I tried Starba "Matcha White Latte" and "White Marble Frappuccino" to taste the flavor of Matcha and White Chocolate

As a new drink using Matcha and White Choco from Starbucks, a warm drink "Matcha White Latte"New work by Frappucino"Matcha White Marble Frappuccino"Appeared on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. According to the official website "Matcha flavor and white mocha syrup milky flavored beverage". I went for a drink in order to taste the matcha and milky flavor quickly.

Matcha White Latte | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Matcha White Marble Frappuccino® | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks coffee.

A new menu is drawn on the shop front with a hand-drawn board, and expectation increases.

All orders of "Matcha White Latte" and "Matcha White Marble Frappuccino" arrived immediately.

First of all, I will drink from short of "Matcha White Latte". If the size is short, the price is 454 yen including tax, the tall is 497 yen with tax, the grande is 540 yen with tax, the venti is 583 yen with tax. In addition, this time we have bowls made in pottery mugs, but we can also change to paper paper cups.

Formed milk foams on the top. White Moca syrup using Matcha and white chocolate is used as a material.

Having a cup is warm, and the smell of matcha drifts. When you drink it, you can feel the flavor and bitter taste of Matcha even from bubbles of fluffy foam milk, creamy scent of white Mocha syrup and thick sweetness. On the whole, it was sweet and it was creamy with the smell of matcha, the body warmed up when drinking, it looked like a sweet matcha with milky.

Next, I will try "Matcha White Marble Frappuccino". The size provided is only tall, the price is 583 yen.

At the top of the cup, whipped cream and green tea flavored sauces are depicting white and green marble patterns.

Looking at from the side, the white mocha syrup and the sauce-flavored sauce draw a gradation of white and green. Compared with the regular menu Matcha Cream Frappuccino, arranged on the right, you can see the difference in color at a glance.

After drinking, after the creamy sweetness of white mocha syrup using white chocolate, the fragrance and bitterness of the matcha are faintly felt. Grains of ice that passed through the throat makes the body warmed by cooling warm cool. Compared to the scent and taste of the sauce-flavored sauce, the white mocha syrup has a strong sense of presence in the whole balance ... ...

When I drank while mixing green green tea sauce at the bottom of the cup, the whole impression changed drastically towards rich green tea.

I tried comparing drinking with the regular menu Matcha cream Frappuccino. Drink the beginning, but towards the green tea cream Frappuccino I felt rich flavor and taste of green tea, by the time the other hand finished drinking in the person of the new green tea white marble Frappuccino now feel darker the presence of green tea. For this reason, thoroughly enjoy the flavor of green tea, again we realize that the balance of green tea becomes stronger each time to proceed to drink the white marble Frappuccino from start to finish drinking green tea cream Frappuccino.

Matcha White Latte has a sweetness of warm White Chocolate and Harmony of Matcha, Matcha White Marble Frappuccino was a drink that can taste the balance change of white chocolate and matcha and refreshing ice. Matcha White Marble Frappuccino and Matcha White Latte are all period limited menus until December 25 (Monday), so it seems better to taste people who are anxious early.

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