The effect of greatly improving the symptoms of type 2 diabetes was found by reducing caloric intake and weight loss

ByWellwin Kwok

Sometimes life threatensDiabetesOf those who suffer, 90% are classified as "type 2" where prevention is possible. It is thought that its main reason is derived from lifestyle such as overeating and lack of exercise, but in the study advanced in the UK, by reducing the intake of calories and losing weight, indeed 9 It has been revealed that a considerable number of patients succeeded in ameliorating the symptoms.

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Radical diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows | Society | The Guardian

According to the results of the research carried out by the University of Newcastle and the University of Glasgow, it was confirmed that improvement of symptoms of type 2 diabetes was confirmed in 90% of patients by reducing caloric intake and losing weight, and thereafter the symptoms did not recur, It has become apparent that the condition without the need for treatment continued.

In the survey, patients aged 20 to 65 suffering from type 2 diabetes in Scotland and England for more than 6 years were randomly selected. BMI indicating subject's degree of obesity (Body Mass Index) Is "27 to 45", which is a value that has exceeded the upper limit of the standard numerical value, 25, greatly. In addition, all subjects did not receive administration of insulin which lowers blood glucose level.

The research team gave subjects a meal of 825 kcal to 853 kcal per day for 3 months to 5 months. This is about half of the standard calories ingested by adults per day, and can be expected to reduce weight by continuing for a long time. Patients who have completed the calorie restriction period are carefully treated to gradually increase their caloric intake over several weeks and counseling by doctors is underway during the period. As a result, subjects succeeded in losing more than 15 kg.

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Professor Roy Taylor of the University of Newcastle who led the research said about the result "It is a very exciting thing that can revolutionize the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which is the result of investigating the cause of the disease , It will enable us to manage effective diseases in the future, "he says.

According to Mr. Taylor, it can be expected that the function of the liver and pancreas can be restored as it is by lowering fat on the abdomen by a firm weight loss. This is not only a temporary improvement of symptoms, but also leads to maintaining a sustained health condition. There are obesity treatment methods to remove the cause by surgery for the treatment of diabetes, but there is certain cost and postoperative risk exist. However, there is hardly any risk to improve symptoms with weight loss due to calorie restriction.

According to Mr. Taylor, "The weight loss goal of this method is realizable by many people, and the biggest challenge is the difficulty of preventing rebounds for a long time thereafter."

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