"Select Subject" that allows you to select people and things in photos with one click appears in Photoshop

In Photoshop which gathers high support as an image processing tool, it has the function which can separate the background and the object with just one click "Select Subject"Was announced. It is a powerful editing function that eliminates the troublesome manual work that was necessary until now.

Editing work with Select Subject is explained in the following movie.

Photoshop Sneak Peek: Select Subject in Photoshop CC - YouTube

When processing images with Photoshop, there are times when you need to select only the objects and people you want to target.

For example, you cut out only the person, change the placement or put it on another background.

"Select Subject" is a new function that makes it possible to cut out along such contours of an object with just one click. It is based on cloud-based artificial intelligence (machine learning) by Adobe Sensei.

Photoshop also had an automatic selection function, but there were cases in which it was not possible to designate well, such as when there was overlap with the background color in the target object.

Therefore, many creators should have specified the range manually with Pen tool.

In case of complicated shape, it was very complicated and troublesome work.

By contrast, turn on Select Subject and click the background you want to mask ... ...

It is possible to mask only the background part, leaving only the person.

Also plural objects ...

Cut out with one click.

Objects with complicated shapes ......

You can choose out perfectly in one shot. Select subject is machine learning, the more accuracy, the more accuracy will increase as usage increases.

Of course it is also possible to cut out the object again with one click from the automatically masked background.

In a professional job seeking high quality, it is also possible to specify the cutout range more finely.

The release time of Select Subject function is undecided at the time of article creation, but Photoshop CC will support it.

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