Released premium API for developers that makes Twitter more freely access data

Tirza van Dijk

Twitter in the spring of 2017FormulationThen,Publish roadmapThe premium API that I was doing was released. The premium API is a set of APIs developed to provide a unified platform that enables developers to scalably access Twitter data.

Introducing Twitter premium APIs

Twitter has provided two kinds of access methods for developers so far. The method was "Free public standard API that provides basic query function and access to Twitter data" and "Enterprise API for enterprises providing real-time historical data (Gnip)". Twitter's newly released premium API is a set of APIs that covers a range that can not be covered by the standard APIs that are available for free and paid enterprise APIs.

As of November 14, 2017 the public beta version of the premium API has been released. The API that first appeared as a premium API makes it possible to access Twitter data for the last 30 days "Search Tweets API". Eventually we will evolve into an API that will allow us to follow the history of tweets first on Twitter in 2006.

The Search Tweets API includes meta tags such as "Tweet per Request", "High Rate Limiting", "Count Endpoint Returning Time Series Numbers for Tweets", "More Complex Queries", "Extended URLs and Improved Profile Location Information Enhancement of data "features and functions that enable companies to conduct more detailed customer surveys, etc. from past access information if these are utilized.

"Search Tweets API" can be used from 149 dollars a month (about 17,000 yen), and has prepared a flexible contract system according to user's needs.
Esther Vargas

In addition, a self-service developer portal has been introduced to add transparency to the usage of data. In the portal, you can easily change the access level according to changes in needs, and you can change the premium function as necessary. Of course, management of paid services is also easy so you can switch to payment as necessary.

As a premium API, the Search Tweets API and the new dashboard will be available from November 14, 2017. However, it is a public beta version, not an official version at the time of writing the article. In order to provide a high-quality experience, we are planning to test while expanding the scale to the official version.

The appearance of the new dashboard looks like this.

Twitter has announced that it will develop a new premium endpoint in the coming weeks and months, and as planned to replace the traditional "search / tweets" API with a more powerful and efficient API is.

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