It is mathematically 'impossible' for human beings to live forever

byAli Marel

Human life expectancy has greatly increased in the past several hundred years,Research to avoid 'old' itself is also progressingSo from one day that human beings will be able to live forever? There should be some people holding the idea. However, researchers at the University of Arizona have reported that the latest research results "Death can not be avoided mathematically and logically".

Intercellular competition and the inevitability of multicellular aging

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When senescence occurs, two things happen when the human body looks at the cell level. One is that the movement of the cells slows down and the function of making pigments and hair cells is lost. And the other is to increase the growth rate of some cells such as cancer cells which are easy to produce with aging. Many of the research on aging that has been advanced in recent years has focused on the process by which such human body cells are created and died.

In order to cope with the above two problems and get young, it is essential to get the workings of the cell when the body is young, while at the same time avoid biological inevitability like cancer cells. However, the mathematical demonstration performed by Professor Joanna Masel, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, shows that it is impossible to "hold the cells young" and "to eliminate cancer cells" simultaneously It was done.

byNational Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

"As you get older, your many cells become bad, lose their function, stop growing, but some cells grow abnormally.We showed in our studyCatch = 22It is like a pinching situation like. If you eliminate cells with poor mobility and function deterioration, the number of cancer cells will increase sharply. And if you exclude or slow down these cancer cells, the cursing cells of movement will accumulate this time. In other words, it becomes a situation of pinching whether to accumulate cursive cells of movement or increase cancer cells. We can not do them at the same time, "said Paul Nelson of the University of Arizona / Ph.D., coauthor of the paper.

It is natural that human beings will die someday, but the two researchers say that "Why aging is a fact that is not open to debate, why multicellular organisms can inevitably inherently aging" It has the shape shown.

"People tell us why aging occurs,"Natural selection theoryWhy can not people stop aging if they are correct? I am thinking from the viewpoint. There is a premise that "It is possible not to get old" implicitly, and it is asked why humans do not evolve in a direction not to be aged. However, we assert that it is not "not evolving", but "it can not be a natural choice theory, whatever", said Masel.

"Although we can slow down the speed of aging, we can not stop it We have demonstrated why we can not solve the two problems at the same time, but the other one will be a problem if you repair one Even if you try to deal with one of the two, the situation gets worse over time, trying to cope with both, the fundamental reason is that "things break". Even if you try not to break it, it is impossible, "Masel says.

byEdu Lauton

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