"Beyonetta 3" announced that it is under development for Nintendo Switch, also released special video

BeyonettaIt will be the latest in the series "Beyonetta 3"Is now being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

Quick News: Beyonetta's latest work, under development for the Nintendo Switch! Portable version of series works will be released next February! | Topics | Nintendo

Development of Beyonetta 3 was announced with a special video flowing in the "The Game Awards 2017" being held in the United States. You can see the movie from below.

Bayonetta 3 The Game Awards 2017 Exhibition Video - YouTube

Movie starts from the scene where the moon was projected

Is a developerPlatinum GamesThe logo is gleaming

The moon turns bright red ......

A familiar four-handed pistol "Scarborough Fair" appeared

Apparently it seems that Beyonetta is under attack by someone, it is rarely striking.

I managed to reconcile myself ......

I will release bullets from both handed pistols.

Bullet flying ......

It is blocked by something like a barrier in the air ......

A mysterious silhouette appears from behind

Although it is Bayonetta confronting this ... ...

The next moment collapsed from my feet ......

Scarborough w fair which had in both hands also falls to the ground


"Bayonetta 3"

"Currently under development with Nintendo Switch monopoly"

It is also decided that Beyonetta and Bayonetta 2 will be ported for the Nintendo Switch accordingly. Beyonetta was released on February 17, 2018, suggested retail price is 3480 yen tax, Bayonetta 2 released on February 17, 2018, suggested retail price is 5980 yen, tax included 5980 yen, packaged version only Beyonetta and Bayonetta 2 set Will be sold, and the suggested retail price there will be 9980 yen by tax.

Bayonetta · Beyonetta 2 The Game Awards 2017 Exhibition Video - YouTube

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