Survival card game "Ravine" surviving dangerous night by passengers who have landed on uninhabited islands together

To cooperate with everyone to aim for survival from the extreme situation is a situation that is common in movies and novels. You can experience the survival thing that you survive until being rescued while gathering food and protecting yourself from wild animals, becoming a passenger of an airplane landing on a deserted island and experiencing it in a card gameRavine"is. The target number is 3 to 6 people, the play time is 15 to 20 minutes. The target age is 7 years old and over.


By watching the movie below you can see what board game Ravine is in one shot.

The altitude that the plane is seeing is dropped ...

I will land lost in the canyon of the desert island.

The players survived safely.

Players IntroductionWreckage cardI have. This is an item brought out from the life when the airplane has arrived late, it is an item that will be necessary to survive the uninhabited island.

Before actually playing, first decide the remaining physical strength of the player. Physical strength is determined by how many of the six heart coins face upward, but leave 3 sheets facing upright and shake the remaining three like dice so at least 3 cards get as physical strength I can do it.

In order to survive on the island you must get food and fire. Players pay their own heart as a cost,Forage cardYou can get. Everyone can share Forage cards you got, you can also combine to create huts and tools.

Players who have unfortunately become one remaining heart will cause a mental abnormality.Madness cardYou must withdraw.

Madness cards have various effects that affect survival.

When everyone has finished exploring, the uninhabited island gets a night.

at nightNight cardDraw a sheet and execute it. Weather, wildlife, or supernatural phenomena will attack survivors.

The only victory condition of this game is to survive until being rescued. In order to survive anyway, the player must survive the night by making use of the items gathered during the day.

Player's defeat when physical strength becomes 0. The night is repeated a predetermined number of times.

"Ravine" means "an enormous canyon" in English. Can you safely escape from the canyon of the desert island?

All four types of cards. The Wreckage card imitates a boarding pass of an airplane, and the back side of the Madness card looks like a dizziness almost anyway, it has a flat yet attractive design.

A noteworthy point is the effect given by the Madness card, which does not stay in the game only. For example, the effect that is drawn on the following Madness card is "It stands up and speaks with a loud voice" I am Captain Cranberry! "And I will not respond to other people's calls unless so called in the future" You can expect excitement unique to analog games to play face-to-face.

"Ravine" was originally a card game born from the problem of the game mechanic course of the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently seeking investment for commercialization at Kickstarter.

Specification of "Ravine" changes according to achievement of support target amount. It cleared up to 100,000 dollars (about 11 million yen) at the time of article creation. The basic set has been upgraded from 192 cards to 198 sheets, and a mini deck for 3 players who can play if you print with a home printer is distributed free of charge. We also implemented a campaign to order original Wreckage cards with your name. In addition, if you clear 200,000 dollars (about 22 million yen), a package to upgrade the package and add a heart token are added, and if you clear $ 250,000 (about 28 million yen), rules for battle play will be added It will be added.

Mini deck for 3 players who can print out at home and play can be downloaded for free from the following link.

Ravine-PnP - Ravine - PnP +. Pdf
(PDF file)

The benefits that you can get when you support are as follows.
· With support of $ 25 (approx. 2800 yen) "Ravine" original deck (for 6 people)
· With support of 36 dollars (approx. 4000 yen) "Ravine" original deck and expansion pack
· With support of $ 46 (about 5100 yen) "Ravine" original deck + previous work "Spaceteam" original deck
· With support of $ 70 (about 7800 yen) "Ravine" and expansion pack + "Spaceteam" and one favorite expansion pack
The shipping fee to Japan is $ 10 (about 1100 yen) for a reward of 25 dollars, 36 dollars, and 46 dollars, and 12 dollars (about 1300 yen) if it is a reward assistance of 70 dollars. The shipping time is scheduled around April 2018.

Although the target amount is 7,500 dollars (about 840,000 yen), at the time of article creation, over 3 million people have already invested over 150,000 dollars (about 17 million yen). "Ravine" commercialization project can invest in Japan time until 21:35 on December 7, 2017. Investment is possible from the following link.

Ravine by Mathew Sisson - Kickstarter

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