New animation list starting in winter of 2018

2017 is about to end soon. As soon as the year passes, about 50 new animations will be started one after another.

The original manga works of this season will be the sequel to 18 years after the first 18 years, "DEVILMAN crybaby" directed by Masaaki Yuasa directed by Go Nagai's "Devilman", "Junji Ito" collection "Junji Ito" "Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition", Fujisaki Ryu's "Huge God Enjini" is animated again, "Huang Shu Huismic Encyclopedia", the topic became popular until the broadcasting of 3 months of popularity mainly on the net "Potepipipikku" etc.

The original works of the novel are "Violet Evergarden", which is a long-awaited animation awarded for the "Kyoto Animation Grand Prize" Grand Prize, "Overload II", which was also popular for the full version of theatrical version, "The Naruto" popular novel " 10 years after the 20th Annual Dengeki Novel Grand Prize · Grand Prize winning work "Hakata Pork Bone Ramens" and "Koga Ninbutsu" is the sequel of "Basilisk ~ Koga Ninnō Bokuto ~" "Basilisk ~ Cherry Blossom Ninja Lawlet ~ 」and so on.

In the original game, there are "Eidlish Seven", an original game for popular smartphones, and "Fate / EXTRA Last Encore", which seems to be adding a large arrangement to the original game.

Also, as original works "Darling in the Frankis", "Marchen Mezhen", "A place far from the universe" "Swordsen Maiden" "gd Men gdgd men's party" will be broadcast.

Below are the lists in descending order of broadcasting start, so please refer to it when viewing / recording. In addition, it was scheduled to start in January 2018 "Butlers ~ A thousand years and a hundred years story ~For various reasonsChange to the start of April 2018Since it has been decided, it is excluded.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Arsene Brilliant Desires

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 12/31 (Sunday) 19: 00 ~ 22: 00

· Work information
Anime new work for the first time in a year, the media mix plan "Project MILKY HOLMES" developed since 2009. It is broadcasted on New Year's Eve special number "Omisomi Sayo !! Milky Holmes + 2017" broadcasted at TOKYO MX.

In the fall of 2010, winter of 2012, summer of 2013, winter of 2015, television anime has been broadcast for four periods, and in August 2011, August 2012, December 2012, December 2016 The television special is broadcasted 4 times, and in February 2016 the theater version is also released. The "Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Fan Fun Parry Night ♪" broadcast in December 2016 will be rebroadcasted on December 24 with TOKYO MX and TV Aichi.

Pro wrestler belonging to Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling · Tomoaki Honma will appear as a voice actor.

Copyright light notation: © bushiroad All Rights Reserved. © Milky AKY Production Committee © Milky FFPN Production Committee © HiBiKi © Shin Nihongo Wrestling

Twitter:@ milkyholmes
Hashtag: # milkyholmes

Theme Song: Milky Holmes 'Reflection'

Sherlock · Sherynford: Mikami Mimori
Yuzaki Nero: Tokui Aozora
Hercule Barton: Future Sasaki
Cordelia Grauca: Izumi Tachida
Arsene: Satomi Akasaka
Twenty: Kishio Daisuke
Stone River: Takashi Terashima
Rat: Hiroshi Shimono
Akei Rikuro: Minno Aino

Milky Holmes in 1½ Minutes - YouTube

Today's rice of Mr. Sanemiya

· Broadcast information
BS 11: 12/31 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~ 24: 00 ("Fate Project New Year's Eve TV Special 2017")
AbemaTV: 1/25 (Thursday) 21: 00 - (Delivery every day from the second episode on the first day)

· Work information

There is a scene of a table that is a bit lively and there anywhere. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, delicious dishes are served everyday at Mr. Sanpui.
Well what shall we make today?

In parallel works based on the characters of "Fate / stay night", Shigeru Miyamiya swings his arms and boasts everyday story that fly to residents and servants in Fuyuki-shi animation. The first episode was a surprise broadcast in the last of "Fate Project New Year's Eve TV Special 2017" broadcast on New Year's Eve 2017. Ufotable in charge of animation production is animated as Fate series related work following "Fate / Zero", "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]", "Fate / Zero Cafe" "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Fee] I am in charge of.

Original: "Today's rice with Sanni-san" TAa / TYPE-MOON
Character original plan: TAa
Supervision of cooking: Makoto Tomino
Director: Takahiro Miura, Tetsuhito Sato
Character design: Uchimura Hitiko
Screenplay Production: ufotable
Art director: Kazuo Ebisawa
Director of Photography: Kazuki Yoshikawa
3D Director: Gyosei Tsuka Daiki
Color design: Yuko Ohmae, Yurie Ushio
Edit: Kanonagaki
Music: Shiina Akira
Production Producer: Kondo Hikaru
Animation production: ufotable
Copyright light notation: © TAa · KADOKAWA · TYPE-MOON / "Mr. Sanni's today's rice" production committee

Shiro Shiomiya: Noriaki Sugiyama
Saber: Ayako Kawasumi
Rin Tohsaka: Kana Ueda
Makuragi cherry tree: Noriko Shimoya
Rider: Yu Asakawa
Ilya Schief · von · Einzbern: Mai Kadowaki
Fujimura Okawa: Miki Ito

Eidish seven

· Broadcast information
· First episode & second episode broadcasting special
TOKYO MX: 1/1 (Monday) 20: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/2 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/3 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/4 (Thursday) 22: 30 ~
TVQ: 1/4 (Thursday) 26: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/4 (Thu) 26: 05 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/4 (Thu) 26: 05 -

· From the third episode
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 22: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/7 (Sun) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/7 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 1/7 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~ (26: 05 ~ after the 4th episode)
BS 11: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/9 (Tue) 26: 05 ~
TVQ: 1/9 (Tue) 26: 35 ~

· Work information

Eggs of idol who will be responsible for the future, collected in the "Kozue Playful Office". The seven people who have just met each other fall apart in character and personality. However, each had a different charm and had an unknown possibility as an idol.
Their group who formed the group and took the first step together is "IDOLiSH 7". The singing and dancing appearance on the brilliant stage eventually attracts people's hearts. They are gorgeous but sometimes in a tough idol world, they aim for their peaks while embracing their dreams -!

The original game is a smartphone game that has been distributed since August 2015. Tanemura's vegetables of "Kamikaze Kaito Jean" and "Full Moon in Chika" are in charge of the original design of character design, and they are carrying out manga version series with LaLaDX. Prior to television broadcasting, from November 3, 2017 (Friday)Distribution of the preliminary screening version of episodes 1 and 2Has been done.

The director is a separate placer of "Shangri-La", and the supervisor of "Re: CREATORS", "Aldnoah zero" and "Fate / Zero" is in charge. Seikane Ayumi who played the script in the series composition such as "Fate / Aporypha" "Fate / Grand Order - First Order -".

YouTube exclusive distribution of the spin-off work "TRIGGER -before The Radiant Glory-" is decided to be done in 2018.

Original: BANDAI NAMCO ONLINE, Bunta Uchimi
Character original bill: Tanemura Agana
Director: Hitoshi Hitoshi
Supervisor: Aoi
Series composition: Sekine Ayumi
Animation character design: Kanji Fukagawa
Total drawing director: Masami Inomata, Satomicio
Art director: Takahashi Asaho
Color design: Mariko Shinohara
2D design: Kiyota Takahashi, Ryota Shimogi (stereotype)
Director of Photography: Ryosuke Tsuda
CG Director: Yoshida. Miki
3D Works: Mitsutaka Iguchi
Edit: Shota Rightama
Acoustic director: Hamano Masatsugu
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music production: Lantis
Animation Production: TROYCA
Production: Ainaana Production Committee
Copyright notation: © BNOI / Ainaana Production Committee

Twitter:@ iD 7 Mng_Ogami
Hashtag: # Ainuana # Annana

Izumi Kazuo: Toshiki Masuda
Nikaido Yamato: Shirai Yusuke
Izumi March: Tsubasa Kenaga
Four leaves ring: KENN
Osaka Goshi: Abe Atsushi
Nagi Rokuya: Takuya Eguchi
Nanase Lu: Onno Kenji
Yaome women's music: Wataru Hatano
Kujō Ten: Makoto Saito
Tsurunonosuke: Takuya Sato
Kozaki Omone: Advances in Chiba
Ogami Mariko: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Small bird spinning: Satomi Sato
Masuzu Yashida: Katsuyuki Konishi
Sister's Kaoru: Yoshihisa Kawahara

Eidish seven PV 1st - YouTube

"Eidlisch Seven" Animation Spin-Off Series Teaser - YouTube

A place far from the universe

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 1/2 (Tue) 20: 30 - other
TOKYO MX: 1/2 (Tue) 23: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/2 (Tuesday) 23: 30 ~
MBS: 1/9 (Tue) 27: 00 ~ (only for the first time 2 consecutive episodes)

· Work information

There, a place far from the universe ─ ─.
While wishing to start something, girl Tamaki Mari Kimari who became a sophomore in high school can not take a step backwards meets Girl Kobuchizawa Inase which aims at South Pole as a result. Even if it is said that high school students are unlikely to be able to go to Antarctica, Kimari who was moved by the appearance of Inase who will never give up will pledge to go to Antarctica with Inase.

"The work of four girls heading for" Antarctica "[a place far from the universe]" depicting the original work. Commercialization by Ei Town is started from "February issue of" Monthly Comic Alive ".

Director · Isshika Atsuko × Series composition · Hida Zushi × Animation production · MADHOUSE is "no game No life"Combination.

Original: better than
Director: Atsuko Isshuki
Composition · Screenplay: Zenki Hanada
Total drawing director: Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Art setting: Akihiro Hirasawa
Art Director: Yamane Shozo
Color setting: Haruhide Ohno
Director of Photography: Hiroshi Kawashita
3D Director: Daisuke Higishita
Editing: Kimura Kimura
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Acoustic effect: Ueno excitation
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa
Music production: KADOKAWA
Animation Production: MADHOUSE
Cooperation: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, National Polar Research Institute, Maritime Self Defense Force
Production: "A place far from the universe" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © YORIMOI PARTNERS

Twitter:@ yorimoi
Hash tag: better than #yorimoi #

ED: Tamaki Mari (Mizuno Mizase), Kochuchizawa Inase (Hanazawa Kana), Miyake Hinaka (Iguchi Yuka), Shuishi Setsuki (Hayao Hayasumi) "From here, from here"

Tamaki Mari: Mizuno Inose
Kobuchizawa Inase: Hanazawa Kana
Miyake Hinaka: Iguchi Yuka
Shiraishi Maruyo: Hayami Saori
God Tomodo: Mamiko Noto
Maekawa Kane: Hinaka Yoko
Samejima Yumiko: Lynn
Megumi Takahashi: Konumoto Hoshiko
Tamaki Rin: Honma Kaede
Tamako Shiraishi: Sayaka Ohara

Original TV anime "A place far from the universe" PV 2nd bullet | 2018.01.02 ON AIR - YouTube


· Broadcast information
· Special just before broadcast
TOKYO MX: 1/3 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/3 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/3 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 1/3 (Wed) 24: 00 ~
AT - X: 1/3 (Wed) 24: 30 - others
d Anime store: 1/4 (Thursday) 12: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/6 (Sat) 25: 50 ~

· This volume
TOKYO MX: 1/10 (Wed) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/10 (Wed) 24: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/10 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 1/10 (Wed) 24: 00 ~
AT - X: 1/10 (Wed) 24: 30 - others
d Anime store: 1/11 (Thurs) 12: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
TV Aichi: 1/13 (Sat) 25: 50 ~

· Work information

The hero born as a princess in a weak state nation inako. One day I lived in peace, although it was poor, the military power of neighboring country Militia was attacking! King is injured, difference in national strength is also clear. Innoco is dangerous as it is! Meanwhile, I was called by my mother Queen, "I managed to do it somehow" and I was thrown out with no plan.
The destination is the military power of the country. And religious nation Selenafarren divide power into two. However, the princes we meet one after another is nothing but straightforward habitants! Can you guard them and protect the locusts ... ??
With a "caravan" filled with special products and a mysterious "heart sketch" got from my mother, a stupid love story starts with the prince owner

The original is a smartphone application that has been distributed since March 2016 "DAME × PRINCE (Dame × Prince)". The genre name is "romance adventure growing prince no prime", the cast is the same as the application version.

Director Makoto Hoshino of "Uta no Prince Sama ♪ Maji Love Revolutions". Series composition is "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid" "Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions" "Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star" by Akiro Kobayashi.

In the special just before broadcasting, Nareku Ishikawa, Hitoshi Ryuse, Mr. Sumida Saito appearances, introduce works, leading cutting and casting talks.

Video comment screening will be held from BREAKERZ in charge of the first episode and OP in Arthavision from 14 o'clock on the same day, in conjunction with the first episode of the preliminary screening held at Shinjuku Alta's Alta Theater on December 30 .

Original: NHN PlayArt
Character draft: Aricqueido
Scenario supervision: StoryWorks
Director: Makoto Hoshino
Series composition: Akiro Kobayashi
Character design: Ririko Watanabe
Animation Production: Studio flood
Animation Produce: AZ Creative
Copyright light notation: © DAME × PROJECT / NHN PlayArt Corp.

Twitter:@ diepri_anime
Hashtag: # Dame Prix # Dame Pre Anime

ED: Ryuze (Sayuri Saito), Mia (Ryohei Kimura) "Light & Shade"
ED: Teo (Maeno Tomoaki), Riot (Shuusuke Takeuchi), Chrome (Hideki Takemoto) "Promise"
ED: Narek (Ishikawa Kokitan), Vino (Yuichiro Umehara) "Treasure"

Ani: Yaharu Saayori
Narek: Ishikawa Kokitan
Vino: Yuichiro Umehara
Ryuse: Mamoru Saito
Mia: Ryohei Kimura
Teo: Maeno Tomoaki
Riot: Shuzuke Takeuchi
Chrome: Hideki Takemoto
Gurimaru: Saito Ayaka

TV anime "Dame Prix ANIME CARAVAN" Tiza PV - YouTube

Mr. Koizumi who loves ramen

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 1/4 (Thursday) 20: 00 - others
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Thursday) 22: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/4 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~
MBS: 1/6 (Sat) 26: 38 ~

· Work information

Cool and silent. Mysterious transfer student who is not familiar with others "Koizumi-san" She was a professional ramen chasing daily delicious ramen ...! What?
Guts and real faction ramen graffiti before arriving!

The original is "Manga Life STORIA" series work, 5 volumes already published. Smartphone game "Mr. Koizumi who loves ramen, full of preparation, truth tailoring"Was released on December 13th.

The director is "Atsutarisuku Academy City" "Setuke of Uso 's Daylighting Awakening". The series composition is Tatsuya Takahashi of "eromongha teacher" "escutcheon" "red pearls Pandora". Beginning in the winter of 2018, in addition to that, he is also in charge of "Tornano shrine maiden" and "BEATLESS".

Original: Narimi
Director: Seto Kenji
Series composition: Ryuya Takahashi
Scenario: Takahashi Ryuya, Urata Tatsuhiko, Sekine Ayumi
Character design: Takuya Tani
Total drawing director: Takuya Tani, Masaaki Sakurai
Art director: Risa Wakabayashi (Atelier Platz)
Color design: Aiko Matsuyama
Director of Photography: Yasuhiro Asawa
Edit: Kishi Mishima
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Acoustic Production: Groove
Music: Taka Tanaka, Shinichi Hosono
Music Producer: Masao Fukuda
Music Production: Flying Dog
Casting Producer: Makoto Tanimura
Video editing: IMAGICA
Animation Production: Studio 5 pairs, AXsiZ
Copyright light notation: © Narumi · Takeshobo / "Ramen love Koizumi" production committee

Twitter:@ ramen_koizumi
Hashtag: # ramen_anime # Mr. Koizumi who loves ramen

OP: Minori Suzuki "FEELING AROUND"
ED: Sayo Nishizawa "LOVE MEN HOLIC"

Mr. Koizumi: Ayana Taketa
Yu Osawa: Ayane Sakura
Misa Nakamura: Akira Kito
Jun Takahashi: Yumi Hara

Loose can

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/4 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/4 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/4 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/4 (Thu) 25: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/4 (Thursday) 25: 30 ~
d Anime store: 1/5 (Fri) 12: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】

· Work information
Female high school student who went to Lake Motosu by bicycle to see Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately I could not see Mt. Fuji due to cloudy weather, and I got tired and slept on the spot. Nadesiko who woke up at night met encounter with camping girl Lin.

A comic under the serial series by Yoshifusa "Manga Time Kirara Forward" is the original. 4 volumes already published. Original authors' own own outdoor experience is included.

Directed by Yoshiaki Kyogoku, who is known for the production of "Kuroko's Basketball" series and "Tokyo Bottle Tokyo Ghoul" series for the first time. Series composition is "Kirakira ☆ Pretty Cure Ara Mode" "Go! Princess PreCure" "Tenaka ♪" Tanaka Hitoshi.

Together with the work that is an outdoor girls story, the role of Nakashika Kakamigahara · Yumi Hanamori challenges solo camp "Yumi Hanamori Introduction to the first campIs published on YouTube.

Original: あ ろ ろ ろ
Director: Yoshiaki Kyogoku
Series composition: Hitoshi Tanaka
Character design: Masumi Sasaki
Color design: Mizuno Keiko
Art Director: Yoshimi Unno
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Tanaka
Acoustic director: Takeshi Takashi
Music: Tateyama Shinkansen
Animation Production: C-Station
Copyright light notation: © あ ふ filt - Yoshifusashi / outdoor activity circle

Hashtag: # loose can

OP: Sakihana "SHINY DAYS"
ED: Eri Sasaki "From the Spirit"

Kakamigahara Nimikoshi: Yumihiro Hanamori
Shima Rin: Nao Higashiyama
Ogaki Chiaki: Yuri Hara
Inuyama Aoi: Toyosaki Aki
Saito Ena: Takahashi Yi
Kakamigahara Sakura: Kakamigahara

Tornano shrine maiden

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/5 (Fri) 21: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Fri) 25: 05 ~
MBS: 1/5 (Fri) 26: 55 ~
BS 11: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
※ 2 Cool works

· Work information
The existence of irregularities that have threatened the world of human beings since ancient times · The shrine maiden of God Nagi that purifies the deserted soul with a sword. The girls whose main characters are swords are uniformly called uniform swords. Special official religious service belonging to the police organization formally. Despite being an extrajudicial national civil servant who is authorized to possess a sword, most of them are female students who go to the middle and high level consistent training schools that exist in five places throughout the country. Though they are ordinary school life ladies, once they become duties, they hold a sword and exert various supernatural powers to defend people and fight.
This spring. Selected swordsmen from all over the country gathered, and an annual convention competing each skill was about to be held. While many swordsmen were struggling for the tournament, there was a girl who had a strong feeling and honored one's skill. The point where the tip of the sword she got holds turns is -.

Original animated cartoon / smartphone game will be deployed at the same time. Cartoon starts a series from the December issue of Monthly Shonen Ace Monthly Shonen Ace early, smart phone game "Torno shrine maiden engrave a flash of lightIt is scheduled to be distributed in 2018 and pre-registration is being accepted.

The director is "CYBORG 009 CALL OF JUSTICE" and "Aoi Steel's Arpeggio - Ars Nova" assistant director Kakimoto Hiroshige. Takahashi Tatsuya who is also in charge of the series composition of the "series of ramen love Koizumi-san", screenplay, "BEATLESS" in the series composition starts in the winter season of 2018. In this work it is engaged from the original setting. Character draft is a browser game "Fleet Army - Ship - This -" and Shizuma Yoshinori who handled the design of ship daughters such as Nagato, Mutsu, Yamato, Musashi, Yukikaze, island style.

Director: Hiroki Kakimoto
Series composition: Ryuya Takahashi
Character draft: Yoshinori Shizuma
Character design: Yuko Yahagi
Prop Design: Noritaka Suzuki
Total drawing director: Yuko Yahagi, Kenji Ota
Action drawing director: Tamotsu Kamiya
Art director: Masaru Sato (Ishigaki Productions)
Art setting: Mamio Ogawa
Color design: Miho Tanaka
CG Director: Naoki Ogita (Graphicnica)
3DCG: Graphica
Director of Photography: Nozomi Sekiya
Edit: Kishi Mishima
Music: Yukari Hashimoto
Acoustic director: Satoshi Iida
Produce: Jenko
Animation Production: Five sets of Studio
Copyright light notation: © ゥ transmission plan / swordo shrine maiden production committee

Twitter:@ tojinomiko
Hashtag: #tojinomiko

OP: Yu Nami Eito (Honori Kaede), Jyujo Himekazu (Ohnishi Saori), Yanase Mai (Waki Azu Muso), Itomi Sayaka (Kino Nikka), Masuko Kaoru (Matsuda Tensei), Konpa Koen Ellen (Eri Suzuki) "Save you Save me"
ED: Yuami Eto (Honori Kaede), Jyujo Himekazu (Ohnishi Saori), Mai Yanase (Azu Waki), Masaki Itomi (Nikko Kino), Kaoru Mashiko (Ritsu Matsuda), Erien Ogura (Eri Suzuki) "Memory of the heart"

Kanami Eto: Honma Kaede
Jōza Himekawa: Saori Ohnishi
Mai Yanase: Waka Azu
Sayaka Itomi: Nikko Nikko
Maiko Kaoru: Matsuda Risa
Erien Ogura Kenji: Suzuki Eri
Fold God: Seto Masami
Shinki Maki: Yumi Uchiyama
Konohana Sushi flower: M · A · O
Mizuki Yumi: Mai Fuchigami
Tannen Bud: Minoru Inase

TV anime "Sword of the Maiden" 2nd PV - YouTube

My older brother working!

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Fri) 21: 54 ~
AT-X: 1/6 (Sat) 24: 00 ~ other
BS Fuji: 1/9 (Tue) 23: 55 ~

· Work information

Rika Blue Rosi Hara Hara Hara with a slightly twisted crown of three tortoiseshell cats and tea tiger tapio that is fine. Two college classmates will learn the difficulties and pleasures of work through part-time work in various workplaces "Anime series wanting to lend a cat's hand!"

Original animation co-produced by TOKYO MX and GOOD SMILE COMPANY.

Directed by Tomoya Takashima of "Shadow cotton - KAGEWANI -". Uga Yoshihiro, also known as the original author, of the series composition, also known as "Umosa no yomitsuri".

Original: GOOD SMILE CAMPANY · Uzi Yoshihiro
Director: Yoshinari Takashima
Series structure: Yoshiyasa Usa
Character design: Oda Haruka
Screenplay: Hiroyuki Kumamoto
Art: Tomovies
Photography: Ami Nakazawa
Design Works: BALCOLONY.
Music: R · O · N
Music production: Lantis
Acoustic director: Hiroki Uraku
Acoustic Studio: HALF H · P STUDIO
Animation Production: Tomovies
Copyright light notation: © GSC, Yoshihiro Usa / Working older brother! Production Committee!

Theme Song: DearDream

Tea Tora Tapio: Kentaro Tomita
Roshi Hara Kuhiko: Takuya Mizoguchi
Do not call your name That animal: Tomokazu Sugita

TV anime "Working older brother! "PV - YouTube

Junji Ito "Collection"

· Broadcast information
WOWOW: 1/5 (Fri) 22: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~

· Work information
The original is Horror & Cat Manga artist / Junji Ito 'Junji Ito' masterpiece collection '' Fragment of Devil '' this year to the 30th anniversary of cartoonist life. In the key visual, there are four distinctive characters: Yumekuta girls, Yuzukuji towel of "Fashion model", Tomie of Tomie series, Twin of "Twins" series, "Love of death" "The sunset is drawn.

Director · Character design is responsible for director of "DIABOLIK LOVERS" and Shinobu Tanashige who was character designer of "Shonen Yinyang" and "This is Zombie". Yuuki Hayashi of music is organizing tags with Tanboo Shinobu at "DIABOLIK LOVERS", and others are also responsible for "Kizunaiba", "Welcome to the Ballroom", "Degas" Regal High "and" Emergency Interrogation Room " show. Animation production is Studio Dean.

Original: Junji Ito "Jun Ito" masterpiece "Fragment of Devil" (published by Asahi Shimbun Publishing)
Director · Character design: Shinobu Tagashira
Screenplay: Kaoru Sawada
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Acoustic director: Goda Hazimi
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Copyright notation: © Junji Ito / Asahi Shimbun Publishing · Junji Ito "Collection" Production Committee

Hashtag: # Jun Ito

OP: THE PINBALLS "The Bruce of the Shitaegashi"

Shuichi: Yuji Mitsuya
Shikatsu: Shimono Hiroshi
Yuuko: Kaori Natsuka
Bishozu no Youni: Midorikawa Mikawa
Yu: Mami Oyama
Tomie: Michie Takeo
Other: Kaji Yuki, Kimura Ryohei, Shimajima Nobunaga, Namikawa Daisuke, Hirakawa Daisuke, Hiroya Yoshimasa, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Kujira, Maki New Shinki, Natsumi Takamori, Park Emi, Hikasa Yoko, Mizuhashi Kaori

【Official】 TV anime "Ito Junji" Collection "PV 【Start broadcasting from January 2018】】 - YouTube

Grand Creste war

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/5 (Fri) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/5 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
Togi TV: 1/5 (Fri) 24: 00 ~
Gumma TV: 1/5 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
Distribution: 1/8 (Monday) 12: 00 - sequentially
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Tue) 26: 35 ~
ABC: 1/10 (Wed) 26: 45 ~
AT-X: 1/12 (Friday) 22: 00 ~ other

· Work information

Atlantan, the continent where chaos dominates everything. People are frightened by disasters arising from chaos and live protected by those who have the power to "quiet" them, "the principal", [monarch]. However, the monarchs abandon the philosophy of "guardian of people" and enter the warfare competing against each other's sacred marks and territory.
Among them, the solitary magician Shiruka despising the ideals without ideals, and the wandering knight, Theo, which will continue his journey to relieve his hometown from tyranny. Through the brutal strategy of Siloka that touched the idea of ​​Theo, the two who contracted the master-slave contract will bring change to the continent where the warfare occurs.

The original is a fantasy novel written by Mizuno Ryo of "Rhodes island warfare" "Maho warrior Riui". Published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, 8 volumes already published. Also, TRPG which makes the world view similar "Grand Crest RPG"Is released in 2013.

Directed by Mamoru Hatakeyama of "Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinkansen" "Rozen Maiden (2013 version)" "Sankei". The series composition is handled by original author Mizuno Masanori and Shunzen Yano, system designer for "Grand Crest RPG" system design.

Original: Mizuno Ryo, Fate
Series composition: Mizuno Ryo, Yano Shunsatsu
Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Screenplay: Lightworks
Character design: Hiroyuki Ya
Music: Yugo Kanno
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: © 2017 Ryosu Mizuno, Fukai Yu / KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. / Ehram Magic Society Association

Twitter:@ grancrest_anime
Hashtag: # Gracare

OP: Mairo Ayano "starry"

Teo Cornello: Kentaro Kumagai
Shiraka Meretes: Akira Kito
Irvin: Yuichi Nakamura
Icera: Ren Ueda
Lashic David: Satoshi Hino
Moreno-Dortus: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Priscilla: Natsumi Takamori
Marinade Clyche: Ai Kinano
Villar Constance: Takahiro Sakurai
Milza · Couchez: Wataru Hatano
Alexis Duse: Yuichi Iguchi
Emma: Minori Suzuki
Luna: Ai Nakajima
Margrette · Odius: Yuko Kaida
Laura Hardley: Takayoshi Eisaka
Helga Piaroza: Yumi Uchiyama
Colleen Messalla: Honma Kaede
AUBEST MELETES: Satoshi Mikami
Leila: Ayane Sakura
Kami: Ozawa Abe

TV anime "Grand Crest Senki" 2nd bullet PV | January 2018 broadcast started - YouTube

Kenpyo dynasty

· Broadcast information
· Work information

DEVILMAN crybaby

· Broadcast information
Netflix: 1/5 (Friday) ~
All 10 episodes

· Work information
It is produced as "Nagai God's 50th anniversary commemoration". The original is the same name comic series serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1972 to 73 by Australian Nagai. TV animation was produced and broadcasted at the same time but it was positioned as "a different work drawn using the same basic setting", and it is not a relationship of "animation of cartoons animation" and "comic calling of animation" with each other . Therefore, the ending is different in the cartoon version and the animation version, and there was no work that I drew until the end the flow of the cartoon version also in the subsequent imaging, but this work isDraw until the completion of the cartoon versionIt is declared that.

Director is "Kemono Jumume" "The Tatami Half Mythic System" "Ping Pong The ANIMATION", at the 41st Annecy International Animation Film FestivalReceived Grand Prix for feature length categoryMr. Masaaki Yuasa of the theatrical anime "Dawn Telling Rou no Uta". Screenplay is Okawachi Ichigo of "Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion", "Kabaneri of the Iron Castle", "Princess Principal".

Original: Australian Nagai
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Screenplay: Okochi Ichiro
Music: Kenzi Ushio
Character design: Akemi Kurashima
Devil design: Kiyomi Oshiyama
Supervision of rap: KEN THE 390
Color design: Ken Hashimoto
Art director: Kono
Director of Photography: Toshikazu Kuno
Edit: Saito Saito
Acoustic Director: Eriko Kimura
Executive Producer: Atsuhiro Iwakami, Takashi Nagai, Nori Kamiki
Producer: Yuhei Shinya, Kazuaga Nagai
Animation Producer: Choi Eun Young
Animation Production: Science SARU
Copyright light notation: © Go Nagai · Devilman Crybaby Project

Hashtag: #devilman

Theme Song: Electric Groove "MAN HUMAN"
Episode 9 ED: Table Tennis and Travelers "Tonight Only"

Fudolding Akira Uchiyama
Asuka: Ayumi Murase
Makimura Miki: Megumi Ban
Miko: Ami Koshimizu
Sirene: Atsuko Tanaka
Kaim: Koyama Oyama
Nagasaki: Kenjiro Tsuda
Wum: KEN THE 390
Gabi: Kimura subarach
Babo: Praha

The legendary comic resuscitates extremely! "DEVILMAN crybaby" 3rd PV - YouTube

Seven Deadly Resentment of the Commandment

· Broadcast information
MBS · TBS series: 1/6 (Sat) 6: 30 ~
In the nationwide "Anime Saturday 630" nationwide

· Work information

Hendricksen and Dreyfus recaptured the kingdom from the rule of the two chief priests [seven deadly] and Elizabeth, Hawk. The Kingdom birthday festival ended without any problems, peace finally arrived in the Kingdom of Riones. But the next sign of a threat is definitely born -

The original is comics of the Weekly Shonen Magazine serial, 28 volumes already published. After the first period of TV animation was broadcasted from October 2014 to March 2015, Special 'Prognostics of the Seven Great Male Compassion' was broadcasted in August and September 2016 for 4 consecutive weeks. To director Koji Furuta of the director "Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star" "El Drive" "Manga Family and Assistant", the series composition is "I want to talk about," "Mahou Shoujo Nurturing Plan" It's been changed to Taka Yoshioka of "Mad Mononokean".

In addition, the OVA "Seven Great Excitement - Gaiden - Bandet Van" bundled with the Limited Edition Vol.15 edition will be broadcasted from 6:30 on Saturday, December 23, 2017 in the MBS · TBS series. This staff is the 1st term combination of director · Okamura Azaai, screenwriter · Shotaro Kan.

On January 25, 2018 (Thursday) a big sin action game for PS 4 "Seven Great Buddies Britannia TravelerIs released.

Original: Suzuki Ao
Director: Koji Furuta
Deputy Director: Tomoya Tanaka
Series composition: Yoshioka Taka
Character design: Totani Kenichi, Sasaki Kyo poetry
Prop Design, Haruoka Haruo
Color design: Takahiro Mogi, Nanako Okazaki
Art director: Ito Hiromichi
Art setting: Takeshi Narita
Director of Photography: Toshiya Kimura
CG Director: Kobu Yu
Edit: Masahiro Goto
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano, KOHTA YAMAMOTO, Takashi Wada
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright light notation: © Suzuki, Kodansha / "Restoration of the seven deadly commandments" Production Committee · MBS

Twitter:@ 7 _taizai
Hashtag: # seven deadly sins


Melio Dus: Yuuki Kaji
Elizabeth: Amamiya Tian
Hawk: Misaki Kuno
Dianne: Yuki Aki
Van: Tatsuo Suzuki
King: Jun Fukuyama
Gosel: Yuhei Takagi
Merlin: Maaya Sakamoto
Escanol: Tomokazu Sugita
Gil Thunder: Mamoru Miyano
Hauser: Ryohei Kimura
Glia Mall: Takahiro Sakurai
Hendriksen: Uchida Evening night
Dorefas: Katsuyuki Konishi
Matrna: Rina Sato
Zeldrith: Hiroki Kaji
Estarossa: Hiroki Higashi
Garang: Hiroshi Iwasaki
Melascula: M · A · O
Drool: Daisuke Ono
Groxinia: Yusuke Kobayashi
Monspeet: Kenjiro Tsuda
Deli: Takagaki Ayama
Gray Road: Koji Yusa
Froudrin: Katsuyuki Konishi

TV Animation "The Seven Great Male Infernate Resurrection" 1st PV - YouTube

Picchi inventively Pikachin kit

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo 6 stations Net: 1/6 (Sat) 9: 30 ~

· Work information

I want to read manga without taking a break during class. I would like to eat rice with a sprinkle of my favorite sweets. I would like to peek into the note of that child I care about. I wonder if you have thought of such a thing! What? "Pikachin kit" arrives as soon as you place an order from a strange book "Pikachin minami encyclopedia". Add 1 percent of Pirameki to 99% complete Pika Chin Kit, and desire will come true Hodai's laugh launch begins!

Variety program for children being broadcasted from the fall of 2017 "Piccato solution Pikachin hunter"Is reborn into a hybrid program consisting of an animation part and a live-action (variety) part. In the live-action part, using the "Pikachin kit" that appeared in the animation, the stupid invention group "Pikachinzu" conducted various experiments. YouTube "Experiments and inventions not broadcast on programs"Picchi invent invention Pikachin kit channelIt is delivered in.

Director Kimura Ryuichi and series composition Yoichi Kato sometimes made tags with "Aikatsu!"

Draft: Bandai
Director: Ryuichi Kimura
Series composition: Yoichi Kato
Directing cooperation: Amazon
Animation Production: OLM × Shin Ai Video
Variety production: European planning
Copyright light notation: © 2017 PIKACHINKIT

Tonmatsu Age: Miyuki Sawashiro
Potiro: Yamazaki vanilla

Pikachin Kit Project Movie - YouTube

Sanrio Boys

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Sat) 22: 00 ~
MBS: 1/6 (Sat) 26: 08 ~
TVQ: 1/8 (Monday) 26: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/8 (Monday) 26: 35 ~
AT-X: 1/9 (Tue) 23: 00 ~ other
TV Hokkaido: 1/11 (Thu) 26: 05 ~
Miyagitetebi: 1/12 (Fri) 25: 59 ~
TV Oita: 1/15 (Mon) 26: 24 ~

· Work information

Hasegawa Kota, 17 years old, a senior in high school. Kota who was sending mediocre everyday meets Mr. Yu Mizuno, Shunsuke Yoshino, Ryo Nishimiya and Seiichiro Gen, who attend the same Sakagawa High School. It is not until he gets colored by the glittering light of his ordinary everyday.
The story of young adults and sparkling encounters of such Sanrio boys.

Sanrio's media mix plan with a motif of "Men who love Sanrio characters". Since 2015 Twitter starts with Sanrio boys sharing one account. In 2016, Sho-Comi and MangaONE have serialized manga versions by Mune Anno, and in 2017 the character CD was released. A love game for smartphones was distributed by Cyberd since September 2016, but My Network purchases in October 2017 and will restart according to TV animation broadcasting.

Directed by Masashi Kudo, director of "Lecan!" "Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties" and "Bleach" "Mao Yuu Masaru Brave" character design. The series composition consists of "YuruYuri" "Dried sister! Umaru-chan" "Mitsudomoe" "Rakan!" Takashi Aoshima.

Original: Sanrio
Director: Masashi Kudo
Series composition: Akashima Takashi
Character design: Atsuko Nakajima
Acoustic Director: Hiroyuki Kikuta
Music: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Animation Production: studio Pierrot
Production Cooperation: studio Pierrot +
Copyright notation: © 1976, 1988, 1990, 1991, 2001,, 2015, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD.

Twitter:@ Sdan_Anime
Hashtag: #SdanA

Kota Hasegawa: Takuya Eguchi
Mizuno Yu: Masashi Saito
Shunsuke Yoshino: Jun Osaka
Rika Nishimiya: Takayuki Hanakura
Seiichiro Sei: Uchida Yuma
Machida Yamato: Kishio Daisuke
Tsuchiya Tadashi, Suzuki Chihiro
Satoshi Matsuo: Shin Furukawa

TV animation "Sanrio Boys" 2nd PV 【January 2018 broadcasting schedule scheduled】 - YouTube


· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/6 (Sat) 23: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 30 ~

· Work information
Juku Yuzu, which looks like a girl, but her first love is inexperienced, will be transferred to a girls 'school by her parents' remarriage. On the first day of the transfer school which desperated "I can not have a boyfriend", I make the worst encounter with the student council president / guts of a beautiful black hair, but in reality the germ clothes are my daughter of the parents' remarriage partner, my sister-in-law who will live in the same room. Yuzu gradually becomes conscious of the sprouts gradually.

The original is serialized from the January 2013 issue to Comic Yurihime, 8 volumes already published.

Director Takeshi Takahashi of "Rokka no Hero", "Mao Yuu Maouo Yusho" "Yosuganoosora". The series composition is Hayashina oki who was in charge of the script of "Flip Flapper's" second half (episodes 8 to 13). Hayashi handled "ONE ~ To the shining season" "Kanon"Naoki KuyaThere is a rumor that it is not a pseudonym.

Original: Sub Outta
Director: Takao Takahashi
Series composition: Hayashina ooki
Character design · Total drawing director: Ijuin-in Noburo
Music production: Lantis
Produce: Infinite
Animation Production: Passione
Copyright light notation: © sub routa · Ichinza / citrus Production Committee

Twitter:@ citrus_anime
Hashtag: # citrus

Yuzu Aihara: Ayana Taketa
Aihara Seika: Miho Tsuda
Harumi Taniguchi: Yuki Fujii
Momo Kino Himeko: Kubo Yurika
Mizusawa Festival: Izawa Shiori
Maruta Kayo: Hayama Tamimi
Tachibana · Sara: Kimoto Hoshiko
Tachibana · Nina: Matsuri Matsu
Sho Aihara: Maeno Tomoaki
Aihara Ume: Ueda Kana

TV animation "citrus" PV 1st - YouTube

Darling in the Frankis

· Broadcast information
· Advance number
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Togi TV: 1/6 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/6 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/6 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
ABC Asahi Broadcasting: 1/6 (Sat) 26: 29 ~
Métélet: 1/6 (Saturday) 26: 39 ~
Hiroshima home TV: 1/11 (Thurs) 27: 00 ~
San-in broadcasting: 1/12 (Fri) 26: 18 ~
Biwako Broadcasting: 1/15 (Monday) 26: 45 ~

· This volume
TOKYO MX: 1/13 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Togi TV: 1/13 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/13 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/13 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
ABC Asahi Broadcasting: 1/13 (Sat) 26: 29 ~
Mesha Tele: 1/13 (Sat) 26: 39 ~
Delivery: 1/16 (Tue) 12: 00 ~ sequentially
AT-X: 1/16 (Saturday) 24: 30- other
Hiroshima home TV: 1/18 (Thurs) 27: 00 ~
San-in broadcasting: 1/19 (Fri) 26: 18 ~
Biwako Broadcasting: 1/22 (Monday) 26: 45 ~

· Work information

They dream. Someday flight into the expanse dream. Even if you know that the sky blocked by glass is far away. Distant future. Human beings built a moving fortress city "Plantation" on the devastated earth and enjoyed civilization.
A pilot resident facility "Mistrutin" made in it, aka "bird cage". The children live there. I do not know the outside world. I do not know the free sky. The mission taught was just to fight.
The enemy is a huge living body "shoutragon", all enveloped in a mystery. In order to confront the enemies who have not yet seen, the children ride a robot called "Franks". Believe that riding it proves your existence.
There used to be a boy who was once called a goddess. Code number is 016. Hilo name. But now it is a falling. Presence not required. Even though it is the same as not being able to ride Franks. Before such Hiro, one day, a mysterious girl called Zero Two appears. From her forehead, two lustrous horns were growing.
"- I found it, my darling"

Original TV animation without original. Director Atsushi Nishikori of "THE IDOLM @ STER" "THE IDOLM @ STER Beyond the brilliance". Director Nishikori and Naoaki Hayashi of "Plastic Memories" "CHAOS; CHILD" are in charge of the series composition.

Director: Atsushi Nishikori
Deputy Director: Toshifumi Akai
Series composition: Atsushi Nishikori, Naotaka Hayashi (MAGES.)
Character design · total drawing director: Tanaka Shiga
Mechanic design: Coya seedge
Action supervision: now Hiroyuki Ishiyuki
Mistrutin design: Noriko Nakamura
Scream design: Masaru Iwasaki
Art setting: Yoshinori Shiozawa
Art director: Satoru Hiranagi
Color design: Kazuko Nakajima
3D Director: Shogo Fishing, Ryuta Undo
3DCG: Studio color, A-1 Pictures
Monitor Graphics: Kazuyoshi Zama
Director of Photography: Yuya Sakuma
Music: Asami Tachibana
Acoustic director: Hashi daichi
Edit: Kishi Mishima
Production: TRIGGER, A-1 Pictures
Copyright light notation: © Darling in the Frankis Production Committee

Twitter:@ DARLI_FRA
Hashtag: # Dalifura

OP: Mika Nakashima × HYDE "KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE)"

Hiro: Uemura Yuji
Zero Two: Haruka Tomatsu
Strawberry: Ichinose Mayna
Mitsuru: Ichikawa Ao
Zolome: Tamura Mutsumi
Kokoro: Saori Hayami
Futoshi: Hiroki Goto
Miku: Yamashita Nanimiya
Gorrow: Yuichiro Umehara
Ikuno: Shizuka Ishigami

TV anime "Darling in the Frankis" PV 1st bulletin | 2018.1 on AIR - YouTube

moment by moment

· Broadcast information
Amazon Prime Video: 1/6 (Saturday) 24: 00 ~ (Delayed after the second episode on TV broadcasting later)
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/7 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

Prostitution techniques transmitted to Yuuka family for generations
If you use detachment techniques, you can enter the "stopwatch" where the whole phenomenon stopped. One day, the nephew and elder brother of the protagonist Juri are kidnapped by the kidnapper. Forced rescue "universal art" is used, but it is raid by "moving" people other than myself who can not be there. They are "Shinzo real farewell party" who worship stopfunction techniques. The mystery of the stop and the Yuikawa's mystery will gradually be elucidated over the "stone" necessary for using the detachment technique ...

The same name comic by Shinta Horio (8 volumes) is the original. Geno studio is when the mangrove that was doing the animation of theatrical version "Genocide organ" was suspended, Koji Yamamoto producer completed the projectAnimation studio launched by himself / herself. This work becomes the first original work after "Slaughter Organs".

Director Hironori Ohashi of "AMNESIA" "Sacred Seven". Series composition is Noriko's "series of crawling! Nyaruko" and Nori Kimura of "Starring Dragon Knight" "SoltyRei".

Original: Shinta Horio
Director: Hironori Ohashi
Series composition: Kimura Akira
Character draft: Yuzumi Umezu
Animation character design · total drawing director: Masaki Hinata
Music: unknown
Production: Geno Studio
Production: Twin engine
Copyright notation: © Shota Horio, Kodansha / "Engraving" Production Committee

Hashtag: #kokkoku_anime

Theme Song: MIYAVI vs Kenken "Flashback"
ED: My birthday lump "morning glow and tropical fish"

Yuika Juri: Takeshi Eisaka
Shoko Majima: Masami Seto
Grandfather: Kazuhiro Yamane
Yukawa Mamoru: Iwata Ryomon
Takafumi Yukawa: Koji Tsujitani
Yuka wing: Hirofumi Nojima
Joji Saka: Hodzumi Nishida
Tide Listing: Uchida Evening Night
Akira: Hiroyuki Yoshino

Anime "Engraving" 2nd PV - YouTube

Slow Start

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/6 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Togi TV: 1/6 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 1/6 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/6 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Tue) 26: 05 ~
Kansai Television: 1/11 (Thurs) 26: 25 ~

· Work information

A shamiest girl, Ichinose Hanana name, that will be a first-grader from high school this spring. She leaves parents of the urban parents for a certain reason and lives in the apartment "Temari Heights" whose cousin 's Shimonaga serves as a custodian. New high school, a lot of nice encounters that happen in the new everyday. The name of flower makes you feel at ease slowly with the people around you and has fun and sparkling time. I like to kid like a child, be excited like an adult ... ... cuddly overflowing, heart-warming, slow-growing story.

The original is "Manga Time Kirara" in a series of four-frame comic strips. The latest 5 volumes will be released on January 27, 2018.

Hiroshi Hashimoto of the director is "Is your order a rabbit?" "Mahou Shoujo training plan" "Welcome to the classroom of real power supremacy". In the series composition, "Order is a rabbit?" "Country of jewels" "Heart catch Pretty Cure!" Screenplay Mio Inoue.

Original: Atsumi Miko
Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Series composition: Mio Inoue
Character design · total drawing director: Masato Yano
Prop Design: Masako Ito
Main animator: Yorito Yoshida
Art director: Kisen Henibu
Color design: Hoka Naka Nako
CG Director: Shinji Nasu
Director of Photography: Satoshi Kuroiwa
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Acoustic effect: Toshiya Wada
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa
Music production: Aniplex
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: © Atsushi Miko, Yoshifusa / Slow Start Production Committee

Twitter:@ slosta_anime
Hashtag: # Slow Start

OP: STARTails ☆ "ne! Ne! Ne!"
ED: Pantacia of March "While listening to the voice of the wind"

Ichinose Hana Name: Rena Kondo
Yuko Takakura: Tomonori Linouchi
One hundred places before: Aya Ito
Sengoku crown: Maria Naganawa
Shima Kyotuka: M · A · O
Million Year Competition: Masato Uchida
Kiyoshi Enami: Manami Numakura

TV animation "Slow start" number 2 CM (30 seconds) - YouTube

Popte tipic

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: 1/6 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/6 (Saturday) 25: 00 ~
AT-X: 1/8 (Monday) 22: 30 ~ other
Togi TV: 1/10 (Wed) 23: 00 ~
China Broadcasting System: 1/10 (Wed) 25: 25 ~

· Work information
The original is a 4-frame manga by Okawa Bubuku, serialized at Takebo Shobo 'Manga Life WIN'. Previously published volume 2. "Fantastic Shit Foot 4 Frames !!" is a catch phrase, while incorporating current affairs story and subcarnata after the 1990s, draws the everyday of two girls junior high school students · poppo and beauty. There are many things to be talked about in SNS, especially images destroying the publisher's bamboo shop and times when the bamboo shop is designated as a designated gangsters.

The serial series of "☆ Color Girls Drop" by the same author started from February 2016 after the end of the first phase serial from November 2014 to November 2015, but in fact it was a serial series of "Poppete Pic 2nd Season" Turned out.April Fool's Day April 1, 2017An animation of "☆ Color Girls Drop" was announced, but it was revealed that the official website was updated on April 2 and it was actually an announcement made as a "popty ticket" animation. It is a remnant that the URL of the official website is "".

Initially it was advertised as scheduled to be broadcast in the autumn of 2017,Postponed 3 months due to misunderstanding of King recordIt became the broadcast in January 2018.

Animation production is the opening image of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders" and original animation "COCOLORSKamikaze moving picture known for such as "responsible" is in charge. By the way, before the announcement of animation, what I was hoping for casting when they became animated was Poppo dancing Tom Hanks, "NARUTO - Naruto" role of Might Guy, "Shakugan no Shana" Alastole Known for roleMasashi Ehara, Phi Phi Beauty is known as the role of Sato as "anonymous" and as a self-serving director of "NARUTO-Naruto", and "Takagi president of" THE IDOLM @ STER "Otsuka Yoshitada.

Original: Okawa Babu
Planning / Producing: Kutaro Sudo
Series composition: Jun Aoki (space cat company)
Concept Design Works: Aki Umeki
Acoustic director: Toru Kanee
Acoustic effect: Kayama Oyama
Acoustic Production: Glow Vision
Music: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)
Sound Production: King Records
Series Director: Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company), Aoi Umeki
Animation Production: Kamikaze Movie
Craft: King Records
Copyright notation: © Okawa Bubu / Takeshobo / King record

Twitter:@ hoshiiro_anime
Hashtag: # Potepipipic # PPTP # Fucking Anime

OP: Sumire Uesaka "POP TEAM EPIC"

Poppo: Komatsu Umiko
Phi Pi Mi: Ugasaka Sumire

TV animation "Poptip" 2 - YouTube

Cardcaptor Sakura clear card edition

· Broadcast information
NHK BS Premium: 1/7 (Sunday) 7: 30 ~

· Work information

Sakura who gathered the "Crow Card" bringing disaster to the world, changed to his card with magical power, advanced to the first grade of junior high school in April in full bloom of cherry blossoms. So I met again with my little wolf returning to Hong Kong and enjoyed being able to go to school together, but there was a strangeness on a card I gathered a night ...!
Furthermore, in Tomogi-cho, mysterious events occur one after another, Sakura is led by the "key" I met in my dreams, and I start collecting cards again. In the meantime, girls are transferring to class ...

Comic book by CLAMP which recorded cumulative issue number of 12 million copies was original. In TV animation "Crow Card" was broadcast from April 1998 to June 1999 including the interruption period, followed by the "Sakura card edition" was broadcast from September 1999 to March 2000. This "clear card version" is serialized at "Nakayoshi" from June 2016.

The main staff such as production studio, director · series composition · music has not changed from "Crow Card" and "Sakura Card" 19 years ago. Character design only, changed from Kumiko Takahashi to Hamada Kunihiko. There is no change of the main cast.

Original: CLAMP
Director: Morio Asaka
Series composition: Nanase Okawa
Costume card design: Mako
Character design: Kunihiko Hamada
Acoustic director: Masumi Mima
Music: Takayuki Negishi
Production: Madhouse
Production / work: NHK, Kodansha, NHK Enterprise

Twitter:@ ccsakura_info
Hashtag: #ccsakura

OP: Maaya Sakamoto "CLEAR"
ED: Saori Hayami "Jewelry"

Kinomoto Sakura: Tange Sakura
Kerberos: Aya Hisakawa
Odaida Tomoyo: Junko Iwao
Lee Kwolf: Kumaiko
Tsukishiro Yukishi: Emi Ogata
Momoya Kinomoto: Tomoki Seki
Hirozawa Erio: Nozomu Sasaki
Mochizuki Seiho: Emi Shinohara
Poetry's book Akiho: Suzuki Minori
Yuna · D · Kaido: Nagi Hanoe

TV anime "Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Edition" Official PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Three star color

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/7 (Sunday) 22: 30- other
BS 11: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~
AbemaTV: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
Sun TV: 1/8 (Mon) 23: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

A hideout secretly standing in the park in Ueno. Three elementary school girls are there. Yes, they are the organization of justice that protects Ueno "Colors"! Three people, Yui, Satchan, Kotoba, go around the city day and night (lies, evening) to protect peaceful peace in Ueno today ! !

The original is a comedy comic series serialized in "Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh" (KADOKAWA). 4 volumes already published.

Original: Katsuo
Director: Tomoyuki Kawamura
Series composition: Yaskawa Shopping
Character design: Takumi Yokota
Animation production: SILVER LINK.
Copyright notation: © 2017 Katsuo / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / Mitsuzuku Colorz Production Committee

Twitter:@ 3 boshi_anime
Hashtag: # Three-Star Color

OP: Colors ☆ Slash "Leave it to Color's Pooh!"
ED: Colors ☆ Slash "Miracle Colors ☆ Today too abnormal pear!"

Yui Takada: Maki Takada
Sachan: Mari Takano
Kotoba: Natsuki Nika

TV anime "Three Stars Colors" Tiza PV - YouTube

Gakuen Babysitters

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/9 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

Ryuichi & Toratoraro brothers who lost their parents in an airplane accident. It was the president of Morinomiya Gakuen who lost his son and couple in the same accident that took over such two people.
But that condition is that Ryuichi will do babysitting in the nursery room set up in the school!
A childcare room set up in a school for Mom teacher. Ryuichi becomes the first member of the "babysitter division" made to compensate for the shortage of manpower there ...! What?

The original is Hakusensha's "LaLa" series of girls in series. Previously published volume 15.

Director Hiroko Morishita. Yuko Kakihara of the series composition "Moon is beautiful" "Ikatsusutazu!"

Director: Hiroko Morishita
Series composition: Yuko Kakihara
Character design: Misa Osawa
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Raku Kawada
Animation Production: Brains Base
Production: NAS
Copyright notation: © Watano Nori · Hakusensha / "Gakuen Babysitters" Production Committee

Twitter:@ gakubaby_anime
Hash tags: # scientists # gakubaby

OP: Daisuke Ono "Endless happy world"
ED: Heavyly boy "Oshareeha"

Kajima Ryuichi: Nishiyama Kotaro
Katajima Toraitaro: Kochi Nozomi
Yorikabe Funabi: Yuichiro Umehara
Lamcheon: Yumiko Sanba
Kumitsuka Kirin: Yoshimi Ohara
Takuma Orizuka: Saito Ayaka
Ozumitsuka Kazuma: Atsumi Tenzaki
Misato Saruwatari: Honma Kaige
Yoshihito Ukita: Tomoaki Maeno
Saikawa Keigo: Daisuke Ono
President (Riko Morinomiya): Tomoko Miyadera
Mari Inuma: Satomi Akasaka
Takayuki Yami: Toshiyuki Aya
Negu Nakahoshi: Mr. Atsuhi Ota
Ushimaru snow: Honma Kaede

"Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -"

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/7 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
Kansai Television: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 55 ~

· Work information

New Year's Eve after Yamato Mamoru stable traveled from "Honmaru Maru". Swords The men plan to celebrate the New Year like a human being. Meanwhile Genji 's handy "Beards" and "Knee Round" manifests, the oldest gesture of Kaju Kiyoshi is ordered from the Lord to take care of a new swordsman and will guide Honmaru. Meanwhile, the lives of teams went out for Kizhou Kiko, Lion King, Hikaru Maru, Akashi County Line, Beard Shaped Knee Maru ... ...

Continuation of "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -" that was broadcast in the fall of 2016. The animation production continues to be done by the movie studio, but the director is in charge of the production by "Kurisika Lloyd" and "Gintama", etc. Tomoaki Koshida, series composition / screenplay scenario such as "March Lion" and "Re: CREATORS" It is changed to the light staff who was in charge. The light staff is also responsible for the scenario in "Grand Crest Senki".

Director: Toshiaki Koshida
Character design: Junichiro Taniguchi
Series composition · Screenplay: Lightworks
Animation Production: Movie Studio

Twitter:@ token_hanamaru
Hashtag: # touken_hanamaru

Yamato Mamoru stable: Mitsuhiro Mitsui
Kizhou Kagoshu: Toshiki Masuda
Lion King: Ryota Osaka
Hanamaru: Yuichi Iguchi
Akashi County line: Ryota Asami
Beard cutting: Natsuki Hana
Knee Shape: Nobuhiko Okamoto

"Touken Ranbu - Hana Maru -" TV Animation 2nd Period Broadcast PV - YouTube

25-year-old girls high school student

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
ComicFesta Animation Zone: 1/7 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~

· Work information
"I will do things that children can not tell"
Flowers are 25 years old seeking job seeking. With a request from a sudden relatives, I was supposed to attend school as a cousin of non-attending school · 16 years old as a substitute! On the first day of school entrance with infiltration as if it should not be seen by the secret ... how high school classmate Kanie appeared as a teacher, it will be bald out with Sokko. I want you to be silent, the adult teaching from Kanie started on the flower that asked for it ...!?

Animeized popular teens love comic. "In the night of coloring that crosses monks ..." "In the skirt was Kedamono." "Opposite partner is a student, a bullish, problematic child," comic festa work continuing from the spring of 2017 Fourth of animation Bullet Distribution format is similar to previous works, there is "complete version (18 ban)" of comic festa animation Zone only distribution.

Directed by Hideo Shigeta who is active in adult animation such as "My only hentai canojo THE ANIMATION" "Koiremono: Risa THE ANIMATION". Shoichiro Sawayama in series composition and Sawako Yamamoto in character design have a track record in animation for adults with Mr. Ohata and a system of fulfillment regarding the direction of Eros.

Original Author: Makana
Director: Hideo Shigeta
Screenplay: Shoichiro Sawayama
Character design · total drawing director: Sawako Yamamoto
Acoustic director: Tetsuro Orida
Acoustic production: Cosmic ray, Tabac
Animation Production: Lirix
Production: Picante Circus
Production: Comet Company
Copyright light notation: © Makana / Suiseisha Inc.

Twitter:@ ComicFestaAnime
Hashtag: Take care of #

OP: Saki Hazuki "Reunion"

·normal version
Natori Hana: Harada Honda
Kanie Ryoji: Sawashiro Chiharu
Naoyuki Aida: Takato Takatsuka

·Full version
Natori Hana: Kio Kazuoka
Ryoji Kanie: Kyohei Morishita
Naoyuki Aida: Tetsuto Furukawa

TV anime "25-year-old girls high school student" Official Tissue PV - YouTube

Dragon's shit!

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/8 (Monday) 22: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
BS Fuji: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
AbemaTV: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Mie TV: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 35 ~

· Work information

JS was there when opening the entrance -
"I came to see you as a disciple, as promised!"
It was Mr. Tsuru Ai of the third grade of elementary school student who pushed Kuzuryoru Hachiichi's home which became 16 years old and became the strongest title holder of the shogi world "Dragon King". Nine-year-old.
"Huh? ... ... Do you not understand ...?"
I did not remember but living with JS living together. To the passion of a straight line, I regained the hot things I was losing.

The original is 6 published volumes with light novel published from GA Bunko.GA Bunko 10th Anniversary ProjectAs the sixth media mix project, the publication of novels and the development of comicalized drama CD were advanced almost simultaneously.

Original: Shiro Shirushi
Character original plan: Shirabi
Director: Yanagi Yanagi
Series composition: Fumihiko Shimo
Character design: Akane Yano
Art director: Atsushi Satomi
Director of Photography: Takaya Kawada
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Kenji Kawai
Music production: Nippon Columbia
Produce: Dream shift
Animation production: project No. 9
Animation Shogi supervision: Hiroki Nozuki (Japan Shogi League)
Copyright notation: © Shiratori Shiro · SB creative / Ruyo's job! Production Committee

Twitter:@ Ryuoshi_PR
Hash tag: # Ruuou's job

OP: Machico "Colecara"
ED: Miyoshi Ito "For what I want to protect"

Yuichi Kuzuryu: Yushima Uchida
Aizai Hinakura: Rina Hidaka
Yasha Kamiani: Akane Sakura
Skyscapes: Konumoto Hoshiko
Kiyokita Kiyotaki: Ai Kinano
Mizukoshi Mio: Kure Urika
Ayano Sada: Hashimoto Chimami
Charlotte Izoar: Yui Ogura

TV animation "Ruu Ou no Ojigo!" Started the game in January 2018! - YouTube

Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Mon) 23: 00 ~
Yomiuri Television: 1/8 (Mon) 25: 59 ~
BS 11: 1/9 (Tuesday) 25: 30 ~
"For Me of Me" Frame

· Work information

"Today, I will always be teasing Mr. Takagi and be shy!"
A junior high school, a girl who was seated next to the girl, Takagi-san is a boy / western piece that is made fun of something. I struggle hard every day to try to tease you Takagi ...?
Takaki - san and the West piece, the full force "teasing" a youth battle started!

The original is "Gessan" Love-comic series in series. 6 volumes already published.

Director Hiroaki Akagi of "Hirojiro - From Luck & amp; Logic ~". Mikiko Yokote of the series composition is "Ψ difficulty of Naoki Kusuo" "Prison School" "Mike High School Earth Defense Department LOVE!" Series.

Original: Takeichiro Yamamoto
Director: Hiroaki Akagi
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Aya Takano
Total drawing director: Takefumi Mogi, Noriko Kondo
Animation Production: Shinyi Video
Copyright notation: © 2018 Takaaki Yamamoto · Shogakkan / Mr. Takagi who is a good teacher Production Committee

Twitter:@ takagi 3 _ anime
Hashtag: # Takagi-san

OP: Yuiko Ohara "I do not say that."

Takagi: Takahashi Yi
West piece: Hiroki Kaji
Mina: Yoshimi Ohara
Yukari: M · A · O
Sanae: Yui Ogura
Nakai: Yusuda Uchida
Mano: Koiwai Kotori
Takao: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Kimura: Fukuda Ochiai
Mr. Tanabe: Yodo Tagaya

TV animation "Takagi-san's Takagi-san" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Basilisk - Sakura Ninja Book -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
AT - X: 1/8 (Monday) 24: 30 - other
tvk: 1/8 (Monday) 25: 00 ~

· Work information
Ninja killing battle, again.

The conflict of successive generations of generations in Keicho's world jumped to the Ninja killing battle of Koka and Iga, which was extremely widespread. The men and women who are in the falling petals, trying to live in love also fell swiftly beautifully - but, though. As I heard, I heard that Hattori Hanzo was handed over by Fumiko Hoshiro 's hand, Fleeting or Eternity - the two petals were given a life, and left two forgetful forms again. Hachiro Koka, Iga Hibiki. Children of destiny who were born with eyes very similar to their fathers, mothers respectively.
Time is Kanei, the world of Taiping. Shinobi is no longer useless, only going down behind the end. With "blood" and "power" somehow the cornerstone became a rocky thing, the people of Koka and Iga wanted to be in Hachiro, Hibiki.
"Treaty" - As a real brother and sister, they were carrying fate destined to talk.
Hachiro who is at the mercy of fate and lives in doubt, Hibiki lives in love, following his deep self-expression. The unknown phenomenon "cherry blossoms" was born to the end of the life that the two people weave, and the shadows of the turbulent times are over there ...

The original is Yamada Masaki's novel "Okahana Ninja Law Book Basilisk New Chapter" 2 volumes. This work is based on the novel Kotaro Yamada 's novel "Koga Ninbutsu" and the original manga of Masaki Sagawa with the same work, "Basilisk - Koka Ninja Book" - as a draft, 10 years after the "Koga Ninja Book" The stage is set. Manga by Tatsuya Shihira is serialized in "Weekly Young Magazine", 1 volume already published. "Basilisk - Koka Ninja Book" was released in 2005Animation(Director: Fumi Kisaki) has been done

Directed by Junji Nishimura of "The Kyo Mao!" Series and "Glass Lip" "Simone". Series composition is Shinsuke Onishi of "The 3rd ~ Aoi Hitomi no Shojo ~" "Innocent · Venus" "Cyborg 009 THE CYBORG SOLDIER". Like the previous work, OP · ED is in charge of the Yinza and Mizuki Nana.

Original: Masaki Yamada
Director: Junji Nishimura
Series composition: Shinsuke Onishi
Character draft: Masaki Sogawa
Character design · Total drawing director: Maki Takao
Sub Character Design: Kazuhisa Kosuge
Art director: Koizu interest
Art setting: Kazusa Yoshihara
Color design: Minako Nakao
Prop Design: Iwaita Go
Director of Photography: Kitaoka Tadashi
Special effect: Naoyuki Fukuda
Acoustic director: Yokota Chikako
Music: Go Sakabe
Acoustic Production: Glow Vision
Music production: King record
3D: tetra
Edit: Seki Kuhi
Animation Production: Seven Arcs Pictures
Copyright notation: © Kazutaro Yamada, Masaki Shigawa, Masaki Yamada, Kodansha / Norihiko Okaa Production Committee

Twitter:@ basiliskouka
Hashtag: # Basilisk # Okahana Ninba Book

OP: Onmyoza
ED: Mizuki Nana

Hachiro Koka: Yu Hatanaka
Iga Hibiki: Minoru Inase
Kazunori Kusanagini: Takuya Kirimoto
Scarlet lit fire sent: Yamaguchi Ryu
Seven doodles: Cho
Yusa Tenshin: Fujohohei
Various dead leaves: Sakaki Kosuke
Hata Haya: Brown wind forest
Color faded horse: Yuji Murai
Mizunaru Akizuki: Sakurai Towel
Takeshi Goiseishi: December Katsuhiro
Kaura Kobe: Ochiai Fukuda
Seven strings: Mitsuhiro Mitsui
Negori Rolling: Shinichiro Miki
Lotus: Saori Hayami
Tears: Rena Ueda
Current: Ayane Sakura
Tsubasa: Kaori Natsuka
Peacock 啄: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Rokuo grandcha 6: Tsuchida
Nirvana Basics: Umeji Sasaki
Yasha Azusa: Yui Horie
Comment: Takaya Tabuta

Animation "Basilisk ~ Sakura Ninja Book" ~ Number Spot - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Mon) 25: 05 ~

· Work information

One day I came to the owner, a naughty sister Skinny Azuki (♀) and a gluttonous daughter (♂). Tiny! But, for some reason I am with Kansai dialect's blur and Tsukkomi, they are very good friends.
Two fans' fuss about the emergence of interesting family such as "skin color" "mother", "glasses" "Zashiki Oyaji" and so on. There, "Beanosuke" of Shiba Inu also joins ... .... It is a smart dog, but something strange! Although it is a dog, it is more comfortable to be with a cat ......
Azuki and his mischief heart are tickled at such beannosuke, the premonition of the riot!

The original is a popular "loose-nosed cartoon", 8 volumes already published.

Director Yuzo Yamamoto of "Super Spring Robo Patrasche". In the character responsible for animation production, in addition to the aforementioned "super spring main robot patrasche", he is also producing mini animation "Promine without" in "banana" and "kamiwaza wanda".

Original: Nekomaki (Muse work)
Director · Screenplay · Director: Yuzo Yamamoto
Art director: Yoshida Yoshinobu
Acoustic director: Hayakawa Ryo
Acoustic Production: A · Craft × Onlead
Music: studio A-CAT
Animation Production: Character
Recording Studio: Studio Inspire
Advertising cooperation: Ito Laboratory, Kyoei University
Copyright light notation: © MUSEWORK / Sakura Building / Mameko Production Committee

Twitter:@ anime_ mameneko
Hashtag: # Mimeko # mameneko

Theme Song: Ayaka Segawa "MIKE"

Azuki: Kinoshita Rina
Daisuke: Utada Hitomi
Owner: Satomi Miura
Skin color: Kotohira Mituma
Momoya: Earth leaf
Glasses: Wataru Kato
Zashiki Oyaji: Shimura Takahiro
Toyonosuke: Hatanaka Yu

Ame "Mimeko" Promotion Video - YouTube

gd men gdgd men's party

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/8 (Mon) 25: 10 ~

· Work information
Still bye! To a different world!

Light and youmi who used to live a satisfied day everyday while playing their favorite game carelessly. At midnight everyone sleeps, the light receives an invitation from alpha which is a man who is called "king", and is sucked into different world with yomi. For those who are reincarnated from the real world, quests are given to save "Princess Melody" from "Maor".
A light that feels this mission to "Tenshi" and Yomi feels somewhat troublesome ... and there joined the alpha of A. I. Robo, a servant of "King", formed a party. While raising the level with Alfa's program (!?) I will proceed with my adventure, but the way he is going ....

Original animation that was broadcasted in autumn and winter 2013 "gdgd fairies"The" NEXT series "of" Kida-do Fairies ". Characters and casts are renewed.

Directed by Sugawara Yuuta from 'gdgd fairy s'. Screenplay is "Peeping Life" "Forest explosion different dimension Menko Battle Gigant Shooter Tsukasa" Mori Ryo.

Director / draft: Sugawara Yuu
Screenplay: Mori Ryoichi
Character design: Fareirement
Acoustic director: Soichiro Kubo
Production: Strawberry Meets Pictures, Fun Company
Production: "gd Men" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © 2018 "gd Men" Production Committee

Twitter:@ gdmen 2018
Hashtag: # gd Men

OP: Eiharu Kitamura "Imaginary Empire Gramophone"
ED: BB-voice

Light: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Yomi: Kazuomi Yamamoto
Alpha: Yusuke Kobayashi
Melody: Hara Natsuko

Wimpy pedal GLORY LINE

· Broadcast information
TV TOKYO: 1/8 (Monday) 26: 05 ~
TV Osaka: 1/8 (Monday) 26: 05 ~
TVQ: 1/8 (Monday) 27: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/8 (Monday) 27: 05 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/9 (Tue) 26: 35 ~
TV set Factory: 1/10 (Wed) 26: 10 ~
AT-X: 1/12 (Fri) 20: 00 ~ other
NBC: 1/14 (Sunday) 25: 20 ~

· Work information

Total North High School belongs to the leading character · Onoda hill sliding the previous year's national competition [interheay]. The seniors who pulled the team graduated and retired and started as a team of new generation, they stimulated each other, supported each other, supported each other, and strengthened, won inter-high tickets for consecutive win. And the time of the decisive battle that I greeted. Hakone Gakuen which is a rival and aims at recapturing the throne, Kyoto Fushimi with the monster racer Midosuji, and the powerful nationwide gathered together, and it fights violently aiming for the victory! The thought secretly hidden in each player. As a sprinter running along a straight line, as a climber who controls the mountain, and as an ace to lead the team to victory ...
Who really is the first to run through each goal line to Glory = "GLORY LINE" -! What?

The original is a work of the Weekly Shonen Champion series, this is the 4th period of TV animation. Third period "Wimpy pedal NEW GENERATION" The continuation of the interview which started in the second half is drawn.

Osamu Nabeshima will continue to be in charge from the 1st term. Series composition participated as a script in Phase 1 and Phase 2, and Kansei Sunayama who served as a series organization in Phase 3.

Original: Wataru Watanabe
Director: Osamu Nabeshima
Series composition: Kurami Sunayama
Character design: Yukiko
Design Works: Ryosuke Mizumura, Akiho Denforword Hiyori
Ride Design: Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Art setting: Tomoki Aoki
Art director: Shunichiro Yoshihara
Color design: Minako Nakao
CG Director: Toshihiro Sasaki
Director of Photography: Takeshi Kakuyama
Music: Mr. Sawada
Acoustic director: Takeshi Takashi
Edit: Kumiko Sakamoto
Animation Production: Toms Entertainment
Copyright notation: © Watanabe Ara (Weekly Shonen Champion) / Wimpi Pedal 04 Production Committee

Twitter:@ yowapeda_anime
Hashtag: #yp_anime # weak peda

OP: Rhythmic Toy World "My voice"

Onoda hill: Yamashita Daiki
Shunsuke Imaizumi: Kosuke Toriumi
Noriko Kuniyoshi: Jun Fukushima
Tsushima Junta: Kishio Daisuke
Yokoichi Ao: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Terumasa Sugimoto: Yuki Miyata
Kazuki Ikuhiro: Shimono Hiro
Tairutake Dragon Package: Watanabe Hatano
Kogaku Koga Yuichi Nakamura
Sugimoto regular time: Mitsuhiro Mitsui
Kashihisa: Aki Suwa
Koishi Tsukasa: Junichi Suwabe
Tachibana: Megumi Ban
Masako Kaneshiro: Hiroaki Yasumoto
Yusuke Makishima: Shotaro Morikubo
Tadashi Todo: Kentaro Itoh
Shinwa Mountains: Kenpa Tsubasa
Takeshi Izumida: Atsushi Abe
Kuroda Yukinari: Nojima Kenji
Reed Kiba Takuto: Mamoru Miyano
Copper bridge Masayuki: Ono Daisuke
Shinkai Yuto: Uchida Yuma
Shuichi Fukutomi: Maeno Tomoaki
Yasuhiro Arakita: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Todo Ekihachi: Teruya Kakihara
Shin-op Hayato: Hino Satoshi
Midori Sho: Yuza Koji
Kishijinomaru: Jun Fukuyama

"Wimpy pedal GLORY LINE" PV 2nd bullet (TV animation 4th period / start of January 8 (Mon) / OP theme: "My voice" Rhythmic Toy World [Rhythmic Toy World]) - YouTube

Monster Girl - Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Project - Second Phase

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Tue) 21: 54 ~

· Work information
A girl who lived in the former monster's soul "A monster girl" appears. Information on that a new kind of "shadow" is causing trouble under Agila, Micras, and Wyndham who send daily endeavors at International Monster Rescue Teaching Organization · GIRLS. On the other hand, the GIRLS member Guts star was feeling a strange change in length.

A media mix project that animated monster appeared in Ultra series "Ultra monster anthropomorphization plan"Animation of Phase 2. The first period was broadcasted and distributed in the fall of 2016.

Minoru Ashina, known for numerous short animations such as "Maihotsukai no yome" "Asjo henki" "Chihin comes to black" "Quiz !! ID-0" and "Plus Pure Relaxation" It is in charge of the configuration etc. Main staff and cast are not changed.

Original: Tsuburaya Productions
Character draft: Jiro Tomioka, Yuji Tani, CHOCO, Bakemon child, nitroplus (Namaku ATK, Cat can stretch, minoa, Okuma Kokusuke)
Supervision: Yosuke Ozawa
Draft / setting: Kaikyo Kiko
Director · Screenplay · Directing · Setting · Series composition · Director of Photography: Mineru Ashina
Petit character design / drawing director: Takehara minoru
Music: Koji Takanashi (Team - MAX)
Art director: Natsuko Tosugi (Studio MAO)
Acoustic director: Junichi Inaba
Animation Production: Studio PU YUKAI
Production: Monster Girl (Ultra Monstery Animation Project) Production Committee (Tsuburaya Productions, DoCoMo · Anime Store, Pony Canyon, Links)

Hashtag: # Ultra monster anthropomorphic plan

Akira: Irida Riho
Mikusu: Suzuki Aina
Wyndham: Erika Endo
Pigmon: Tokui Blue Sky
Zetton: Ei Mi Kato
Red King: Hiromi Igarashi
Eleking: Megumi Ban
Gomora: Aki Suwa
Zandrias: Maple Yuasa
King Joe: Suzuko Mimori
Guts star people: Matsuda Risa
Noirler: Kiyoshi Arisama
Magabasser: Terada Haruana
MagaJappa: Rena Kondo

"Monster Girl (Kaijuu Girls) ~ Anthropomorphic Project of Ultra Monster" Second Phase PV! 【1/9 ~ d animation & amp; TOKYO MX other broadcast! 】 - YouTube

Overload Ⅱ

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/9 (Tuesday) 22: 30- other
Hikari TV: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 1/9 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
MBS: 1/9 (Tuesday) 26: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/10 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information
Momonga witnessed the end of the service of the virtual reality type online game "Yggdrasil". However, the game did not end even after the scheduled time, and outside of the home base · Nazaric Underground Tomb became a strange world, and NPCs began to move with intention. Momonga, who realized that he converted it to a character he made in the game accepts the situation and gave his name "Ainswool · Gowen" who was the guild name, and wished to be the world's champion, with his faithful men Advance to a new place.

The novels posted on the novel posting site "Arcadia" are the original, the first period of TV animation was broadcasted in the summer of 2015, and the theatrical version summary which summarizes the contents of it is the front and rear composition in February and March in 2017 It was published.

Director "It's a movie Doki Doki! Pretty Cure Mana Married !!? Hope Dress Connecting to the Future" "Digimon Sabers" "Ilya's Sky, UFO Summer" Series composition is Yukie Sugawara of "Kino no Journey the Beautiful World the Animated Series" "Hirojiro from Luck & Logic". Main staff and cast are not changed.

Original: Maruyama Kugane
Character draft: so-bin
Director: Ryo Ito
Series composition: Yukie Sugawara
Character design: Satoshi Tanzaki, Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Animation Production: Madhouse
Copyright light notation: © Maruyama Kugane · Published by KADOKAWA / Overload 2 Production Committee

Twitter:@ over_lord_anime
Hashtag: #overlord_anime


Ayns: Satoshi Hino
Charartia: Sumire Urasaka
Male: Yumi Uchiyama
Cocutus: Kenta Miyake
Naberral: Ami Nukura
Albedo: Yumemi Hara
Aura: Ei Mi Kato
Demiourgos: Masayuki Kato
Sebus: Shigeru Chiba
Naberral: Ami Nukura
Zalluce: Hiroki Higashi
Sharp Sulu: Kusumi Takumi
Kurush: Amamiya Tian
Zempel: Koji Ishii
Ranner: Yasuno Yasuno
Climb: Ryota Osaka

TV anime "Overload II" PV - YouTube

Kazuo SATIKI's Ψ difficulty Second stage

· Broadcast information
· The second episode broadcasting animation Ψ start! Welcome back Ψ special!
TV Tokyo: 1/9 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/9 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Osaka: 1/9 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Setouchi: 1/9 (Tue) 25: 40 ~
TV Aichi: 1/9 (Tue) 27: 05 ~
TVQ: 1/9 (Tue) 27: 05 ~

· This volume
TV TOKYO: 1/16 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Hokkaido: 1/16 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Osaka: 1/16 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Setouchi: 1/16 (Tue) 25: 40 ~
TV Aichi: 1/16 (Tue) 27: 05 ~
TVQ: 1/16 (Tue) 27: 05 ~

· Work information
Naoki Kusuo is an unprecedented ESP who can use the capabilities such as telepathy, psychokinetic, perspective, prediction, instantaneous movement, clairvoyance. I normally solve problems of everyday relationships that are occurring on my own and around the world using power secretly so that they are not superior if they are not superior. However, for those who wish to live quietly, inconveniently mysterious humans and creatures gathered, and furthermore the calamity comes down like a storm.

The original is Gag Manga serialized from 2012 by Weekly Shonen Jump, published in 23 volumes. The cumulative issue circulation of related books has exceeded 600,000 copies. The first period of TV animation was broadcasted in the summer of 2016, and in late 1920 it was made into a live action movie. Director of film version Yuichi Fukuda known for drama "Aoi Honoyo" and "Yoshihiro Yushi" series, live-action version movie "Gintama". Yasuo Yashizaki role played by Yasuo Saiki, Kanemasa Terasaki played by Hashimoto Nana.

The director of the second phase of the animation is Hiroaki Sakurai of "Sakigake !! Cromartie High School" "Jewel Pet Happiness" "GA Arts Design Art Design Class" continued from the first phase.

By the way, on 1st January broadcast on January animation "Gintama"It is decided to collaborate, collaboration visuals have been announced. What kind of appearance will appear in the main story is that you are looking forward to seeing χ.

© Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · Dentsu · BNP · Aniplex

Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
Character design: sound percussion line
Animation production: EGG FIRM × J.C.STAFF
Production: Shogakkan Shueisha Productions
Copyright notation: © Shoichi Aso / Shueisha · PK Gakuen 2

Twitter:@ saikkusuo_PR
Hashtag: # Qi Ψ # Yukio Saiki's Ψ difficulty

Kazuo SATIKI: Hiroshi Kamiya
Firefly power: Daisuke Ono
Naoto Kai: Nobunaga Shimaki
Hakuzushi: Hino Satoshi
Noritaki Torika: Nagi Hanoe
Teruhashi Terahashi: Ai Kinano
Tsuji Yumehara: Yukari Tamura
Chigato Chigato: Masato Uchida
Kubotani Suya Lotus: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Shinobuhashi Nobuaki (Rokkun Tatsu): Maeno Tomoaki
Butterfly Rain Green: Shotaro Morikubo
Kaiharu SAKURU: Mitsuo IWAWA
Kaiti Saiki: Hanako Aikawa
Kikugi Saiki: Koichi Yamadera
Kumi SAKI: Rie Tanaka
Akiyoshi SAIKI: Kenji Nojima
Maiko Maiko: Masanari Matsukaze
Akechi Sorimachi: Hiroki Kaji
Eiichi Kitamura
Pear Itano Yumai: M · A · O

Violet Evergarden

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: 1/10 (Wed) 24: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 1/10 (Wed) 26: 05 ~
ABC: 1/10 (Wed) 26: 15 ~
BS 11: 1/11 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
HTB: 1/13 (Saturday) 26: 30 ~
Netflix: January ~

· Work information

A certain era of a certain continent. The great war that split the continent into the north and south ended, and the world was filled with the momentum towards peace.
During the war, the Violet Evergarden who fought as a soldier left the army and came to a big port city. With a "certain word" held in my heart in the battlefield, I was told separately from important people.
The streets are full of people's vibrancy and trams are on the street with gas lights. Violette encounters this work "writing a letter." It is a job that draws on the desires of clients and makes words.
She looks straight at the client and takes care of her honest feelings deep inside her heart. And each time you write a letter, Violet approaches the meaning of the word that was announced that day.

The original work was awarded the first prize at the "Kyoto Animation Award" sponsored by animation production company · Kyoto animation. Although the "Kyoto Animation Grand Prize" has always advocated making awards prize-winning works surely, there were no corresponding works of the grand prize in the 1st to the 4th, and this work was selected for the first time in the 5th grand prize . There are no grand prix after that, as of 2017 it was the only Kyoto animation award winning work. However, the 2nd Novel Society Encouragement Prize "Beyond the Boundary" · "High Speed!" (→ Free!), Including the "1st Novel Division Encouragement Prize" work "I am Love to Chunibun Disease!" Three times the Novel Sector Encouragement Prize "Famtom World" (→ infinite phantom · world) has been animated.

Director is Taichi Ishida of "Beyond the Boundary". The series composition is Reiko Yoshida of "Hakumai and Mikochi" "Tamako Makeup" "K-on!" Character design · Director general director is in charge of Akiko Takase who handled illustration of the original novel.

Original: Akako Kana
Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series composition: Reiko Yoshida
Character design: Takase Akiko
Series director: Haruka Fujita
World View Setting: Takaaki Suzuki
Art director: Mikiko Watanabe
Color design: Yuka Yoneda
Director of Photography: Kohei Funamoto
3D Director: Mr. Yamamoto
Accessories setting: Hiroyuki Takahashi, Minoru Ota
Editing: Shingo Shimomura
Acoustic director: Yuta Tsuruoka
Music Producer: Shigeru Saito
Music: Evan Call
Music production: Lantis
Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
Production: Violet · Evergarden Production Committee
Copyright light notation: © Akane Kana, Kyoto animation / Violet · Evergarden production committee

Twitter:@ Violet_Letter
Hashtag: # VioletEvergarden

OP: TRUE "Sincerely"
ED: Minori Chihara "Michirububu"

Violet Evergarden: Yui Ishikawa
Claudia · Hodgins: Koyasu Takehito
Gilberto · Bougainvillea: Daisuke Namikawa
Cattleya Baudelaire: Aya Endo
Benedict · Blue: Uchiyama Takashi
Erika Brown: Minori Chihara
Iris · Canary: Haruka Tomatsu

Anime "Violet Evergarden" 3rd PV - YouTube

Love is like rain

· Broadcast information
Amazon Prime Video: 1/10 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~ (From the second episode on Thursday 25: 55 ~)
Fuji Television: 1/11 (Thurs) 24: 55 ~
Iwam Nenkoi TV: 1/11 (Thu) 24: 55 ~
Sakuranbo TV: 1/11 (Thu) 24: 55 ~
Akita TV: 1/11 (Thursday) 25: 20 ~
Nagano Broadcasting: 1/11 (Thursday) 25: 30 ~
Television Shizuoka: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 35 ~
TV Ehime: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 35 ~
Niigata General Meeting: 1/11 (Thursday) 25: 45 ~
TV Kumamoto: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 45 ~
Fukushima TV: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 55 ~
Kansai Television: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 55 ~
TV New Hiroshima: 1/11 (Thu) 25: 55 ~
TV West Japan: 1/11 (Thursday) 25: 55 ~
Sendai Broadcasting: 1/11 (Thursday) 26: 00 ~
Kagoshima TV: 1/11 (Thurs) 26: 05 ~
Tokai TV: 1/11 (Thu) 26: 10 ~
Sagatetebi: 1/12 (Fri) 24: 55 ~
Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System: 1/28 (Sunday) 25: 45 ~

Fuji TV and others: January 2018 -
※ Noitamina frame

· Work information

Everyone is waiting for the moment when my heart gets hot - ─
Mr. Masaki Kondo (45 years old), manager of Akira Akira, family manager "Garden" who had an ace of land but had stopped running due to injury, and a past that gave up his dream. Set in the seaside town, she standing still at the crossroads of youth and the things that he intersects to the turning point of life.

The original is Big Comic Spirits in series since 2014, and has been evaluated as "a pure orthodox love story".

Director is Watanabe 'Watanabe' when she is flagged '"Togeto Togo" "Space Brothers". In addition, live-action movies will be released in May 2018. Satoshi Nagai of "Teikoku no kuni" "If the cats disappeared from the world" is the director, Akira role is Kaname Nana and Kondo role is Hirosi Oizumi.

Original: Jun Yuki
Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Character design: Yuka Shibata
Animation Production: WIT STUDIO
Production: Anime "Rain Rain" Production Committee
Copyright light notation: © Jyunki Jun, Shogakkan / Animation "Koi Rain" Production Committee

Twitter:@ koiame_anime
Hashtag: # Koisui # Like love in the rain

OP: CHiCO with HoneyWorks "Nostalgic Rainfall"
ED: Aimer "Ref: rain"

Akira Tachibana: Arashi Watanabe
Masaki Kondo: Hiroaki Hirata
Haruka Kiyatake: Emi Miyajima
Yui Nishida: Haruka Fukuhara

TV Animation "Koi ga Itami ni Todoke" 2nd Animation PV - YouTube

Marchen · Medochen

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/11 (Thursday) 21: 00- other
TOKYO MX: 1/11 (Thursday) 22: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/11 (Wednesday) 26: 00 ~

· Work information

The girls called "Medochen" chosen as the original book are studying at a magical school in the world aiming to become a top-notch "original document use".
Their goal is to win the magical battle tournament 'Hexen Nacht' where the representatives of each school compete each other's ability once a year. The winner will be given magic that only one wish will come true.
One day, a school girl high school student, Komura Tokushiki, who likes reading and fantasies, appeared before Jiyumon Gyosei leader at the Japanese school who was in danger of stopping her participation due to lack of members. Hazuki who does not have much friends, which is a little bad, is chosen as the original book of "Cinderella" which has strong power why for some reason to enter magical school ...

The original is an illustration of Matsumori Matsumori, known as the author of the novel "Stray Cats Overrun!", "Listen to what Papa says!" And the illustrations of "Prince Hentai and Laughing a Cat without Laughing" "Having a Sister" Started in 2014 as a media mix plan by Kantok known for the character draft of the glass flower and the world ". Since pine suddenly died in May 2016, after that the creation group made by Matsu · StoryWorks took over the work. The first novel of the project was published in February 2017 and the second series of manga started at jump square. TV animation starts from January 2018.

Director Hisashi Saito, who supervised "I have few friends" and "Sora no Otoshimono" series, "New Younger Sister Major Contractor" series. Director Shigeru Ueda of OVA 'Syunkaga ESTIVAL VERSUS - Eve Big Swimsuit Eve Festival'. Matsumori Matsuhiro who died in 2016 as a draft plan is credited for the series composition.

Original plan & series composition: Matsuhiro Matsuhiro
Draft cooperation: StoryWorks
Character draft: Kantoku
Overall Director: Hisashi Saito
Director: Shigeru Ueda
Character design: Yuki Morikawa
Screenplay: Matsumori Matsui, Asaula, Yuichi Kadota, Ryunosuke Kinugi
Color design: Saibo Shimbun
Art director: Tomoko Shimomoto
Director of Photography: Murakami Murakami
Edit: Kiyoshi Hirose
Music: rionos
Music production: Lantis
Acoustic director: Morishita Hiroto
Acoustic Production: Kono
Animation Production: Huz Entertainment
Copyright light notation: © MMM / Marchen · Medochen Production Committee

Twitter:@ maerchen_anime
Hashtag: # Marchen Medhen

OP: fhána "The Story for Me ~ My Uncompleted Story ~"
ED: Rena Ueda "sleepland"

Komura Hazuki: Kunusuki and Tomorrow
Damonmen Shizen: Susumu Tatei
Yumilia · Kazan: Lynn
Lynn Daves: Rina Hidaka
Mariya Las Putin: Aizi Otsu
Agarte · Aria: Kao Makuma
Arthur · Pendragon: Uena Rena
Yuiko Kujiri: Honma Kaede
School Director: Akemi Okamura

Marchen Maedchen Official Trailer 1 - YouTube

Starting from Desmachi, a different world rhapsody

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 1/11 (Thursday) 23: 30 - others
TOKYO MX: 1/11 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/11 (Thursday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 1/13 (Saturday) 25: 00 ~

· Work information

Suzuki Ichiro, a programmer in the midst of desmarsing "Satoo". It should have taken a nap, but when you notice, in a different world ... ??
At the edge of sight is a menu screen reminiscent of the game that was made before nap. Initial state of level 1. However, "New map exploration" which was just implemented as a novice remedy and "Meteor Rain" × 3 with map extinction bom ". Sato who used "meteor rain" to sustain, in front of you is level 310 and gets huge treasure.
Whether it's a dream or not, Sathu travels here!

The original is an online novel by Airo Sei Hiro which serialized from March 2013 in "Let's be a novelist". The book version was published from March 2014, 11 volumes already published. Comikalize is "Serial Dragon Age" "Age Premium" in series, published 5 volumes.

The director is Onuma Known for "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya" series, "Baka to Test to Shokanju" series, "ef" series, "I wish I could have only a sister." Series composition · Screenplay is "A case where I gotten as a" popular sample "at a lady's school" Ken Shimoyama of "Armed girl Machiavellism".

Original: Ai Aito Hiro
Director: Onuma Mind
Series composition · Screenplay: Kenji Shimoyama
Character draft: shri
Character design: Shoko Takimoto
Music production: DIVE II entertainment
Animation production: SILVER LINK. × CONNECT "
Copyright notation: © Ai Aki Hiro · shri · KADOKAWA Kadokawa BOOKS / publication production committee

Twitter:@ deathma_anime
Hashtag: # Desma Anime

OP: Run Girls, Run! "Slide Ride"
ED: Wake Up, Girls! "Skinoskill"

SATU: Horie Shun
Zena: Takahashi Yi
Pochi: Hiyori Kono
Tama: Kaya Okuno
Liza: Miho Tsuda
Arisa: Yuki Aki
Lulu: Rika Hayase
Meer: Aiki Nagano
Nana: Yasuno Yasuno

TV anime "Desmachi starts from another world world ritual" Tizar PV - YouTube

How to keep a mummy

· Broadcast information
TBS: 1/11 (Thursday) 25: 58 ~
BS-TBS: 1/13 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
Ai TV: 1/25 (Thursday) 24: 56 ~

· Work information

A boys high school student who leads a very ordinary life · Kashiwagi Kagaku is suddenly sent a mummy from the father of a self-proclaimed "adventurer" who is in Egypt for traveling. "I decided to deposit with you because I found an interesting mummy!" It is a blessing to the father's letter written. However, it appeared from the large coffin that was sent, 12 cm in length! It was a palm-sized mummy! A cowardly, crybaby, small but also a crying baby, but the sky that will take care of the mummies of cute cute naming me called Me. Under the same roof, the shared life of the sky and Mie-kun who starts to live together ... ....

The original is a comico distribution site "comico" series work, 5 volumes already published.

Original: Kaku Kuku (comico)
Producer: Jun Nasu
Director: Kaori
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Character design: Takahiro Kishida
Animation Production: Eight bit
Copyright notation: © Kaku Ku · comico / how to keep mummies Production Committee

Twitter:@ miira_kaikata

OP: Fishing bit "Mysterious journey continues"
ED: Ikeru Hearts 'Rosetta Stone'

Kashiwagi Sora: Tamura Mutsumi
Kamiya other month: Keisuke Kawamoto
Mogi Morning: Akaneya Sun Ocean
Kashiwagi Maple: Buddy Love
Echizen Earth: Seiichiro Yamashita

TV animation "How to keep the Mummies" 1st PV - YouTube

But 2

· Broadcast information
TBS: 1/11 (Thurs) 26: 28 ~
Sun TV: 1/12 (Fri) 23: 30 ~
BS - TBS: 1/13 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
※ 1 talk 15 minutes

· Work information

Shika Kokunotsu who does not want to succeed the family's candy store and a strange beautiful girl · a firefly of a mushy mania. Firefly seems to visit the shop frequently in order to make the coconut saucer a pastry shop. The coconut spent with Hotaru going smoothly to the storefront of the cake shop manager ...... I do not know the dolphins, but the fun summer break with my friends Endo bean and Endo Saya still go on! What?

The original is a weekly Shonen Sunday series, 8 volumes already published. The first period of TV animation is broadcasted in the winter of 2016, and it will be a sequel broadcast over two years.

Directed by Sugi Kuwahara of "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL" series, the series composition consists of Mayumi Morita who served as the original and screenwriter in the work "Together!" Of Unnamed Egg 2016, animation production to Tezuka Production, respectively It has changed.

Original: Cotyama
Director: Satoshi Kuwabara
Series composition: Mayumi Morita
Screenplay: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Nana Miura
Total drawing director: Akemi Kobayashi
Art setting: Minoru Nishida, Mariko Iwashiro
Art director: Shibata Masato
Color design: Yutaka Izutani
Director of Photography: Junya Kodama
Shooting: Wataru Uchida
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Acoustic policy: Pony Canyon enterprise
Music: Osumi Osumi, Nobuaki Shinzawa
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Production: Tezuka Productions
Setting cooperation: feel.
Copyright light notation: © 2018 Kotoyama / Shogakkan / Chicada Sweets 2

Twitter:@ anime_ dagashi
Hash tag: # But

OP: Ayana Taketa "OH MY Sugar Feeling !!"
ED: Honey rocket "Funniest me and you honey"

Hotaru Furuda: Ayana Taketa
Shigetoshi Shikada: Atsushi Abe
Endy Saya: Ami Amumura
Endo Bean: Tatsuo Suzuki
Shiga Yoshi: Fujiwara Keiji
Owari Hajime: Akasaki Chinatsu
Kaneoho: Tomokazu Sugita

TV animation "But But 2" PV - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TBS: 1/11 (Thu) 26: 43 ~
Sun TV: 1/12 (Fri) 23: 45 ~
BS-TBS: 1/13 (Sat) 25: 45 ~

· Work information

Tenchi Michiru came to Tokyo for career change, 20 years old. She is freshly fresh from Tokyo, to live in a share house for women "Stella House Haruno"! Work and age are different from those living together, but if there is delicious sake and cooking, it is always fun!

The original is a series of manga distribution "Reverse Sunday" series, released on December 19, 5 volumes.

Directed by Tomoki Kobayashi of "Seiren" "Tears to Tiara" "Utawarerumono". Kazuhiko Takayama of series composition is "Tsuka", "Sakurada reset", "Aldnoah.Zero".

Original: Hideo Hino
Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
Screenplay: Katsuhiko Takayama
Character design: Shinpei Kobayashi
Acoustic director: Hamano Masatsugu
Acoustics company: Magic capsule
Music: Masato Suzuki
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Animation Production: Production I'ms
Copyright light notation: © 2018 Hakuro Hatano · Shogakukan / "only only." Production Committee

Twitter:@ anime_ takunomi
Hash tag: # only

OP: Masato Uchida "aventure bleu"
ED: Only "Detox in stoic"

Mihiru Amatsuki: Ayaki Imamura
Midorikawa Morikawa: Komatsu Hisako
Kiriyama Nao: Takesaka Yasushi
Maki Kiriyama: Masato Uchida

TV anime "Takui only." PV - YouTube

Hakumai and Mikochi

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/12 (Fri) 21: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/12 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ other
Amazon Prime Video: 1/12 (Fri) around 22: 30 ~ 【Exclusive distribution】
BS 11: 1/12 (Fri) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/12 (Fri) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/12 (Fri) 25: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 1/12 (Fri) 27: 05 ~
TVQ: 1/15 (Monday) 26: 30 ~

· Work information

Hakumai and Mikochi. Two little girls living in a deep green forest. If you build a house in a wooden cave, make a leaf an umbrella, ride on the back of an insect or a bird ...... If you are 9 cm tall, you can do that. Why do not you look into it? Its gentle, pleasant, loving and loving life.

The original is manga serialized in "Haruta". 5 volumes already published.

The director is Masaomi Ando of "Kozu no kakuno", "Kuugou Gurase", "WHITE ALBUM 2". The series composition is Reiko Yoshida of "Violet Evergarten" "Girls & Panzer" "Tamako Makeover".

Original: Yuto Kashiki
Director: Masaomi Ando
Series composition: Reiko Yoshida
Character design · Prop design: Iwasa Tomoko
Total drawing director: Iwasa Tomoko, Ito Mujyu
Background art: Kusanagi (KUSANAGI)
Art director: Takashi Kuribayashi
Art Director: Nobuhito Sue, Eiko Inoue
Color setting: Yumi Nagi
Director of Photography: Nakagawa Shina
Edit: Yukie Oikawa (Morita Editor's Office)
Acoustic director: Satoshi Iida
Music: Evan Call
Music production: Lantis
Animation Producer: Yuji Higa
Animation Production: Lerche
Copyright notation: © Yuto Kashiki · Published by KADOKAWA / Hakumai and Mikochi Production Committee

Twitter:@ hakumikotv
Hashtag: # hakumiko

OP: Chima
ED: Mikochi (Shimo Sueno) & Conju (Yuki Aki)

Hakumai: Matsuda Risa
Mikochi: the foundation purple
Conju: Yuki Aki
Sen: Takesaka Eisaka
Sardine: Masanari Matsukaze

TV animation "Hakumei and Mikochi" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Shu Huang Huang Ji

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/12 (Fri) 22: 00 ~
Sun TV: 1/12 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 1/12 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/12 (Friday) 25: 30 ~

· Work information
Ancient China, the age of Yin. Emperor Qian Wang was an excellent Mr. Bunmu, but people have changed since I greeted the abject beauty woman Empress. Kimi who manipulates Wangju by means of his technique dominated the dynasty with his colleagues, living a luxurious life. In order to save such a human world, Primary Temple devises "Sealing God Plan" to contain evil saints and magazines in the divine world, and chooses the great priest as a performer.

The original is a manga by Fujisaki Ryu that was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump from 1996 to 2000, the base of which is based on the Chinese classic novel "Seijin Enka" which was established in Ming Dynasty. Comics are all 23 volumes (complete version is 18 volumes). In 1999, it was animated as a title of "Senkaiden Denshin Kanji" (director: Junji Nishimura), but many changes and original development were added.

Director is "Yuri Kumarashi" key animator, "Battle Fairy Snow Wind" "Magician Ophen", "Tsukimoto - Moon PHASE -" Character Design Aizawa Gaketoshi (Aizawa Masahiro). The series composition is "Taikoku BASARA Judge End" "Taikoku BASARA Judge End" "Taikoku BASARA Judge End" "Takahashi Natsuko" in Yuyuki.

Original: Fujisaki Ryu (Shueisha Bunko Bunko Comic Version Annie Shunku "From Hu En God Encouragement")
Director: Kazuki Aizawa
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Screenplay: Yoshiki Oka, Shintaro Ikeda
Character design: Yoshitaka Yamashita
Music: Maiko Inouchi
Animation Production: C-Station
Copyright notation: © Atsushi Electric, Fujisaki Ryu / Shueisha · "Hakusaku Shirakami Jikei" Production Committee

Twitter:@ hoshinengi_tv
Hashtag: #hoshinengi_tv

Taiyousen: Kenji Ono
Hearing: Tomoaki Maeno
Four weak: Takahiro Sakurai
哪吒: Shin Furukawa
Yang Zheng: Yuichi Nakamura
Yellowing: KENN
Hwang Fei Tiger: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Masato Fumimaki: Nobunaga Shimaki
Himome: Yoko Higasaki
Wang King: Namikawa Daisuke
Hearing: Tomoaki Maeno
Wang Tian Mr. Okamoto Nobuhiko
Applicant leopard: Kosuke Toriumi

TV animation "Hakusaku Shikugaku Encyclopedia" Tiza PV - YouTube

Hakata pig bone ramens

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 1/12 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 1/12 (Fri) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 1/12 (Fri) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

Fukuoka is a peaceful town at first glance, but behind the scenes are prevailing. There was even an urban legend that there are killers specialized in killers in the fierce battle zone of killing industry.
A killer, a detective, a revenge shop, an information shop, a torturer etc etc - When the stories of the men behind the scenes are spun, "killer killing" appears.

The original work was awarded "Grand Prize" along with "The Magical Book to Start from Zero" at the 20th Dengeki Novel Grand Prize, the latest 8 volumes released on December 22. "Magical book starting from scratch"Was made into a TV animation in the spring of 2017 as soon as possible.

Director Kenji Yasuda of "Macross Δ" "Arata Kangatari - Leather God ~" "Shugo Chara!" Series composition is Yasukawa Shogo of "Shokugi no Soma" series and "UQ HOLDER! ~ Magister Teacher Negima 2 ~".

Original: Kiyosaki Chiki
Character original bill: one color box
Director: Kenji Yasuda
Series composition: Yaskawa Shopping
Character design: Hideki Inoue
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa
Animation Production: Satellite
Copyright notation: © 2017 Kiyosaki Chiaki / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / Hakata Pork Bone Ramens

Twitter:@ hakata_ tonkotsu
Hashtag: # Hakata pig bones

OP: Kishidan Shu & THE Akishin Rockets "Stray"

Yoshiharu Baba: Daisuke Ono
Noriaki Hayashi: Hiroki Kaji
Saito: Yusuke Kobayashi
Enokida: Kenji Ono
Jiro: Daisuke Namikawa
Misaki: Yuki Azuma
Jose Martinez: Maeno Tomoaki
Yamato: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Saeki: Hirakawa Daisuke
Shigematsu: Hamada Kenji
Mr. Tsuneyoshi Kudo: Akihiro Hirota
Shunsuke Saruwatari: Yuichi Nakamura
Nitta Giya: Matsuyuki Masaya

TV animation "Hakata pig bone ramens" PV 2nd volume - YouTube


· Broadcast information
MBS: 1/12 (Fri) 25: 55 ~
TBS: 1/12 (Fri) 25: 55 ~
BS-TBS: 1/13 (Saturday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

A world where most of society has been left to a humanoid robot called hIE. A 17-year-old boy, Endo Arato, met one day Android · Lacea, and have an owner contract. It looks like a human being at first glance it was one of 5 bodies that exceeded humanity created by ultra-high performance AI with performance enough to surprise the world.
Each of the five aircraft has meaning and they start fighting seeking each other's performance. Adults who can only sit on the fight, boys who approach their existence and try new relationships. We are asked for a choice for the future and an answer for the relationship between humans and things.
What connects the evolving machine and the human world? What is important and what is necessary in the era that is too convenient, Alat asked for an answer to the relationship between man and things by meeting with Android · Lacecia, which is far superior to human beings, by choosing it -.

The original is SF Novel by Toshiya Haseya nominated for the 34th Japan SF Awards in 2013. Hase is awarded the 35th Japan SF Award at "My Humanity" after this. The original draft character is "harmony" "slaughter organ" "red guilty crown" redjuice.

Directed by Shizu Mizushima of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" "EXPELLED from Paradise-". The series composition consists of Tatsuya Takahashi who is also in charge of "Takano shrine maiden" and "Ramen love Koizumi san" and miscellaneous fracture of "Blend · S" "Angel 3P!" "Chocotto Sister" jointly. In addition, Takahashi is in charge of the series composition in "Eromanga teacher", and the screenplay was handled by three people, Takahashi, Miscellaneous and Original Fushimi Tsukasa.

Original: Toshiyasu Haseya
Original illustration: redjuice
Director: Shizuji Mizushima
Series composition: Takahashi Ryuya, Miscasswork
Character design: Hiroko Yaguto
Art Director: Yoshimi Mine
Color design: Furu Uri
Director of Photography: Yasuyuki Ito
Edit: Toshihiko Kojima
Acoustic Director: Hiroyuki Kikuta
Acoustic production: Musical sounds
Music: Narasaki (sadesper record), kz (livetune)
Music Production: Inkstuestar Inc.
Animation Production: Diomedia
Copyright notation: © 2018 Toshiji Haseya · redjuice · monochrom / KADOKAWA / BEATLESS Production Committee

Twitter:@ BEATLESS_info
Hashtag: #anime_beatless

OP: GARNiDELiA "Error"
ED: ClariS "PRIMALove"

Endo Arato: Takuyoshi Yoshinaga
Lesia: Higashiyama Nao
Kosaka: Misako Tomioka
Snowdrop: Hiromi Igarashi
Saturn: Underlayer Uino
Metade: Amamiya Tian
Ryo Haikai: Ishikawa Kokitan
Village owner Kengo: Daiki Yamashita
Yuka Endo: Hayami Ono
Purple weave in the ocean: Uti Samuta
Village owriga: Yukio Wakai
Erika Burroughs: Kei Munyama

TV animation "BEATLESS" first PV - YouTube

Killing Bites

· Broadcast information
MBS: 1/12 (Fri) 26: 25 ~
TBS: 1/12 (Fri) 26: 25 ~
Amazon Prime Video: 1/12 (Fri) 26: 55 ~
BS-TBS: 1/13 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information
"University student Yuya Nomoto witnesses a mysterious girl Humi Mi fighting as a beast and fighting with her" bastion fighter (brute) "which combines the brains of mankind and the beast's fang, and her body is a small mammal · I had the power of Honey (Larter). After encountering Hitomi, Nomoto will participate in the "Fighting (Killing Bites)" of the fighters.

Original is Monthly Heroes series, 8 volumes already published. It has been serialized since 2014, and in 2015 PS game for PS 4 / PS Vita was announced, but development development was decided in 2017.

Director is responsible for each story at "DRIFTERS" "Arslan Battle" and Yasuto Nishikata who served as deputy director at "Theater version card fight !! Vanguard neon Messiah". The series composition is "Welcome to classroom of ability supremacy" "Azalea" red violet.

Original: Shinya Murata, Kazu Sumida and Asa
Director: Yasuto Nishibata
Series composition: Aoi Hako (Mimemime)
Character design: Kazuo Watanabe
Music: Koji Takanashi
CG Director: Taisuke Goto
Modeling Supervisor: Kim Tae
3DCGI: Shiitake digital
2D Design · Monitor Graphics: Natsuko Sato
Animation Production: Leiden Film
Copyright light notation: © Shinya Murata, Kazu Sumida · HERO'S / Killing Bites Production Committee

Twitter:@ KB_anime
Hashtag: # KB_anime

OP: fripSide "killing bites"
ED: Foxnet "Kedamonodamono"

Uzaki Hitomi (Later): Amamiya Tian
Yuya Nomoto: Wataru Hatano
Nakanishi Osamu (Cheetah): Ryu Uchida
Inaba's first (rabbis): Sumire Uesaka
Mai Shinozaki: Akasaki Chinatsu
Okajima Ichinosuke: Teru Okawa
Sanmon Yang Lake: Megumi Ban
Nakanishi Okawa (Tiga): Yuichi Nakamura
Noki Oshiro: Arai Harada
Kaori Riki: Yu Asakawa
Takeshi Kido: Yoshihiro Koyanagi
Yabe Shota: Yusuke Kobayashi
Jerom Hongo: Wu Tiger
Kazama Kaede: Takako Honda
Onuma Den: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Ryuji Shiina: Katsuyuki Konishi
Valley cow: Yuki Ono
Takara: Aino Nanjo
Sannomi Yokosuka: Shibata Hidekatsu
Narration: Junichi Suwabe

TV anime "Killing Bites" Tizar PV 1st "Ratters" - YouTube

TV anime "Killing Bites" Tizar PV 2nd "Cheetah" - YouTube

TV anime "Killing Bites" Tiza PV 3rd "Rabbi" - YouTube

The silver grave protection (guardian) Phase 2

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 1/13 (Sat) 21: 00 ~

· Work information
"A high school student with a long-time loneliness · Land mercury has a professional-grade arm as a gamer and acquires the school's Madonna · Lie rei through a net game However, at one time Rei was kidnapped, mercury is a 10 billion heritage from Rei's father And the terminal of the new game "Grave Buster", and Rei. In response to that word, mercury jumps into the world of "Grave Buster" to save rei.

A web comic that the original has exceeded the world cumulative total of 4 billion PV. The first phase of TV animation was broadcast in the spring of 2017, and the second phase production was announced in June. Although it is distributed also in China, the two episodes on the way are different between the Japanese version and the Chinese version.

Cast is ongoing, but production companies, directors and series composition has been changed. Coordinator is "TO BE HERO" director and founder of HAOLINERS STUDIO, Lee Dae Ryong, director is "The situation of her boyfriend" Theater marathon director and Ken Takeshi of Assistant Supervisor, "Promise to this blue sky - ~ Welcome to Tsugumi dorm ~". In the first stage, I was in charge of the production of the first episode and the second episode. Animation production is done jointly by Hayara 's animation studio, Emo and BLADE, "CHEATING CRAFT" production.

Original: Zero League Workshop (Raymay Studios) (Haikun, Ming Shin)
Original cooperation: Tencent Move
Overall Director / Screenplay: Lee Dae-ryong
Director: Ken Ando
Character design · total drawing director: Yoshiaki Tsuba
Color design: Kunio Tsujita
Art Director: Morning Kiriyoshi
Art setting: Seiji Nishimoto
Director of Photography: Ryuo Noguchi
2 Dworks: Tomori Murakami
Edit: Keiko Onodera
Music: Minako Seki
Setting Production: Tomoko Arai
Production: Dreaming & BLADE
Copyright notation: © TENCENT Animation & amp; Comics / Silver Tomb Protection Production Committee

Twitter:@ ginno_guardian
Hash tag: # Grave of silver

ED: Classmate 'Kimito-kun'

Land mercury: Jun Fukuyama
Yu Lian: Yuke Saito
Temjin: Masaki Tani
Twin star: Ami Koshimizu
Farin: Nishida Nobuaki
Lu Ye-seven: Sugoo Takayuki
Seibu: Kana Aumi
Aida Tamaki: Hoshi Soichiro

Animation "Tomb guardian of silver" PV release! "Gin No Guardian: The Silver Guardian" - YouTube

Seven virtues

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 1/26 (Friday) 24: 25 - others
YouTube Hobby Japan Channel: 1/29 (Mon) -

· Work information

In this world "seven major sins" promoted by demons of hell were beginning to spread. To overcome this situation heavenly world sent seven angels to make the savior candidate with "seven virtues" a true savior! But this angel was a considerable piece of ponkos ... !! The angels who descended on the ground are looking for a savior candidate around the city today ....

Media mix planning developed by Hobby Japan. Although it is a work which becomes a pair of "seven major sin" (anime title is "Sin seven big sin"), the staff etc. have been changed.

Original · Production: Hobby Japan
Director · Screenplay: Shinhei Ishihira
Character draft: Ni
Character design · Prop design · Total drawing director: Iizuka Masanori
Art director: Masaki Nishiyama
Color design: Hitomi Sano
Director of Photography: Song Unjae
Edit: Toshio Himimi
Acoustic director: Morishita Hiroto
Animation Producer: Hiroshi Iijima
Animation Production: Bridge
Copyright light notation: © HOBBY JAPAN / Ni

Twitter:@ hj _ 7 _ virtues
Hashtag: # Seven Virtues

Mikael: Yumi Uchiyama
Uriel: Seto Masami
Sariel: Sakura Nakamura
Sandal phone: Izawa poem
Metatron: Ozawa Aki
Rafael: Lynn
Gabriel: Hiyori Nitta

Angels are with the savior (you)! [Seven Virtues THE SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES] 2018 Winter Animation Decision! - YouTube

Fate / EXTRA Last Encore

· Broadcast information
· Oblitus Giant Theory
TOKYO MX: 1/27 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 1/27 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Togi TV: 1/27 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 1/27 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
MBS: 1/30 (Tuesday) 27: 30 ~
Netflix: 1/31 (Wed) ~ 【Exclusive distribution】

· Work information
The original is PSP game "Fate / EXTRA". Unlike "Fate / stay night" which sets the fundamental setting almost the same, the near future of the 2030 years stage is the stage. A story of the battle of the hero who was caught up in the "Holy Grail War of the Moon" held in the spiritual fictional world SE.RA.PH and participated as one of the masters and the spirit of servants fighting as master of the magic of the master . From the depiction of PV and the class setting of the servant, it can be seen that it is a very different development from the original game.

The general director Akiyuki Shinbun who served in the same position as the "final story" "Mechacuacity Actors" "Still, the town is going round". Series director Yukihiro Miyamoto of "Maria † Hiruru" "Mahou Shoujo Madoka ☆ Magica" "Arakawa under the Bridge". The series composition is Nasu mushroom which was the creator of the "Fate" series series and was also responsible for writing the original game scenario.

Original: TYPE-MOON, Marvelous
Series composition: Nasu mushroom
Character draft: Wada Alco
Overall Director: Akiyuki Shinbuchi
Series Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto
Character design: Masatoshi Takiyama
Music: Akatsuki Shinta
Animation Production: Shaft
Copy notation: © TYPE-MOON / Marvelous, Aniplex, Notes, SHAFT

Twitter:@ FateEXTRA_LE /
Hashtag: #FateEX_LE

OP: Takashi Nishikawa
ED: Sayuri "Moon and Bouquet"

Kishimami Hakuno: Atsushi Abe
Saber: Tange Sakura
Archer: Kosuke Toriumi
Rider: Rei Takano
Caster: Ai Nonaka
Berserker: Kunihiko Yasui

TV Anime "Fate / EXTRA Last Encore" 2nd PV - YouTube

HUG Uh! Pretty Cure

· Broadcast information
TV Asahi Series: 2/4 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~

· Work information

can do anything! I can do anything! Hold your shining future!

I'd like to be an adult sister who is super cool. Nono is a junior high school second grader. I'll be late for having a bang. My first day of transfer is a big failure.
However, there are some nice encounters and I was excitedly excited from tomorrow's day, I encounter a mysterious baby "Hatutan" that came down from the sky and a hamster "Harry" of that care staff (?) .
A bad organization called "client's company" appeared aiming for "Miraikurisutaru" which had a slap, and struck a monster and attacked there.
I want to protect Hakutan! When a new Mirai crystal is born by the strong feelings of the story, Hana will transform into healthy PreCure Cure ale. Miraikurisutaru is the power that creates tomorrow full of this world · Aspawawa crystal. If this is deprived, everyone's future will disappear. Everyone's future, and flattery.
The story of Cure Ale to protect important things now opens the curtain.

The 15th series of 'PreCure' series that began in 2004. In childcare thing, in pretty cure it is twoMagical PreCure!"Fairy girl" Ha-chan "3rd Precure ·Cure FeliceIt has a track record of raising it. The second series of "Ojamajo Doremi" previously broadcasted in the "Pretty Cure" series "Ojamajo Doremi" even the witch's baby "Hana" appeared, the fourth series "Ojamajo Doremi There is a case where it became an elementary school sixth grade and was active as a regular character with rapid growth by magic. In addition, in "Prepala" 3rd season (God idol version) which is also an animation for girls, a figure was drawn showing that the hero, Mr. Ala raise picked up a mysterious baby, juluru.

Animation Production: Toei Animation
Copyright light notation: © ABC-A · Toei animation

OP: Kanako Miyamoto "We can !! HUG! Pretty Cure"
ED: Cure Ale, Cure Anju, Cure Etoile "HUG っ と! 未来 ☆ ド リ ー マ ー"

Nono Hana / Cure Ale: Ryosaka Rie
Yakushiji temple Saya / Cure Anjou: Rina Motoni
Akashi Homare / Cure Etoile: Yui Ogura
Hakutan: Tada Tomomi
Harry Harry: Noriko Noda

Pleasant Squad Lupine Ranger VS Police Forces Patrianger

· Broadcast information
TV Asahi Series: 2/11 (Sunday) 9: 30 ~

· Work information
Kaito The treasure "Lupine Collection" left by Arsene Lupine has fallen into the hands of the criminal group ganglers. The Lupine Ranger who is seen as a hero to regain the treasure of the people starts moving to recapture the treasure, but before that, Patlanger, the police organization, stands up.

The Super Sentai Series No. 42 is the first "W Sentai". The previous work "Space Squadron Queen Ranger" started from nine people as the title, and the number of friends increased to become a large house, but in this work it will be the smallest organization with three Lupine Ranger, three Patriers and Squadron goods. In addition to the fight between the squadrons, the three-way fight with ganglers will also be fought.

Screenplay: Junko Komura, others
Producer: Inoue Chihiro (TV Asahi)
Copyright notation: © 2018 TV Asahi, Toei AG, Toei

Twitter:@ lupin_vs_pat

Lupine Red / Yukino Karii: Itoh Asahi
Lupine Blue / Yasamachi Ueno: Bamboo Gaming
Lupine Yellow / Hayami Hatsuki Hana: Haruka Kudo
Batlen 1 / Keiichiro Asaka: Kurosaki
Batlen 2 / Yokawa Sakuya: Ryo Yokoyama
Batlen 3 / Tsukasa Meigami: Kazusa Okuyama

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