A masterpiece that represented Super Mario Odyssey with about 150,000 pieces of Domino

As a game for Nintendo Switch appeared on October 27, 2017Super Mario OdysseyIn commemoration of the release of the domino artist 's "Domino artists" spending 148777 pieces of work, spending about two months working time,TheDominoKing"Has created and published it.

Super Mario Odyssey (IN 148,777 DOMINOES!) - YouTube

Domino starts from beating the Super Mario Odyssey package. Colorful dominoes such as red · green · white etc. used for the logo part of Super Mario Odyssey collapse and fall down ... ....

At first the game logo appeared.

Next, Domino falls from the left and right, the hat 's "Cappy" appears as a partner of Mario's adventure.

Next, Mario & Cappy's combination ......

Power Moon will be collected by Mario worldwide

A map of the world where Mario adventures appears.

From here, the action "Capture" which can manipulate the emerging enemies and things in the Super Mario Odyssey makes the appearance that Mario has transformed into a familiar enemy character. Mario who became a killer ......

Mario became a cribbone. I am transforming into a cribor with the beard and hat leaving the Mario-like appearance.

A figure that captured Pukubuku. I will be able to swim underwater without breathing.

Then the letters of "Heart and" PRINCESS PEACH (Peach Princess) "appear ... ...

Princess Peach in a bride style with a bouquet made of Pac-n-Flower appeared.

Next, with the residents of the sand country Achinesea ... ...

8 bit Mario wearing dressed in A Cucunia's costumes will appear.

The Hatena Box that was on the top of the 8 bit Mario is a three-dimensional representation of dominoes, and when Domino collapsed it collapsed into pieces.

Next, the figure when capturing the hammer broth.

Dominoes of green, black, red collapse like sewing under the pink and black domino ... ...

If you think that the word "PAULINE (Poline)" has appeared, dominoes of pink and black also collapse.

And then it came out Mayor Poline of New Donke City. Supermario Odyssey's theme song "Jump Up, Super Star!It is a character to sing.

Furthermore, 8bit Mario wearing a logo of "Crazy Cap" that you can purchase Mario hats and costumes in the middle of adventure and various costumes.

What the letter "BOWSER" shows ... ...

It was Mario's enemy, Kuppa. It appeared in pure white tuxedo.

Cappy's real figure of Mario's partner is like this.

Finally, Mario in tuxedo appearance and Domino breakdown of 148777 pieces is over.

The movie was released on November 11, 2017, only two weeks since October 27, 2017 when the Super Mario Odyssey was released, but the work time is "about two months" So, it is obvious that The DominoKing started arranging dominoes before launch. Perhaps it's in a state that you are crazy about Domino and you can hardly play the main part of the game.

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