It will be like this if professional comes in to the picture of the elevator that appears in the movie

An elevator that acts as the scene of an incident in an action movie and as a murder machine in a horror movie. Is the depiction of an elevator depicted in a movie actually possible? Regarding that, there is a movie in which elevator technicians rush one after another.

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The man sitting on the left side of the screen is 'Elevator Master' John Holzer. The real job is the elevator engineer.

The movie '

Shining ' first appeared

There is a scene where a lot of blood flows from the gap of the elevator door in the Shining. Realistically, how much blood can the elevator shaft maintain?

According to Holzer, about 2000 gallons (about 7570 liters) of liquid will enter the elevator. However, in the film, it appears that blood is falling from the hoistway, not the elevator itself.

'What is a hoistway?'

The hoistway is the place where the elevator moves back and forth, the part that corresponds to the road in a car. In other words, it is actually possible to flood a large amount of blood, about 7570 liters or more, because the movie Shining floods blood from the hoistway rather than in the elevator car.

The following movie is '

Spider-Man: Homecoming '

In this movie, Spider-Man catches falling elevator with spider thread ...

I will try to prevent the fall from the floor.

According to Holzer, the elevator's basket weighs just like the Prius, so if the Spiderman's thread is strong enough to support one Prius, this depiction is correct.

Also, the film depicts a scene that saves the students from the top of the elevator car.

Is it really possible to open the hatch from the inside and escape when it is locked inside the elevator?

In this respect, the elevator is actually equipped with an escape hatch of the size prescribed by the regulations, and it is used for evacuation.

The elevator where the evacuation hatch can not be found is a floating ceiling, and it is possible to remove the canopy.

And it was told that the evacuation hatch was easy to open from the inside, but very difficult to open from the outside.

In '

Mission: Impossible ', the scene 'Hacking the elevator' was drawn.

In this scene, spikes are installed at the top of the elevator shaft ...

It was described that spikes were stuck to a colleague of Ethan Hunt.

'It's a spike attached to the elevator shaft?' Asked Mr. Holzer, 'If the elevator is made, it's the first attachment to it.'

Of course this is a joke. 'Spike to the elevator, I do not know the meaning at all.' The spikes are unlikely to be stuck in your eyes just because you are on the elevator car, so you can feel at ease.

There is also a scene in the movie where people are hidden under the elevator, but this is likely to be real. Many elevators have a space called 'Elevator Pit', which allows engineers to safely escape if there is a problem when they are in the elevator shaft.

In the

Dream Chocolate Factory , there is a Wonka Beta that can move in various directions as well as in the vertical direction.


elevator 'MULTI' , which can move vertically or horizontally, is actually made and is becoming a reality.

However, you can not create a Wonka Betta that floats in the air that appears in the film without the magic of Willie Wonka.

The scene where John McLane opened the elevator door using this principle with '

Die Hard '. Is this really possible?

In reality, if you try to open the elevator door forcibly, the elevator will automatically stop for safety. Firefighters have a tool to open the elevator door at the fire site, but it seems that it is essential to destroy the door.

In '

Speed ', the method of 'breaking the cable' was taken to attack the elevator.

In the film, it appears that the criminal is aiming for the elevator latch, which is a very good job.

Sparks are scattered at the cable part ...

The elevator stops over time. At this time, the elevator is supported by a safety device.

Attacking the safety device in this condition will cause the elevator to fall away. It will lead to a major accident. Speed was an accuracy that could be said to be a sample of an elevator attack.

And even after the elevators are destroyed, the lights that indicate the number keep changing at high speed, which depends on the type of elevators, but it is actually possible, Holzer said.

And finally, the movie “down” where the elevator will attack people with will. Here, a horrible scene is depicted where the elevator makes a sudden descent with the woman's neck in the door ...

It is horrible to say that such a thing is actually possible. Holzer says that it has been recorded that similar incidents occurred with surveillance cameras from around the world. There are times when elevators have not been standardized by country, and it seems that accidents will occur on the contrary to movies because they have no intention.

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