experts Children with such coloring are also shown to be "good coloring" for dental health, based on the fact that the probability of becoming a decayed tooth is low compared to other children.

Although the feeling of "I want to be a beautiful tooth" is natural, there is also a concept that on the one hand it can not always say "tooth coloring = negative image". Although it is a major premise to occasionally receive a diagnosis of a dentist without neglecting daily care such as a tooth paste, it seems unnecessary to be caught by being a white tooth.

ByDaniel Horacio Agostini

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