The German government tells parents "destroy" a smart watch for children

The Federal Network Agency of Germany asked parents to smart watches designed for children between 5 and 9 years old to "destroy them with hammers". This type of smart watch possible "working like an eavesdropping device" is in conflict with law in Germany.

Bundesnetzagentur - Presse - Bundesnetzagentur geht gegen Kinderuhren mit Abhörfunktion vor

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The problematic smartwatch can hear what is going on around the child in a form like a baby monitor by using the application. At this time, there is no alert on the smart watch side, it is also possible to record the conversation where the user does not notice. In Germany, it is forbidden to record private conversations without permission, and this smart watch for children was judged to be in violation of the law.

Jochen Homann of the Federal Network Agency said, "By conducting an investigation, we can listen to teachers' remarks while in class without permission," according to Jochen Homann of the Federal Network Agency, only by act of spying on children It seems that we are regulating, concerned about the possibility that smartwatch will be used for a wide range of spy acts.

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In addition to prohibiting sales of smartwatches, the government is asking parents of children using smart watch to "destroy them with hammers".

It is not the first time that the possibility of eavesdropping was pointed out for children's devices, but it is reported that in 2016 the interactive robot was recording children's remarks without permission in the United States. The danger that child's remarks are collected and used for marketing or illegal use by such toy,It has been concerned for a long time.

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