We have eaten 4 varieties of Bamiyan's new winter new menu "Shiso Mabo Tamen", "Lobster Miso Ramen", "Kyoto style Komori Ramen" "Soy Sauce Kitakata Ramen"

In Bamiyan, as November 16, 2017, as a winter ramen fair, "Spicy delicious! Miso marbled tan men"Surprised Moving Lobster Miso Ramen"Round! Refreshing! Kyoto style windy ramen"Precise refreshing soy sauce Kitakata ramenFour new menus have appeared. I actually went to the shop to eat what kind of taste it will entertain in the new menu of winter.

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I came to Bamiyan.

There is a climb of "hot miso mabo tanmen" which is the most painful in the history of Bamiyan at the shop front.

We ordered and received 4 items in about 10 minutes.

This is "Miso Mabo Tanmen" (Tax excluding 699 yen), you can choose from hot, spicy and devil spicy, but I want to check what kind of taste I ordered with ordinary hotness. Minced toppings is covered with pepper sauce.

"Miso marbled tanmen" is a lemon goat curd.

The carrot, cabbage and sprouts are plenty.

When you put it in your mouth, "Miso Mabo Tanmen" is a ramen based on miso soup, although it feels the taste and richness of miso, the taste of red pepper is stronger than I thought, the bitter spicyness. This was a hot sweet soup of Mabo tofu and it was hard for ramen itself by combining with ramen 's miso soup. If you put on tofu pea mackerel sauce, more rich will come out, of course the pungent taste will increase, but the umami will also increase.

Vegetables are shakijaki, you can enjoy the texture and you can temporarily forget the spicy if you do not soak in soup. People who do not like hardships, it is recommended to think about how to eat vegetables how to pace.

Next, "Lobster miso ramen" (899 yen excluding tax). The head of the lobster that protruded from the bowl is impressive and has a parchie in the topping.

To "Lobster miso ramen", at the head of lobster ......

Small lobster body and green onion to Menma.

A boiled egg is contained.

When you put noodles in your mouth, the flavor of lobster is combined with miso soup and you can feel a little elegant soup.

The body of small lobsters is very toothy, and you can enjoy the texture made with pre-cream.

Boiled eggs are soaked in soup well, the taste of miso soup and the flavor of egg are added plus, while feeling a juicy taste while slightly mellowing the thick miso thick.

I will add a topping of fresh pasta. Then, I think whether it feels strong scent of mashed potatoes, the rich miso soup is more fragrant, the scent of bakuchi only felt like a feeling. For this reason, a refreshing scent is added to the rich soup, which improves appetite more. People who are not good at bakuchi are alike to try challenging with "lobster miso ramen".

Next is "Okinawa Kitakata Ramen" (699 yen without tax). So far, the miso soup was the base ramen, but it becomes a base oil base, the soup is transparent, you can check the inside noodles firmly. In the ingredients of "Okinawa Kitakata Ramen", when it comes to charred, it will be Menma, Green onion, Wonton.

When eating, it is thick noodle with noodles, the soup is rich in oil base, so it is very easy to eat the impression that it is orthodox kerosene ramen. Even when I was hungry, it was a crispy ramen that seems to be flattened with perori.

It is very juicy with a sense of texture that melts without slapping it, just by putting it in your mouth. However, as the soaked soup is soaked well, it keeps an exquisite balance without destroying the atmosphere of the ramen which it was crispy.

Wonton is as good as charche, it is juicy as the meat juice overflows from inside. Again, it matches a cheap oil based soup, it will not break the whole balance.

Finally, it is "Kyoto style wind ramen" (699 yen without tax). I thought that the soup was a pig bone, and it was made by stewing eight kinds of vegetables and chicken. Because noodles in the soup are totally invisible, it will show that it is rich in soup.

Fried onion, pea board, yuzu pepper are prepared for the topping.

"Kyoto style windy ramen" contains leeks, menma, and barbecued.

As I brought it to the mouth, there are cheeks with fine rice noodles, and the soup which was soaked as rich is entangled with noodles, so you can feel the flavor of thicker chicken and vegetables. Adding yuzu pepper adds refreshingness of yuzu and spicyness of pepper to the rich flavor. Also, if you add a pepper blanket, the spicyness increases and if you add a fried onion, a crispy texture will be added, so I think that it is good to eat while enjoying various tastes.

Chashu is the same as "Okinawa Kitakata Ramen", it has a texture that melts in your mouth without chewing but it makes it more juicy by combining it with a thick soup.

◆ Extra edition

Since the finish while eating a normal hotness of "miso Mabo end face" a waste, try to challenge at the end of the last "miso Mabo end face Onikarashi" (before tax 749 yen). What has brought been in, unlike the usual hotness of "miso Mabo end face", because that is sprinkled pepper on the noodles and ingredients, the whole, it is a little red.

As I tried eating it, I thought that it would be so painful, I thought that my tongue was burning and my sweat began to drifting. Even if the tongue hurts, I think that it is not so intense that it causes a rejection reaction, so I recommend it to those who love spicy food. Even in demon spiciness never exceeds the taste, it has become a balanced flavor overall as a whole and can also be recommended for people who have got tired of the spicy food.

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