Barrier came out We went to the Pokemon GO event "Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Tottori Dune Hill" where a caravan was created in search of Annon

It was announced in September 2017Pokemon GO event "Barrier" and "Annon" appear in Tottori sand dunesabout"Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Tottori Dune"Started on Friday, November 24, 2017, so I came across the sand dunes seeking encounters with unknown Barriads and Annoons.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Tottori Dune / Terminal net / Tottori prefecture official site

◆ Move to Tottori Dune
Tottori sand dunes are a bit far from Tottori station which is the nearest station, so it is necessary to move by "public transportation" or "private car · motorcycle" unless you are doing your best and going by bicycle. It was held just one year agoPokemon GO event in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi prefectureBecause I remembered that the town was supposed to be in trouble due to traffic jams when I was in, we decided to use the shuttle bus which is out from the station this time.

JR Tottori station at 7:30 in the morning.

The shuttle bus departs from the South Exit. You can see the matrix across the roundabout.

Tottori Sand Dunes free shuttle bus stop. Here it is.

There were no such Pokemon.

There are operations with interlaced large and medium sightseeing buses, about 40 to 60 people were carried at a time. It takes about 20 minutes from the station to the Tottori sand dunes, and if you include time such as return, it will take about 1 hour for one bus to go back and come back. If timing is bad it will wait for a while.

This shuttle bus, the notation "trainer one line" is fine, but it is a nice place.

◆ At the sand dune
The shuttle bus departs from the sand dune area on a small hill located across the road and will be on foot or on a lift to the dunes as the venue.

Lift is 200 yen for adult one way, 300 yen for round-trip, 150 yen for one person, 150 yen for round-trip, free for 4 years and under. The ticket is not a lift platform, but purchased at the "sand dune center" just off the bus.

As it looks like an observatory, you can see that there are already many people on the sand dunes.

I also moved with a lift to join inside of him as soon as possible.

When you get off the lift and leave the hut, this sight is expanded.

Trainers scattered all the way to the far side.

In Tottori Sand Dunes, piles struck at regular intervals are registered as Pocket Stops, so you can refill Pokemon balls and fruits finely during the move.

People lined up on the ridgeline overlooking the sand dunes oasis.

Tottori sand dunes are expansive, but there are always places here that a certain number of people gather.

If you go there, you can meet Barrier and Annon with high probability. Even though there was no situation of seeing a baryard in the first place, it was also that two barriers were boiling.

The first time we met the Barrier.

Of course, many other trainers are scattered in other places.

However, find a flow of people who have never been before, thinking "This ... ...?"

I came across Unnorn.

Since Mr. Mime is a number at the same time appearance, "find Once stopped to capture, when finished walk away" trainer How can often called, Unown is because of the small number of occurrences, somewhere to be and trainers to move from the sand dunes all over appearance It was gathering as if to come.

As everyone moved to the right hand side of the photo to capture Annon, the number of people along the coast has decreased considerably.

It rained early in Tottori this day and it was sunny around 8 o'clock when the shuttle bus service began. Thanks to that, a rainbow appeared beyond the dunes. There was also a squall from the afternoon and a double rainbow came out.

While catching squash turtles on the way and making it to the beach, the opportunity to catch the barrier as a whole can not be caught quickly.

Two barriards and Lucky appeared near the pocket stop.

Black shadow turning his back, again unknown discovery.

Annon has a figure similar to 26 kinds of alphabets, and Koitsu is "type A".

This is S type.

Get 3 kinds and get a medal.

But in order to get a gold medal you must catch all 26 kinds and you will be distracted. This event may be a valuable opportunity to bring all kinds of unnons together.

By the way, because there are no base stations in the sand dunes, each carrier was parking a mobile base station in a nearby parking lot. This is NTT DoCoMo.

"NTT docomo x Crab County Now Tottori Dune, Now Reinforcing the Radio!"

Softbank and au near the shuttle bus stop. Thanks to that, I did not suffer from the radio problem there.

Since there is a parking lot itself, it does not mean that you should not come by private car, but there are so many cars you visit, you can see that you are in trouble because you can not park anywhere already in full car It was.

Tottori Prefectural Police also put a lot of effort into patrols as it is a big event, so speeding off and parking violations were strictly enforced, so if you think it is impossible, please use public transportation.

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